08/27/14 8:26am
ride brooklyn

So many bikes, so little money. At least some of them will be cheaper than usual. via Facebook

Just because the temperatures will start dropping soon and you’ll have to start wearing sweatshirts and (eep) jackets, doesn’t mean you should stop riding your bike. That’s just what the Car Lobby wants. And hell, fall is a perfect time to buy bikes or bike accessories, or at least it seems that way, because Ride Brooklyn is having a giant sale for Labor Day weekend starting Thursday. (more…)

08/15/14 2:13pm

This one seems like it could be good for you.

If you’ve just moved into a new apartment, congratulations! We hope it doesn’t have bed bugs. Also, you might want to do a little bit of decorating. Finally get rid of your Reservoir Dogs poster and that Ikea art you made a huge mistake buying, and check out Gilt’s Banksy sale for a quick way to spruce up your new pad. (more…)
08/07/14 4:53pm

You can pay what you like to look like this. Well, you’d still need to be in shape to look like THIS. via OnlyAtoms

We all know that all it takes is a cute new running tank and shorts to actually get you to exercise (what Netflix subscription?) but you don’t even have to leave your bed to shop during OnlyAtoms‘ pay-what-you-want sale.

Race to your computer, because according to DNA Info, the athletic gear outfitter is celebrating its launch by offering pay-what-you-want running gear for a limited time. (more…)

babeland sale

We usually take our life advice from a talking vulva, and so should you! via Facebook

FACT: Financial responsibility is sexy, and so is a room full of sex toys. Babeland (462 Bergen Street, Park Slope) can appreciate both of these things equally, which is why they’re combining the two this week for their Customer Appreciation Sale starting on Thursday. Finally, a way to prove both your seriousness in spicing things up in the bedroom while still being able to pay the rent! (more…)

brooklyn boulders summer solstice

When it’s time to boulder party we will boulder party hard. via Brooklyn Boulders

Brooklyn-based climbers, rejoice. Brooklyn-based climbers who also love being at the front of lines, rejoice harder. Brooklyn Boulders (575 Degraw Street), the ultra-popular climbing gym in Gowanus, is kicking off the summer this Saturday with their Summer Solstice Sale and Party, and there are extra savings in it for anybody who shows up and hangs out in line tomorrow. (more…)

06/18/14 1:24pm
Carrie on my wayward son.

Carrie on my wayward son.

Film Biz Recycling, as you might know, takes used clothes from film and TV shows that would normally go in the garbage and resells them to you for cheap. On Friday, the Gowanus shop is having a big sale on 80s clothes, after getting an “enormous wardrobe and material selection from a recently canceled show that takes place in the 80s.” The store isn’t allowed to say where it gets the stuff from, but we’re just gonna use our super powers of journalistic deduction and say that it’s from The Carrie Diaries, which just bit the dust. Hey, Carrie Jr.’s loss is your gain! The night is going to be a whole 80s party with karaoke, videos and free fuzzy navels too. (more…)

film biz recycling

Oh, like you can live without this thing in your apartment now that you’ve seen it. via Facebook

Tired of looking at the furniture you’ve had since you’ve moved to New York? Going with the floordrobe system of storing your clothes and all your friends are making fun of you even though it’s a totally awesome way to store your clothes? Well, good news for you, because you can get enough new old furniture to last a lifetime this weekend, because Film Biz Recycling is selling everything in their store at a 50% discount. (more…)

brooklyn boulders

Hang out outside Brooklyn Boulders this weekend and get a deep discount. Hang out, get it? Get it? You get it. via Facebook

People seem to like Brooklyn Boulders, but one thing that no one ever likes is paying for things. We’re sure for instance, if there was a way to download a huge climbing facility from The Pirate Bay, people would do it. The next best thing though, is getting access to one really cheaply, which is what Brooklyn Boulders will give you this weekend if you’re crazy enough to show up at eight in the damn morning. But check out how cheap things will be if you show up that early: first person in line outside the store gets a free four-month spring pass. (more…)

02/20/14 2:54pm
exit9 gift shop

A spinning flying light-up UFO is a bargain at any price, but especially if it ends up on sale. via Facebook

One thing about sales is that while it’s great to save money, they’re often not random and out of control enough for our tastes. Great, 50% off jeans for a week, the same jeans, the same price cut. Exit9 Gift Emporium (127 Smith Street, Boerum Hill) knows how boring that is, so they’re holding a sale from February 21 to March 9 that they’re calling Price Is Right Sale, where the discounts on window items start at 30% tomorrow and then start going up progressively, reaching 85% off by March 8. (more…)

11/13/13 9:00am
The horror...the horror...exterminate the blutes. Photo by Mary Dorn

The horror…the horror…exterminate the blutes. Photo by Mary Dorn

Heed the siren’s call, car drivers. In an attempt to destroy Detroit for good, Citi Bike has jumped on the Groupon bandwagon by offering a chance to save more than half on their bike sharing service. If you think $10 for that infrequent 24-hour pass is too much (like we do) and can’t justify $100 on a twelve-month subscription, then check out the four options they offer, especially the $45 for ten passes deal. Decide soon, because the deal expires in a couple of days. (more…)