02/13/13 9:56am
And ready to shop!

And ready to shop!

Twitter is many things: comedy device, college major, a tool that makes us hyper-connected. But now a new pilot program has the potential to turn Twitter into the world’s first 140 character or less mall, according to the Wall Street Journal. Twitter and American Express have partnered up on a program that allows users to add their credit card information to their account and then buy items from vendors simply with a tweet. If you sign up for this one, you’ve gotta be extra-careful with those tweets now. (more…)

12/08/12 9:00am

Hope and Anchor needs your support. Image via DNAinfo

While you’re out shopping for holiday gifts, consider stopping by Red Hook to patronize local businesses trying to recover from storm damage and profit losses in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Check out this list of reopened stores and restaurants that could use a few extra bucks this season.

04/19/12 1:51pm

This is Dave's casual Thursday look, which is much like his Friday through Wednesday looks.

This is Dave. Dave writes for Brokelyn, but he is up for a gig with a big-time media company. (Go Dave! Everyone else, write for Brokelyn!) We love Dave, so we want to make sure he is interview-ready when and if, starting with the look. Thing is, his current “look” consists of a wardrobe of t-shirts, jeans, and three insurance-guy suits. (No offense, insurance guys.) What should Dave wear for his hoped-for face-to-face at a fancy digital news outlet — and where should he get it?  (more…)

03/31/11 11:07am

This sweater was just one cent. No, really.

Picture it. Spring, 2008. The euro was trouncing the dollar. The Democratic party was in turmoil, split between the experienced vanguard and the young upstart. I had just survived the fourth round of layoffs at my job. And I was sitting on a $40 Bloomingdales gift card that a family member had given me the previous Christmas. All I needed was a whimsical but chic Marc Jacobs top at 60 percent off and the world would be right.

At the time, I actually lived near the uptown Bloomingdales store. I’d stop in frequently with the gift card, quickly realizing the only floor I could afford was the second and that the only time to go was Monday evenings right before close, after the Eurotrash had moved on from their shopping to the 8pm shows in Times Square. But being just $40, the gift card made buying anything a challenge. (more…)

03/24/11 5:51am

If you’re anything like some of us around here, you’vre got an eye for designer fashion but a wallet that doesn’t stretch past the clearance racks.

We’d heard good things (and some not so good things) about American Place, a six-store chain stretching across South Brooklyn, not to be confused with the creepy doll store or the perv-owned t-shirt company. After seeing some stylish evidence firsthand, we decided to stop into the McDonald Avenue location, right outside the Avenue P train station on the F line.

American Place houses items from Marc Jacobs to Burberry to Versace, all marked down at least 40%. At first glance, it looks a bit shabby and abandoned, set amid McDonald Avenue’s unglamorous mechanic shops and lumber stores. When I visited on a weekday afternoon, not many people were passing through — all the easier for me to get to the good stuff.  (more…)

Photo from BoCoCaLand

Deep discounts and sales are all well and good, but to really lure the shoppers in? Freebies, dear store-owners. Freebies. (And they best be good—not those calendars from the local real estate office). Case in point: the free manicures Shen Beauty is offering to its holiday shoppers this Thursday, Dec. 2. The Court St. beauty shop, writes BoCoCaLand, is offering manicures and “light fare” between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. to keep you presentable and energized while you’re perusing the shelves. There’s also a sale going on and some other holiday-themed stuff… which we’ll let you read all about here. Shen Beauty, 315 Court St. between Sackett and Degraw Sts., Carroll Gardens.

via BoCoCaLand

11/08/10 8:11am
Brooklynauts Mike in a Brokelyn t-shirt

Everything tastes sweeter in a Brokelyn t-shirt. Looking sharp, Mike!

If you’ve ever confronted that age-old fashion dilemma — Whatever do I wear to a casserole party? — Mike of the blog Brooklynauts has the answer for you. That’s him at left, rocking our newest Brokelyn t-shirt style at a fun-looking potluck we’ll forgive him for not inviting us to because he’s doing such a fine job repping the Brokelyn colors. If you have a casserole party / pie bakeoff  / other reason to wear a shirt / in your near future, why not make like Mike and proudly don your own Brokelyn t-shirt? They also make great holiday gifts because the out-of-towners love ’em as much as locals do.

09/08/10 6:37am

Picture 50It’s September, which means school’s back in session and Fashion’s Night Out is back for a second year. Originally created as a way to help recession-addled fashion retailers, this year’s slate of Vogue-sponsored shoptastic events spreads to Brooklyn neighborhoods like Mill Basin, Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst in addition to more expected nabes like Williamsburg and Greenpoint. You may not see the likes of Michael Kors out here (he’ll be at Bloomingdale’s), but chances are there are some stylish goings on near you: The FNO web site very conveniently lists events by neighborhood (we like the ones with booze and freebies). Here are a few of the Brooklyn shopping spots we’ll be checking out on Friday night: (more…)

02/22/10 8:02am
Picture 30

We do! This ring from the Claypot made the cut.

When you’ve found the dame of your dreams, you want to give her the engagement ring of hers: one her friends will gush over, her family will discuss at the dinner table, and her cousin studying abroad will demand to see pics of on Facebook. While not everyone’s into mega-rocks (thankfully for you) even the most non-trad alterna girl wants a ring that she considers beautiful—whatever her taste may be. And you don’t have to eviscerate your savings accounts to find it. With a maximum budget of $1,000, we visited local jewelry stores in search of some baubles for every kind of Brooklyn bride. (more…)

02/17/10 10:59am

Picture 6We don’t have tons of photographic evidence (this pic is from the Danish site because the U.S. one is so lame) but from the looks of things, H&M just got a big shipment of early spring merch, and we’re all over it—especially the jackets. There are so many this season, from cropped, Michael-Jackson-meets-Marc-by-Marc-Jacobs military styles to Banana Republic-ish trenches whose quality is so far beyond their $49.95 price tags it’d be foolish not to buy two. Seems H&M’s prices have crept up a bit as well, but deservedly so—the tailoring is clever and impeccable. Seriously. Other major themes: Donna Karan-ish wrap tops, Prada-ish patterned skirts and  really cool stovepipe pants that must recall some other-ish designer (Alexander Wang-ish?). Anyway, stop by H&M (before it’s all picked over) and let us know if you agree.