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We’ve all been there: waiting patiently for your Tinder date to arrive as the anticipation swells. You’re mad at yourself. You said repeatedly in the mirror, “I will not use Tinder again. I will not swipe right on a sapiosexual ever again no matter how cute they are in their profile pic!” But here you are, waiting for a sapiosexual. What’s a casual dater to do? Drink. What’s a savvy casual dater to do? Drink wisely.

As much as we want to say we will never succumb to the temptations of Tinder (again), allow yourself to go into the date wisely with the best drink to pair with your Tinder trope, because let’s get real, you’re going to have to drink to get through these dates. (more…)

02/14/17 4:59pm
Via @BrooklynCartoons on Instagram.

Via @BrooklynCartoons on Instagram.

What’s the state of Brooklyn dating in 2017? These reports today give us a pretty good snapshot of where you’re banging, who you’re banging and how far you’re willing to travel for it:

All about the Bush: Bushwick Daily surveyed 350 neighborhood residents to get the lowdown on their downlow and dirty sex habits. It turns out, 47 percent of responders were single and 27 percent have had sex in a bar bathroom. Plus there’s lots of sticky details about fingerbanging in a warehouse party and smashing (more that avocados) in the Hana food market, with juicy quotes such as:

“I have slept with a lot of Manhattan men, but Bushwick men have better beards anyway, and what a girl wouldn’t want that extra fluff around her vagina.” (more…)

07/06/16 11:48am

It is a matter of fact that the only decent non-Onion parody websites are Reductress, The Hard Times and Breitbart.com. While Reductress spoofs women’s magazines and Breitbart publishes bonkers fake headlines no one would actually believe like “Big Bang Actress Takes Heat for July 4th Photo of Dogs Sitting on American Flag,” the Hard Times is all about fake news that slam dances into the punk, hardcore, headbanging side of our heart. Headline highlights of late include: “Neftock, Master of Darkness, Agrees to Cover Shift at 7-11” and “Local Punk Would Like to Direct Your Attention to Even Bigger Tragedy.”

The site, which was founded by two West Coast writers and comedians, yesterday released one of its first videos and it’s a funny look at punk speed dating (and basically, dating in New York overall). It was filmed right here in Brooklyn at heavy metal dive Saint Vitus in Greenpoint, with external shots at Angry Wade’s in Carroll Gardens. You may want to make sure you’re vaccinated before watching.   (more…)

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You too can be like Maher: a boss at being her own boss. Photo via Facebook

You too can be like Maher: a boss at being her own boss. Photo by Scott Levin.

Dear reader, does your summer book list include any libidinous lit? It might after your intro to Rebecca Rogers Maher, a romance writer whose stimulating fiction for women brings heart to the genre’s heat.

Over the past few years, writing short erotic novels has bloomed into a fun side gig for Maher, 41, who skips a nom de plume in favor of representing her work herself: as a mom, educator and Brooklynite of 17 years. Eight well-received ebooks in, Maher’s sizzling sentences prove more than sweet nothings—in fact, she tends to pen unconventional lovers who are working-class, complicated, and have realistic backstories. Her most recent, Just Give Me a Reason (which came out in February), presents its heroine as a pregnant woman who must confront her flirty feelings about a hunky single dad. (While her stories mainly address hetero trysts, Maher says same-sex romance is due in future books.)

As a self-identified feminist writer, Maher sees sexuality as integral to a character’s development, not just fodder for hot n’ heavy hangouts (though that’s fun too). Brokelyn joined Maher at a Cobble Hill café to talk the writing life, Brooklyn as a backdrop, and the racy genre’s surprising contribution to the self-publishing movement. (more…)

04/10/15 9:00am
If you've got a fiancee and a Bevers, looks like you're gonna wind up married to both of them.

If you’ve got a fiancee and a Bevers, looks like you’re gonna wind up married to both of them.

Hey there struggling and even middle class Brooklynite. Ever think that following the societal imperative to marry a partner would free you forever from the shackles of roommates? After all, you’ve got two incomes instead of you, and you need just one bedroom for two people. Haha, whoops, according to a story in the Times, you’ve slipped on the banana peel of hope if you thought you’d just be living with your legally betrothed after marriage, because more and more married couples are living with roommates. Hey, look on the bright side: free live-in babysitter! (more…)

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brooklyn game lab

Look how much fun these two are having! via Facebook

It’s spring, and you’re feeling a tingle in your loins that isn’t just Gold Bond. And sure you could just spend your days swiping right on Tider, desperately hoping you’ll find love that way. Or you could try for actual human contact, which is what you’re gonna have to do when you meet your Tinder date anyway. For instance, you could do a speed dating game night at the Brooklyn Game Lab in Park Slope on Thursday. And if you’re a dude, you can do it for free, because while women have signed up eagerly while men have not, leaving the organizers scrambling to get dates for these women. (more…)

03/27/14 9:06am
To us, it looks more like something that will eat you if you get to close

To us, it looks more like something that will eat you if you get to close

Have you been looking for love but don’t know where to find it? Maybe you should try looking to the stars. No, don’t do that, that’s stupid. That being said, maybe you’re a little desperate and a little thirsty after this winter of our discontent, so since according to an email we got, a new sculpture/twisted hunk of metal in DUMBO says it can find you Zodiac-based love, it couldn’t hurt to try. (more…)

02/14/12 6:00am

Allison and Matt Robicelli. Photo by Amber Marlow Photography.

When I was a little girl playing with dolls, dreaming about my wedding and thinking of what my future husband would be like, I did not take into account how different reality would be from fantasy. For one thing, we don’t have a hot pink dune buggy. I managed to fall in love about 10 years before I had “planned to,” so I didn’t already have a successful chain of restaurants under my belt by the time I got engaged at 24. (I still don’t.) Most of all, I didn’t plan that one day Brooklyn would get trendy and I’d be priced out of Bay Ridge, the neighborhood my family has lived in since the 1920s, that we’d be in a massive recession, and our American dream would be less about owning mansions on either coast and more about keeping our family together and heads above water in our hometown. (more…)

05/20/11 2:16pm

World ending? World saved? Party on!

The world is maybe ending on May 21, and it’s tragic, since it means this is your last weekend to explore Brooklyn and the great views we all take for granted. On the other hand, there won’t be any more rape or New York Post or Yankees, so, you take your tiny victories where you can find them. Are there any parties? This is Brooklyn, so of course. But if you just want to relax and watch it all go down, Brooklyn’s got some more reflective places to greet The End. And if the world doesn’t end, they all happen to also be scenic spots you can use for a romantic outing, and continue your heathen ways. (more…)

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stay at home girlfriend


I am a stay-at-home girlfriend. When my boyfriend goes off to work, I spend my days cooking, cleaning our two-bedroom Greenpoint apartment and trying to look good for him when he comes home. I never planned on this lifestyle; my corporate job of four years was outsourced in October when we were already living together. What was a matter of convenience before is now a matter of financial survival — while I’ve always been someone who’s really into keeping her boyfriend happy (that’s how I was raised), it’s now my primary occupation after job-seeking. I’m not alone. I was actually the third of my female friends living with her boyfriend to wind up out of work, and all of us, to some degree, adhere to stereotypically Stepfordish rules to keep our relationships afloat and ourselves sane. Here are mine: (more…)