12/15/14 1:13pm
bay ridge

It’s just like South Slope, except not really. via Flickr user Alex Flint

What is there to even be said about the incessant need for people to declare this neighborhood or that neighborhood the new whatever beyond “Jesus, just put an icepick in my brain already”? Today’s wish for an icepick come courtesy of New York Magazine, which decided that since Sarah Jessica Parker went to Tanoreen once, Bay Ridge is the new South Slope. What does that make South Slope though? (more…)

picture-159Everyone’s a-tizzy with rumors that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are moving to Park Slope with their growing brood. Yes, that would change… a lot of things. The new standard mom jeans will be Current/Elliot stovepipes instead of Lee Easyfit and everyone will be divided into haves and have nots. (My kids have played with hers, yours have not.) But if people are worried that the neighborhood is going to get even more uppercrusty… pshaw. (more…)

Coming soon to Two Boots! Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and their kids. Photo by AP.

See you at Two Boots! Photo by AP.

Today’s Post looks to have the biggest story in Brooklyn since the Dodgers left town: real-estate scoopmeister Jennifer Gould Keil is reporting  “rumors” that Sarah Jessica Parker, mom of new twins via a surrogate, bought Jennifer Connelly’s double-wide brownstone at 17 Prospect Park West for $8.45 million and is currently renovating the house. (more…)