02/06/17 3:15pm
Date night on a budget: A comprehensive list of Brooklyn's best BYOB restaurants

Enjoy the shinobi ramen at Shinobi Ramen with your own hand-selected booze. via Facebook

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could go out to dinner and be certain that your favorite alcoholic beverages were available, for around $3 per drink? Have we got news for you: Brooklyn has some awesome BYOB restaurants, so going out to eat and drinking cheap doesn’t have to exist only in your dreams.

A BYOB restaurant is a beautiful, cost-effective option often overlooked in a city where you’re constantly stuck $12 for something you already have in your fridge and could’ve poured into your own mason jar. We’re obviously not taking any kind of anti-bar stance here, but if you have a few odd beers at your apartment and want to get rid of them, why not take them out for a night on the town at at one of Brooklyn’s best BYOB restaurants? (more…)

05/31/16 4:00pm
'We lost some of the shininess of Brooklyn.' Is the Brooklyn artisanal food bubble finally bursting?

Smorgasburg still thrives, but its offshoots are having a harder time. Via Flickr user Terry Jinn.

About five years ago, when I would wonder what gifts to bring people from Brooklyn on holidays, my thoughts suddenly always went to food. McClure’s bloody mary mix for mom, NuNu Chocolates for grandma, a bottle of Kings County Distillery corn whiskey to encourage my sister to drink more. This seemed like an easy way to carve off a slice of Brooklyn and dole it out as a unique gift, a missive from the mini world within the world we call home. It was also a sign of the marketing success of the Brooklyn artisanal boom (for lack of a less gag-inducing phrase), when every month we were treated to new success stories of an entrepreneur who started out with just a mixing bowl and a tiny kitchen. It was a sign that the local economy, here in New York City, Real America, where we buy each other’s pickles and tickets to each other’s concerts, was doing just fine.

But the Brooklyn artisanal bubble might finally be popping in one big, locally sourced, non-GMO bubble. The narrative about the small businesses that attract celebs to far-flung neighborhoods or sprout from a small batch of offerings on a flea market table is evolving into a typical New York story: Real estate prices stand in the way of all our dreams.  (more…)

04/21/16 1:34pm
Brunch at Forrest Point

Brunch at Forrest Point, via @SarahSandbach on Instagram.

If you’ve been good about budgeting on groceries and busting out your crockpot this winter, you deserve a little springtime splurging. Dare to deviate from your normal hang and head to these Bushwick brunch spots for some our favorite newcomers and oldies but goodies, to satiate all of your weekend (and weekday!) desires. We know brunch by nature is pricy, but read on to see where to get our favorite dishes (and still be able to afford eating the rest of the week). We broke it down by some of the best standbys in the neighborhood, some newcomers to the scene and where you can get brunch beyond usual brunch hours. Just make sure not to piss off your server.  (more…)

12/07/15 12:20pm

Help your friend take her latkes to the next level with spreads from Mouth Foods

All year, a friend of yours has cooked everyone excellent meals, asking nothing in return other than maybe doing some dishes every now and again. And while they’d never ask you to, we’ll ask on their behalf that you give him something nice. To help with that, we asked some of our favorite excellent food folks to let you know what your food-focused friend would love to see under the Christmas tree or in the UPS woman’s hands this holiday season. Grab your friend one of these and who knows what excellent meals might greet you next year. (more…)

09/04/15 2:13pm
Even worse, they have a series of parties in the yard called Tiki Siesta. via Facebook

Even worse, they have a series of parties in the yard called Tiki Siesta. via Facebook

Let’s say, hypothetically, you’re interested in opening a pizza place but you’re not very creative. Sadly, the Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator can’t help you with the menu or name here, because it doesn’t deal in pizza. On the other hand, people love Roberta’s, so why not just name your pizza place Roberta’s? Great, good plan, no one will ever even think to check if the actual people who own the rights to a pizza place called Roberta’s would mind. And anyway, you’re in Spain and it’s not like there’s a global communication infrastructure in place that would provide a way for someone to quickly find out that you’re using material that belongs to the Brooklyn Roberta’s. You’re home free!

Oh…wait…there is a global communication infrastructure that allowed the actual Roberta’s to see you’re using their name and publicity materials for your fake, Spanish Roberta’s. Well, shit, now what? (more…)

07/29/15 7:58am

Stare at this picture of Alf long enough and you realize he’s kind of horrifying

I’ve got a friend who claims he was so excited about today being Wednesday, last night he said “Nice, tomorrow’s Wednesday” out loud, to no one. I can’t say I’m that excited that it’s Wednesday, but it’s better than some of the other days of the week. It also has so many good things going on that recommending just five from the Brokelyn Event Calendar was kind of mentally painful. I mean, not that painful, let’s not be silly here. It was just tough to pick only five things today. (more…)

03/11/15 2:45pm
On one hand, you get to be around these all day, but on the other, you can't eat all of them. Via Roberta's Pizza

On one hand, you get to be around these all day, but on the other, you can’t eat all of them. Via Roberta’s Pizza

Hello, residents of Brokelandia, and welcome to another edition of Now Hiring! I’ve recently heard word that a strange new season is coming about, one that doesn’t involve ice rain and blizzards and might actually be pleasant, and while your old job was “good enough” in that it had heating and you were sitting too close to Carroll from H.R., but she runs hot so it’s okay, when these precious few weeks of perfection come along, you’ll want the perfect career to go with them. While “perfect” may mean many things to many different people, we here at Brokelyn have put together a list with a little something for everyone, from the gym-bro to the number-cruncher, so read below and find out what your new best job ever is going to be. (more…)

Because life doesn't get much better than this. (via Flickr user smallkaa)

Because life doesn’t get much better than this. (via Flickr user smallkaa)

Step aside Romeo & Juliet, everyone knows that pizza & beer are history’s REAL star-crossed lovers. Way less tragic and infinitely more cheesy, nothing quite satisfies like a slice and a cold one, especially when we’re talking about Bushwick heavyweight Roberta’s December pop-up at Threes Brewing‘s brand new 8,000 square-foot Gowanus brewpub(more…)

09/10/14 11:27am
Time 2 learn

Time 2 learn

If you’re suffering the wave of back-to-school nostalgia that Target commercials and Old Navy window displays forces on the post-grad crowd, you’re not alone. You may be done shopping for dorm supplies (take a minute to celebrate never needing a shower caddy again) and composition books may never be in your life again, but you’re never too old to continue learning.

College classes are tempting, and expensive, to broaden your education, but there are plenty of university-less classes in New York that will teach you valuable, and practical lessons, like new languages, how to further your career, make a ceramic bowl, code an app, and much more, and you shouldn’t have to take out any loans to do it! Plus, you may learn a new marketable skill. Etsy always has room for another liberal arts grad… (more…)

05/20/14 9:23am
tiki disco

The summer this won’t happen. Photo by Kenny Rodriguez via Facebook

We’re all rightfully excited about the summer, and the rebirth of outdoor fun in the city for a few months. Sadly, there’ll be one summer tradition that’s hanging up its viking helmet and beer bong, as after five years, Tiki Disco won’t be returning to the Roberta’s garden. It leaves an enormous speaker-sized hole in our hearts, but the summer must go on. (more…)