03/22/12 9:53am

Don't you wish this was your living room?

If your last six apartment moves have depleted the goodwill of friends and family, here’s a novel way to haul your crap that doesn’t involve Moishe: let a theater troupe do it for you. The Brooklyn-based actors of Rudy’s Meritocracy came up with this tasty little media biscuit of an idea when they realized they couldn’t afford to rent an actual stage somewhere.

So they thought, what clever gimmick will get us coverage in blogs and newspapers as well as a place to put on our play? Or maybe they had the idea to do a show in empty living rooms first and then wrote the play.

THISISMYREALLIFE  is a very meta 40-minute show about “the agony and ecstacy of moving.” According to a NYTimes stat we didn’t doublecheck, a third of 20somethings move once a year. (Granny moment: what is with you kids?) (more…)