08/22/11 10:21am

Photos by Daniel Delaney.

When you’ve only got pocket change to spend on lipstick, which one should you buy? The game glamouristas of Brokelyn set out to put an end to budget makeup confusion by putting five bargain brands through their summer paces. Faces painted with the cheapest concoctions of wax and pigment money can buy, they drank 40 ouncers, snarfed pizza and stuck their faces in an NYC fire hydrant. Read on to find out what we discovered about venerable cosmetic brands Jordana, Wet ‘n’ Wild, NIcka K, NYX and NYC. Here, Alison’s Wet ‘n’ Wild makeup lives up to its name. Mascara ($3.49), liquid liner ($2.89), and lipstick ($0.99), all from Walgreens. (more…)

01/12/10 3:20pm

Picture 25We’re not big fans of Rite Aid for all kinds of reasons (mean manager at the one near our place, cooler NY-centric branding at Duane Reade) but far be it from us to stand on principal when there’s a BOGO sale on makeup going on. That’s retail-speak for buy-one-get-one-free—on all Revlon and Almay products through Saturday (Jan. 16). On all L’Oreal items and assorted things from Maybelline, Cover Girl and Physicians Formula etc., it’s buy one, get half off the second. Nowhere in the store was the dead-lady grey nailpolish that all the fashion chicks are wearing (Chanel, right?), but those seductive yellow tags got us wondering: Which drugstore cosmetics are any good? Everyone knows cheap mascara is legit, but how about foundation and moisturizers? Do you have a favorite? Our very glammy friend Sheryl, the Bitchcakes weight-loss blogger, swears by Covergirl Outlast and L’Oreal Lipfinity. And if you can’t trust someone who rides a century without smearing her lipstick