01/25/17 9:01am

I haven’t seen La La Land yet but from what I understand it’s a movie about how great Hollywood and L.A. are targeted to people who want to be like “wow look how great Hollywood and L.A. are.” This seems to be a good way to get nominated for awards, the equivalent if you wrote a book being like “ah the life of a writer in Brooklyn” that was then lauded by the entire Brooklyn literati class (wait, this is definitely most books already). But hey, L.A. ain’t so bad, and we can argue for days if the trade off of beaches, burritos and idyllic weather is worth sitting in endless traffic every moment of your life.

Comedian Tyler Fischer, whom we dubbed the Nathan for You of Brooklyn last year, today released a parody video the critical-darling movie, transplanting it from sunny L.A. to grimy Williamsburg. It’s a spoof of the first meeting of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, except interrupted by the daily noise and realities of New York City life. (more…)

01/11/17 2:06pm

We are coping with the upcoming Trump administration by using an alternating mix of activist rage and absurdist comedy, because if we can’t spend an entire news cycle making pee-pee jokes about the president-elect on Twitter, are we even really Americans any more?

Comedian Scott Rogowsky today brought back his hilarious Taking Fake Book Covers on the Subway series (which we last wrote about in April) for a special Trump-shaming edition. This version features book titles like Wet Dreams From My Father by Ivanka Trump and Horton Smears a Jew by Steve Bannon. And it takes place on the L train too. Give it a watch and feel good having a laugh instead of being full of rage for a few minutes: All proceeds from the video will go to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. (more…)

06/02/16 4:24pm

It’s June which means the only other thing on our minds besides SUMMER is the end of the school year, and mentally high fiving every single person in a graduation gown or elementary school backpack we pass on the street, knowing that they are sinking into the glorious freefall of summer vacation. For those of us long out of school, however, it’s a reminder of the one souvenir from college you’ll hang on to longer than your diploma you never got around to framing our your degree you never actually use: Student loan debt!

Comedian Scott Rogowsky (last seen reading fake books on the subway) created the above video that captures something every graduate has considered doing: panhandling for money to pay off their student debt or trying to sell their diploma at a discount. He also tries to sell $40 hugs in Washington Square Park, where a security guard gives him key life advice: “Hey man, you shoulda went to community college like me.” It’s meant to be funny, but it’s also kinda sad that so many of us identify with it. Is begging for money really any worse that other things people try to do to pay off their loans? (more…)

04/08/16 11:57am

My No. 1 reason for not liking ebooks, in addition to the fact that I HATE TREES (jk), is that I get a lot of my reading recommendations from the subway. It’s my own personal New York Times underground book review, where I can see what new books are trending, which old favorites are making a comeback and just how few people are actually reading City on Fire (the grand total still stands at zero). That also makes me a bit of a creepster on your reading habits I guess. Comedian Scott Rogowsky had some fun with this kind of nosiness, reading a series of absurdly titled books on the subway, including Human Taxidermy: A Beginner’s Guide; 101 Penis Lengthening Tips You Can Do At Home, At the Office or On the Go; and Definitely Not Porn.  (more…)

10/29/14 4:29pm
running late with scott rogowsky

Three years of sitting at a desk with his initials on it. via Facebook

Think about the things that you’ve done for three years straight. Not too many things come to mind, beyond “staying employed”do they? No, because commitment to anything is terrible and we fickle millennials run from any use of the c-word. We gotta hand it to Scott Rogowsky then, because tomorrow, Thursday October 30, he’s celebrating doing three years of Running Late with Scott Rogoswky, which in terms of talk shows means that he lasted longer than when Conan had The Tonight Show. We’ve also gotta hand it to him because instead of charging a premium, Scott is throwing open the doors and making this a free show, and everyone knows laughter is better when it’s free. (more…)

09/17/14 12:54pm

Perhaps you’ve biked past the gleaming, straight-out-of-Miami condo towers along Kent Avenue in Williamsburg and wondered to yourself: “Who the fuck even lives there? How do they live there?” You might not have had the time to find out, but Scott Rogowsky, host of Running Late decided to go quiz the front desk people working at and the realtors renting in Williamsburg’s luxury waterfront condos. It’s cathartic, in a class war kind of way. (more…)

05/27/14 1:14pm
rooming late scott rogowsky

Imagine competing with this guy for an spot in an apartment.

We all know how awkward trying to find a roommate can be once you’ve put your room on Craigslist. The poorly written emails, the hope that the person you’ve asked to come meet you isn’t a complete psychopath, the gaps in conversation. Running Late host Scott Rogowsky decided to get ahead of the awkwardness the only way he knew how: by turning his apartment into a talk show set and interviewing potential new roommates he found on Craigslist as if they were guests on his show.


11/25/13 10:29am
scott rogowsky

You never know who’s listening

What do your friends, neighbors and people you just see talking at the park talk about? Pizza, whether or not a guy met them, how you can’t hide from God. And how do they talk about it? Lackadaisically, excitedly, authoritatively. Or at least that’s what we learned from watching Scott Rogowsky’s new video, “Booming NYC,” in which he held a boom mic next to unsuspecting New Yorkers and recorded their conversations. (more…)

10/22/13 4:11pm
Eugene Mirman

Eugene Mirman

Much like fall is the season when TV networks roll out new episodes of their shows, fall is also apparently the season when Brooklyn’s talk shows roll out their new seasons. Of course, TV has the advantage of you not wanting to leave the house because it’s cold, so Brooklyn’s live talk shows have responded by rolling out the big guns. Late Night Basement saw an appearance from Yael Stone of Orange Is The New Black to open its new season, and now Running Late with Scott Rogowsky is kicking things up a notch at its season premiere on Wednesday by pulling both Eugene Mirman and Demetri Martin as the first guests for the show’s new home at Littlefield. (more…)