11/18/15 10:34am
DItch the p via Junior's

Ditch the pumpkin for some cheesecake this Thanksgiving. via Junior’s

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of good taste in desserts must be in want of a pie to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. Well…actually, it’s a truth ALMOST universally acknowledged. Because there are those among us who, for whatever reason, do. Not. Like. Pie. My mother is one of these people who shuns apple and pumpkin pies for anything else she can find when Thanksgiving dessert time rolls around, even if the options are limited. And while I firmly disagree with the pie-averse, I see no reason why they shouldn’t have equally yummy sweets to conclude this national day of gluttony. Luckily, there are a number of Brooklyn bakeries offering fantastic pie alternatives for Thanksgiving. (more…)

10/27/15 11:38am
Bye, bye Miss Nutellasanga pie. via Facebook

Bye, bye Miss Nutellasagna pie. via Facebook

As we watched all of our favorite places close, we’ve at least been able to console ourselves by say, eating the pain away with a trip to Robicelli’s (9009 5th Avenue) for cupcakes or layer cake or even something crazy like Nutellasagna if we were feeling particularly down. But now we’ve gotten word that Robicelli’s is closing on Christmas Eve, with Allison Robicelli and her husband Matt moving their operation down to Baltimore. Shit, where are we supposed to eat our sadness away now? (more…)


Gaze into the abyss, the delicious delicious abyss. via Facebook

It’s Halloween time and beyond all those parties you have to make time for, you’ve also got to make room in your stomach for candy, so much candy. Of course, now that you’re an adult your tastes might be leaning towards something a bit more mature, something that sounds a bit more French. If that’s the case, Bay Ridge bakers (and makers of great holiday-themed stunt foods) is rolling out what they’re calling Pain au Halloween, or in English, candy-stuffed croissants. (more…)

07/29/15 3:22pm
Because if you're not using your life to make more of these, you're pretty much just wasting it. Via Facebook

Because if you’re not using your life to make more of these, you’re pretty much just wasting it. Via Facebook

New York is a beautiful city, filled with horrible jobs. There are jobs working for giant, soulless corporations, and jobs involving cleaning up after 3-year-old minds trapped in the bodies of businessmen. Hell, New York is even filled with those that have no jobs whatsoever, and who need to sell off various organs just to make an outrageous rent. Fortunately, simple odds dictate that there are also, in this city of dead ends and organ theft, amazing jobs out there that can transform the life of whichever lucky sonofagun gets them, so why are you still shopping around kidneys? Check out these jobs, curated by the vigilant staff of Brokelyn, and get your dream job started. (more…)

12/12/14 11:02am

Get this, and don’t pay for it. What a deal! via Robicelli’s

So maybe you were reading about Nutellasagna last week and you really wanted to get some. Then you thought about how you don’t really have enough people to share it with, not enough to lay out $65 for a half tray of it. Well, “Lie down with vegans and miss out on delicious treats made with dairy,” as the old saying goes. You’re in luck though, because if you’ve got nothing else to do Monday, you can get FREE Nutellasanga and all you have to do is go to Manhattan. Which is a sacrifice, we know. (more…)

12/05/14 1:15pm

You can probably just skip dinner for it. via Robicelli’s

Beyond being the time when there’s goodwill towards man and plenty of drinking and gifts for everyone, Christmas is the time when families judge you for what you show up to their holiday dinner for. We know, it’s hard out there when you’re trying to make an impression or even show someone up, but fortunately for you, a Robicelli’s ridiculous Nutellasagna frakenfood should make you the talk of the dinner. Take that, brother who just graduated from Harvard med school! (more…)

11/28/14 12:07pm
Wouldn't you rather get two Robicelli's cupcakes for $5 than get trampled in the quest for a cheap TV? via Facebook

Wouldn’t you rather get two Robicelli’s cupcakes for $5 than get trampled in the quest for a cheap TV? via Facebook

If you’re reading this, our congratulations for not having been trampled into a coma at Black Friday. Whether you participated in the shopping stampede or not, you might be wondering if there’s any more shopping you can do where you find cheap holiday deals, but maybe cheap holiday deals that don’t require full body armor to get. Well the answer is yes! November 29 is Small Business Saturday, a celebration of the indie shops and small businesses that make Brooklyn go. Small business like say, Robicelli’s (9009 5th Avenue), which is offering sweet deals in the literal and metaphorical sense. (more…)


You could maybe learn to make something that approaches looking this good. via Facebook

If you’re anything like me (which you probably aren’t, because my parents say I’m “very unique”) you assume that anything that comes out of a kitchen other than your own automatically tastes better.  It’s not that I’m a bad cook, but I prefer having someone else do the dirty work. But perhaps under the tutelage of some of Brooklyn’s top bakers, my confidence in my kitchen skills would rise? I can answer that question now, and so can you, because Robicelli’s is offering a slew of kitchen skills classes for August, from knife skills to pastry making. (more…)


Not with these though, these look great. via Facebook

Everyone wants their next food creation to be the next cronut or next ramen burger, anything but the next cupcake, because that’s how you go bankrupt. Of course, what’s the magic formula to making a food that people take Instagrams of themselves waiting on the line, buying the thing, eating the thing and throwing up because they are too many of the thing? No one quite knows, but dispenser of cupcakes and love advice Allison Robicelli is openly declaring her intention to make an Instagram-worthy, line-causing ridiculous food product at her Bay Ridge bakery (9009 5th Avenue), as part of Robicelli’s Jump the Shark Summer. This is so crazy it just might work. (more…)

11/06/12 2:15pm

Steven Kopchinski of Sheepshead Bay. Photo by Anna Jacobson

While everyone is out doing their best to help the neighborhoods ruined by Sandy, it’s almost inevitable that some fall through the cracks. Although being championed by our pal Allison Robicelli, Sheepshead Bay is still without power, subways, heat, fresh food, water – or media/relief attention. I visited this weekend. (more…)