04/20/16 2:00pm
Edith Pop

Edith Pop plays punky dance pop thanks to a meetcute in Coney Island. Lead singer Laura Hajek photo via Facebook.

Edith Pop sounds like it might be Iggy’s eccentric aunt, but it’s actually the name of a band. Formed in 2014 and based in Bushwick, Edith Pop is “more of a wrestling team than a band,” according to frontwoman and resident babe Laura Hajek, who is backed by a squadron of dudes/best pals. They’ve been able to play at some of Brooklyn’s best spots, like Baby’s All Right and Shea Stadium, and as result of their gigs, Hajek says they’ve gotten “cash, chicken, wine, whiskey, women, tapes, friends, fights and genuinely interesting nights.”

I got to sit down with Hajek to talk about important things, like vetting bandmates based on their hair, and that weird smell emanating from every microphone ever. (more…)

01/27/16 8:00am
Photo by Andrew Piccone Photography

Photo by Andrew Piccone Photography

It’s our second installment of Musicians Talk Making It, where we sit down with a local Brooklyn musician to talk about how they found some traction in the local scene. It’s where we tap someone who’s had some success to share advice on getting started, tips for saving dough, borrowing equipment and triple cheese pizza. This week we talk with Bushwick-based Katie Capri vocalist/ guitarist of Fern Mayo, recommended for fans of 90’s indie pop, riot grrrl, and classic teen horror film Jawbreaker, from which they get their name. (Full disclosure: Capri also used to write occasionally for this very website, where she discovered pizza beer, so you know you can trust her taste.) (more…)

07/01/15 12:54pm
She wants you! Ok, maybe she doesn't, but you should still go.

She wants you! Ok, maybe she doesn’t, but you should still go see Wassbasco on July 4th for some sexy freedom. Image via Facebook

Independence Day is almost here. It’s that special time of year where we get to celebrate all things Americana, like BBQ, things that  go boom, Instagram and gay marriage. We’re sure you have your 4th of July outfit ready (which has at least one item covered in stars and stripes), but what’s this? The 4th of July Brooklyn rooftop party you were expecting suddenly got cancelled? What is a patriot to do now that their plans of watching enough explosions to give Michael Bay a full on orgasm have been dashed? Fear not fellow American citizen, because we have for you, a listing of parties happening in Brooklyn that will have you celebrating this glorious country the way our forefathers always intended us to; drunk, filled with red meat and listening to great American icons like Katy Perry blasting off someone’s weak stereo system.  (more…)