05/25/16 4:00pm
Huge concert venue, beer garden and more: Here's everything new at Coney Island this summer

The Art Walls are returning to Coney with new artists this summer. Photo via Facebook.

If you are currently sitting comfortably or reading this on your phone while standing in one of NYC’s famous cold brew lines, take a second to stretch your free hand around and pat yourself on the back. There, you deserved that, reader, because despite all odds, you did it: You made it to goddamn summer. You survived being snowed in with your sexy roommate, you considered fleeing to New Orleans, maybe you even thought about leaving the country, but you didn’t and now Memorial Day weekend is here and you can finally live your best Brooklyn life again (by that we mean the one that’s outdoors and in jorts, of course).

It also means it’s time to get down to Coney Island if you haven’t already. Coney Island’s renewal has been a mixed bag in the past couple of years: for every cool new ride or bar, there’s a tacky chain restaurant. But this summer sees the addition of lots of new things to be excited about, including a new beer garden and a huge outdoor concert venue where you can see the Beach Boys on July 4th weekend or Vanilla Ice in September, if you’re into that.  (more…)

03/30/16 11:09am
Slightly Stoopid, maybe you're OK bros but c'mon.

Slightly Stoopid, maybe you’re OK bros but c’mon.

We got pretty hyped when news broke earlier this year about a brand-spanking-new music venue opening on the Coney Island boardwalk this summer, making it the first place to see big shows by the ocean. It sounded like a sure summer win (even if it did controversially involve removing a community garden on the site). Now the Brooklyn Paper has figured out the first batch of concerts coming to the theater this summer and it’s pretty … yikes. It’s sort of like the music your friend from high school who never left your hometown still listens to. It features some names pulled from the “where are they now” pile or musicians that generate that fake stoner reggae vibe particularly popular among frat boys who wear Birkenstocks and call women “brah.”  (more…)

A rendering of the amphitheater shows  the Childs Building lit up at night. Via Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment.

A rendering of the amphitheater shows the Childs Building lit up at night. Via Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment.

Coney Island has gone through some fits and starts of rebirth in recent years. Some parts are only exciting if you love waiting in line for chain hamburgers or shoving food-scented bread down your throat. But here’s one major development that could (probably) be a good thing: The boardwalk this summer will get a huge new 5,000-seat semi-outdoor amphitheater that’ll host concerts, sports, family events and comedy, and become the new home for the annual free Seaside Concert series. Set to open in July, it’ll finally put use to the old historic old Childs Building, which has been sadly sitting vacant for years. The seating arrangement will allow crowds to expand into a space next to the boardwalk, for some summer shows with an ocean breeze. There’s no word on who will appear there this year, but beachside summer entertainment at the boardwalk is something has been sorely lacking for years. Don’t let anyone tell you NYC isn’t a beach town.  (more…)