09/02/16 11:41am
Okay, you win this round, Uber. via Gilt City

Okay, you win this round, Uber. via Gilt City

If you read us, you know we spend a lot of time railing against our least favorite Not Car Service, Uber. And for good reason: they’re more expensive than yellow taxis, soft Brooklyn depends on them like whiny babies, and most recently, they’re poised to drive up MTA fares like crazy.

But we also can’t resist a good deal, so begrudgingly we share the following news: Starting Friday, September 2 at 8pm until Monday, September 5 at 11:59pm, you can take a shared Uber anywhere in Brooklyn for $5 flat.

Yes anywhere, and yes $5. Sadly there’s no catch, besides the silent demerit points you rack up with us every time you take an Uber. You’ve gotta share the car with total strangers, sure, and it’ll take you an extra hour to get home if you end up riding with someone going to the opposite end of Brooklyn, but these are the small concessions we make to get in on cheap cab fare. If you absolutely neeeed a pal with you in the car, additional riders are $1.

Happy Labor day riding, folks. We’ll see you in the regular subway system on Tuesday morning.

11/02/12 2:15pm

We need you drivers, ASAP. via Yeshiva University

Do you have a car and want to help out? Are you heading to areas like Sheepshead Bay or Coney Island this weekend for hurricane relief efforts? Volunteers need you! If you’re willing to pile in the Bloomberg-mandated three passengers (or four) and bring a few extra helping hands, post your e-mail address and what neighborhood you’re coming from in the comments. With any luck, you’ll get some volunteers that want to hitch a ride to sites with limited and nonexistent subway access. If you know of any organized ride shares, please post those as well. (To prevent spam harvesters from running wild on the page and on you, post your emails as like this, for example: johnqpublic at gmail dot com)

08/01/12 1:00pm

Find your Thelma for the ultimate road trip on Zimride.com

Sponsored By Zimride.

As the largest ridesharing company in America, Zimride makes sharing rides with strangers cool (and safe).

Road trip! Something about cruising down a vast open highway with tunes cranking that just screams “AMERICA!” But every Dean needs a Sal, each Thelma a Louise, riding shotgun to manage the playlist, scavenge the backseat for toll change, and take over navigation when you get sick of listening to the British chick recalculating.

If you have a car and are planning a trip, Zimride can help you find a co-pilot and even make a little traveling cash. Passengers can get a cheaper, friendlier alternative to Chinatown buses. Through Zimride’s Facebook-integrated social network, drivers set a price per seat for a specific date and destination and passengers contact the driver if they are interested. It’s a win-win for eveyone, so enter today for a chance to win a FREE round trip Zimride from NY-DC! (more…)