03/02/16 3:15pm
Quick tweet something about with that people will want to engage with

Quick tweet something about with that people will want to engage with

As the old saying we all know and love goes, “when it rains CBS opportunities, it pours CBS opportunities.” Not only is the corporation represented by an enormous all-seeing unblinking eye looking to expand their writers rooms’ diversity, they’re also looking for a social media whiz to climb aboard the good ship Colbert and become the show’s new social media producer. So step right up if you think you’ve got what it takes to tweet the most relatable, engaging and viral Colbert content out there. (more…)

12/03/14 11:32am
social media expert

Is this you? We’ve got a job for you

Hey, are you one of those slick young Millennials who’s been conning Olds into thinking they don’t know how Twitter and Tumblr and Ello and Vine and Facebook and Instagram and That work? Well great, because while one day your job will probably be farmed out to an intern from a younger generation, for now there are jobs for you that pay and have benefits. Like this social media coordinator gig at the New York Post you should try to get that job while it still exists. (more…)

04/25/14 9:06am
Quick, tweet something interesting about this building. via Facebook

Quick, tweet something interesting about this building. via Facebook

Do you spend your days reading about New York City real estate, even though you’ll never live in a $20,000/month penthouse? Can you tweet things about said penthouse that are engaging without trying to incite class warfare? Well, you’ve got restraint, and you also might have a job in your future, because Curbed is looking for a social media editor, so as long you tweet things in a grammatically correct fashion, shoot your resume over. (more…)

02/18/14 12:57pm
jim cramer

What’s the funniest (nice) thing you can tweet about this guy?

You’re that person at the bar who can actually cogently talk about what the hell the deal with the Argentinian cash crisis is, no matter how many drinks you’ve had. In fact, you have a great Tumblr that does that through the magic of animated GIFs and you know how to play Twitter like Eddie Van Halen can play the guitar. Well in that case, CNBC would like you to come aboard as their senior social media editor. (more…)

10/17/13 2:13pm
Don't let this chance go up in smoke. via Facebook

Don’t let this chance go up in smoke. via Facebook

Do you have a Twitter account that’s real buzzy? Do you have high standards for each Instagram picture and Facebook status update you put up? Ready to use those skills to bowl over a potential employer? We’ll be blunt then: you should apply for this job as social media assistant with High Times. (more…)

03/19/13 11:26am
It's like the more favorites we come across the more problems we see

It’s like the more favorites we come across the more problems we see

Despite the fact that they’re free services, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest are making a ton of money on your backs. Usually this is the part where we’d tell you to rise up and destroy your internet overlords, but that clearly isn’t going to happen. Still, shouldn’t you be getting something from Choire Sicha favoriting one of your tweets, aside from the impulse to email your friends and tell them you’re putting it on your resume? The people at Flattr, a startup that’s been around a couple of years, think so, and they’ve started a system to make that possible. Finally, all those dumb teenagers bragging about their Twitter followers might actually have a point. (more…)

02/15/13 8:34am
Learn something, and then check out Amerigo-Go

Learn something, and then check out Amerigo-Go

So here’s a tough fact of life: even if you and your bandmates are basically Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Buddy Holly reincarnated, you’re still not going to get anywhere unless you know how to market yourself. Hey, this is the time we live in, everyone’s expected to drag themselves through the social media wilderness. Fortunately for you, the Knitting Factory is hosting a networking event and panel discussion on how to market yourself through social media on Monday. (more…)

02/04/13 1:00pm
You didn't really spend Saturday night with these people, via DoubleBen's flickr

You didn’t really spend Saturday night with these people (via DoubleBen’s flickr)

Going out in Brooklyn can get pretty expensive after a while, and sometimes your bank account needs you to stay in bed with Netflix for a bit instead. But now, you no longer have to live with shame and deep-rooted Fear Of Missing Out when you and your roommate’s cat spend the night watching American Horror Story  instead of doling out for whiskey shots at a bar with, you know, other humans.

A new, free app called CouchCachet is designed to check in on Foursquare, tweet, and do all sorts of social media-ey things for you when you spend the night in to trick your friends into believing you’re out raging. (Without them. What a terrible friend you are.)  (more…)

12/19/12 10:32am
It could be you measuring the world's largest natural afro!

It could be you measuring the world’s largest natural afro!

Are you able to fill your mouth with 200 cigarettes? Grow your nails out to ridiculous lengths or sink ten thousand free throws in a row? No? Us either. But! Now you can authenticate when people do, because Guinness World Records is hiring a records manager. Don’t go to your interview thinking you can bluff your way in though, because this is one of the most important jobs in the company. (more…)