04/24/15 11:25am
red hook crit

They go fast. via Flickr user Eric Konon

Usually when it comes to packs of speeding lunatics going around and around in circles for hours, you’ve gotta go find New York’s closest NASCAR track (which is upstate in Watkins Glen). Fortunately, you’ve got a free, somewhat similar, bike-based option here this weekend. Want to watch packs of cyclists speed around a street track at upwards of 35mph on brakeless bicycles? Come watch the Red Hook Crit on Saturday. (more…)

06/06/13 8:42am
The PitchBlack Brass Band will show you the light at CrestFest

The PitchBlack Brass Band will show you the light at Crest Fest. via Facebook

1. Friend-of-Hodgman Jonathan Coulton will be popping in to The Rock Shop’s punk karaoke night to help shepherd in some of the cheesiest songs of the last 40 years (Friday)

2. Greenwood Park has the hottest 80s, 90s, funk and party jams because that is how they do it (Friday)

3. Or maybe your tastes run more towards indie and surf rock, in which case check out the dance party chock full of it at The Secret Loft. Not much of a secret if they’re advertising (Friday) (more…)

03/28/13 8:18am
So, you coming, or what?

So, you coming, or what?

1. Arts group nuMad has a bunch of their work to show off, and they’re so excited about it that they’re having a party (Friday)

2. Rock and roll wild men Wild Yaks help rock a packed bill at Living Bread (Friday)

3. See the dead baseball legends buried at Green-Wood Cemetery. Hopefully while you’re there Hell doesn’t run out of room and the dead start walking the Earth (Saturday) (more…)