Photo via Sheepshead Bites

There’ll be dessert of course, but eat some real food first Photo via Sheepshead Bites

One of the best events for people who desire great food from south Brooklyn is no more.  A Taste of Sheepshead Bay is dead, long live The Bite: Sheepshead Bay. Different name, same concept: a variety of different Sheepshead Bay restaurants, all under one roof, bringing the best of the south Brooklyn restaurant scene to you. For what amounts to half of what we usually spend whenever we go out to eat in the first place, you can try everything from Turkish, to Latin, to ol’ fashion American food. Much better than just making pasta and watching Netflix, trust us, we know. (more…)

il fornetto

With any luck, il Fornetto’s pollo farcito will be on the menu. via Facebook

People usually lavish a lot of attention on the restaurant scene in north Brooklyn, so it’s almost understandable if you meet someone who think that’s all there is when it comes to eating out in Brooklyn. We say “almost understandable” because those fictional dum-dums just have to hop on a subway to Sheepshead Bay for something like this month’s A Taste of Sheepshead Bay to see that south Brooklyn has plenty of delicious food as well. Seriously, buy a ticket and go to this. (more…)

Photo via Sheepshead Bites

If there’s a DIY project that can be capitalized upon, it’ll eventually show up in Brooklyn, especially if it feeds an expensive addiction for barely $3. The borough’s first roll-your-own cigarettes store opened last week, Sheepshead Bites reports. Like Build-A-Bear for carcinogens, customers stuff empty cigarette tubes with rolling tobacco using on-site machines. This new concept store (which we first talked about here) circumvents federal and local taxes, offering customers a miraculous $3.25 pack of cigarettes, all without visiting the dodgy cheap-cigarette bodegas or driving out to a reservation. But is it legal? (more…)