12/01/16 3:25pm
Get your hoilday kicks, en croute, at the 'Shwick.

Get your hoilday kicks, en croute, at the ‘Shwick.

Holidays also mark the peak season of DIY, and people are scouring staples like Etsy and Pinterest to see what they can make, bake, gift or thrift for the upcoming holidays. If you are lacking inspiration needed to get those creative juices flowing, (because hey, aren’t we all) or if you just want a quick one-stop shop for all of your holiday shopping, head to your nearest holiday market.

Oh, what’s that? You need help finding one that close to you? As per usual, we’ve got you covered, with the borough’s finest in local gifts and crafts–enough to make even a scrooge splurge. (more…)

05/19/16 4:09pm
The girls of Guys We F*cked

Get intimate with the girls of Guys We F*cked (#2)

1. Lament the state of Bk today at Gentrifucked, a hip-hop and art show with performances by Ni Dios Ni Amo, Master Vicent Vega, MC Joha, Bestia, and a dozen more. (Friday, Mayday Space, $5)

2. Promote sex positivity at Guys We Fucked, the anti–slut shaming podcast where hosts Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson interview fellas with whom they have been amorous. (Friday, Bell House, $10)

3. Raise money for musical gals at Words & Guitars, a two-day zine, music, and art fest to benefit Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, with lots of bands including Fisty, the Shook Ones, and Lady Bizness. (Friday & Saturday, Bushwick Public House, $10) (more…)

09/11/15 8:58am

Bushwig cofounder Hororchata, who is very shy. [pic by Maro

Bushwig cofounder and delicate flower Hororchata. [pic by Maro]

1. Go back to simpler days at Booklyn’s Last Squat City, an exhibit of zines and comix by Fly, an artist, activist, squatter, and Lower East Side icon. (Friday to Sunday, FREE)

2. The BEAT Festival is on all weekend, with great events like Fertile Grounds, an “immersive performance exploration” of the Weeksville Heritage Center. (Friday & Saturday, $20)

3. Embrace the past at 5th Estate with Music Video Time Machine, showing videos from the ’70s to the ’90s all night long. Just don’t get too nostalgic. (Friday, FREE) (more…)

09/09/14 3:35pm
renegade craft fair

Retail rebels. via Facebook

You’re tired of the same old stuff in your apartment and your Pinterest board is so full of promise, but think about it. As great as DIY sounds, your feeble attempts never looks like the photos. Might as well save yourself the glue headache and leave it to the crafting professionals. Fortunately, there will be a whole street full of them at the free Renegade Craft Fair (50 Kent) September 13 and 14. (more…)

renegade craft fair

Get something nice for the people you love. Or at least tolerate. via Renegade Craft Fair

Summer is SO CLOSE right now, and suddenly you’re filled to the brim with wedding invitations, summer birthdays, party invitations, looking for party favors for your own party and freaking out about what to give your mom for Mother’s Day when there’s a chance you may be a week late. If you want to give gifts that are local, authentic and remind your family and friends that, yes, you really do live in Brooklyn, then next weekend’s Renegade Craft Fair is for you. There, you’ll find loads of independently-produced home accessories, so when you move this month or next month with everyone else in Brooklyn, you’re not limited to the Ikea catalog. (more…)

04/25/14 11:24am
gotham girls roller derby

Coming soon to Kent Avenue: Terror on Rollerskates! via Facebook

If you remember a couple of weeks ago (and we don’t blame you if you can’t), you’ll remember that desultory empty lot Williamsburg Park was rebranded as 50 Kent, and is hosting both Beirut and the War on Drugs. And the park will be even more exciting this year, as it turns out it’s gonna host everything from roller derbies to a Brooklyn Flea outpost to outdoor movies. Maybe this whole “naming a venue the address” thing actually works. (more…)

11/22/13 10:03am
etsy handmade cavalcade

A scene from an Etsy Handmade Cavalcade of Christmas past. via Etsy NY Flickr

It’s almost holiday time everyone, which is personally my favorite shopping time of the year. It’s so exciting, and everything sparkles! Sugar and spice and everything nice! Lights! Trees! Of course, the holidays also means making a list of who you need to buy presents for; family, friends, bosses, significant others, your local bodega cat, your favorite bartender, your future New Year’s make-out partner… etc.).

Let’s make that shopping list easier to fill out by shopping local at the many Brooklyn markets this year. Who needs the crowds of tourists in Manhattan when you can take a leisurely stroll and attend many of these instead. Craft fair crawls are highly encouraged; bonus points are given if you can beat my record of going to five of these in one day. Plus this year there are added extra things do if you need a rest, such as playing black-light mini golf at The Brooklyn Night Bazaar and ice-skating at McCarren Park. Ready! Set! Shop Local!  (more…)

11/15/12 7:37am

Jennifer Egan’s rolling deep this weekend. via Dossier

1. Try to win dinner at Blanca, which is apparently a popular restaurant (Friday)

2. Rock and roll for Sandy relief with Friend Roulette (Friday)

3. Get your best pair of reading shoes on for the Moby Dick Marathon (Friday and Saturday)

4. Help cook some Italian food. For people in a soup kitchen, not for yourself (Saturday) (more…)

05/05/11 1:10pm

Bushwick Open Studios returns for its fifth year next month. Photo from 2009 by Flickr's Joann Kim

Your warm-weather free music plans may have been paywalled or thrown on the rocks indefinitely, but luckily the chance to view loads of incredible art sans-prix is alive, well, and just building up steam for the spring and summer seasons. Scan through our round-up of coming attractions, get that Dali ‘stache growing, and let your inner arts critic run wild (especially since most of these involve free booze). You can even kick off your warm weather season of arts appreciation tonight with DUMBO’s monthly free gallery walk.  (more…)