03/23/17 2:32pm
Photo via St. Mazie / Facebook

Photo via St. Mazie / Facebook

The streets of New York may not be paved with gold, but there was a time when they were paved with something better: oysters. Before New York Harbor was New York Harbor, it was to oysters what the Fertile Crescent was to humans. People have written entire books on the archeological significance of the giant piles of shells left around New York, and when they discovered a midden (which is the academic word for “pile of trash”) on the Statue of Liberty in 1980, it took them until 1998 to excavate the pile.

I don’t have the patience to dig through oyster shells for 18 years, but I did have the patience to dig through all the $1 oyster happy hours in Brooklyn. Voila: (more…)

Dale Talde shows you what's up. via Facebook

Dale Talde shows you what’s up. via Facebook

Pork Slope, emporium of meat and booze, was already a place you should pop in to, whether you had a beer book or not. Though having a beer book helps of course. Having grown bored with what they could do with animals that walk on land, the Pork Slope crew has decided to dive under the sea and they’ve come up with a bevy of crabs for you nosh on every Wednesday for the rest of the summer. (more…)

12/12/12 8:22am
Hm? Oh no, it's tuna, trust us

Hm? Oh no, it’s tuna, trust us

Have you been attempting to cut out red meat from your diet but instead replacing it with fish? Ordinarily maybe not such a bad idea. Except for now, when an investigation by conservation group Oceana turns up evidence of massive labeling fraud all over New York City supermarkets and stores. How bad are we talking? Things from the morally icky, like re-labeling endangered fish to ones that are more plentiful, to straight-up physically damaging, by labeling otherwise dangerous to eat fish as common ones you’d find on your plate anywhere. Suddenly we’d like a carnitas taco instead of a fish one, please. (more…)