01/03/17 2:41pm

We have all at one point or another attended a performance or a friend’s play in New York City only to leave scratching our heads in a collective “well huh that was surely …. something” sort of attitude. Abstract art is weird, on purpose, and you’re forgiven if you never quite get it or if it doesn’t quite tickle your artistic pickle all the time.

Our own Sam Corbin may have been behind a few of those abstract performances herself, but she gets that the scene isn’t for everyone. So she wrote and filmed this rap video, parodying the absurdity of abstract, post-modernist art, where none of the references make any sense and the actors don’t explain shit but tickets still cost $35. If you’ve ever been to a performance that’s so weird it feels like the actors are trying to make you walk out, you will definitely appreciate this.  (more…)

11/21/16 10:46am

Since the election, we’ve seen lots of calls to arms rallying writers, activists, artists and whomever to tap into their personal superpower to help oppose Trump’s plans to make America hate again. Yesterday, Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys called on people to “take what you’re good at and what you truly enjoy and lend your services to the causes you are most about.”

For our own managing editor Sam Corbin, that superpower is punning, so Sam — the current reigning Punderdome champion — and co-writer Ally Spier came up with a video that turns the names of 50 famous women into anti-Trump puns. And woah man, is she swinging for blood on this one: She warns “the election wasn’t the Gladys Knight in American history” and that though the future isn’t “Albright,” we all need to “Toklas about making the art and actually make it.”

In all my years of competitive punning I’ve never seen anyone pun with such a steely look in their eyes. We’re declaring a new trend here: puns for social justice. It’s a brave new word.  (more…)

07/12/16 12:01pm

She may be marooned in the Canadian woods for the summer, probably wearing overalls daily (and looking cute as hell in them, duh), but Punderdome champion and Brokelyn editor Sam Corbin has certainly not lost her fashion sense, nor her ability to dazzle an audience with syntactical acrobatics and flying puns.

Just watch this video InStyle released this morning, in which Corbin tells a story about a ski trip with her friend “Gigi” that goes downhill fast (that was all me!) using 50 fashion puns, from “A-line” to “Zara.” Whether the extent of your fashion knowledge stops at “button” or you can ID every household name from Armani to Vera Wang, this video is sure to knock your Saks off. (more…)