08/14/14 10:55am
national thrift store day

Thrifting is love at Recycle-A-Bicycle. via Facebook

It seems only appropriate that August 15, along with being my mother’s birthday (once affectionately nicknamed the Coupon Queen by her loving family) is also National Thrift Store Day. While those of you with summer Fridays may be too fancy to get excited about 15-50% off donated, pre-used clothing and housewares, but for the rest of us this is cause for citywide celebration. (more…)

08/14/13 11:21am
Get the space pod you've always wanted, for 25% off this Saturday. via Facebook

Get the space pod you’ve always wanted, for 25% off this Saturday. via Facebook

Do you know what this Saturday is, aside from a blessed relief from the crushing workweek? Apparently it’s National Thrift Store Day, because there just weren’t enough holidays to celebrate wearing grandma’s sweaters before this. Not ones to be left out of the fun, ReuseNYC, the recycling promoting offshoot of the Sanitation Department, partnered with thrift stores and recycling-promoting stores around the city to get them to offer deals on already cheap stuff. Sounds like someone’s got more money for brunch now! (more…)

04/11/13 1:46pm
Before you hop on, you might want to study up

Before you hop on, you might want to study up

More and more, people are reporting seeing bike share stations on the street. Great, awesome, we are fans of this news. Of course, just because one has the ability to ride a bike doesn’t mean they have the skill to navigate New York’s roads. It’s a jungle out there, in the sense that cars move as if someone gave a giraffe the keys to an Escalade after it’s had a few dozen beers. If you want to avoid resorting to an angry, desperate plea with New York’s drivers, Brooklyn Skillshare will teach you how to deal with the madness out there for free, this weekend. (more…)

11/29/12 11:38am

This bike could be yours.

Legendary mountain biking company, Giant, has partnered with Transportation Alternatives and Recycle-A-Bicycle to donate 100 bikes, as well as helmets and locks, to community organizations aiding the Sandy relief effort. Giant is sending its Revel 2 mountain bikes (which retail for close to $400) to improve mobility among residents in the stricken areas, in fleets no larger than 10, but as small as one. If you’d like to apply for one, check out this site.

05/03/10 4:22pm

Pee WeeIn case it’s not clear why your favorite brokesters-in-arms are celebrating Bike Month, let’s break it down for you. 1) It’s getting to be waaay too nice to spend an hour or so every day underground. Bike instead, and that’s $4.50 round-trip right there, plus sunshine; 2) Dodging speeding SUVs, racing over the Brooklyn Bridge and stand-up peddling past ice cream trucks is a hell of a workout, and with exponentially better scenery than stale Fresh Prince reruns on the gym TV. BAM! You just saved a $100 membership fee. You get the point. Brooklyn equals bike-friendly, biking equals health-friendly and wallet-friendly, wallet-friendly… well, let’s just go celebrate Bike Month in Brooklyn. Here’s a starter list and some great-sounding (free) events: (more…)

07/20/09 6:53am

old bikesGetting bikes for a cheap price can be a bit of challenge, and will probably require you to bury some preconceived notions about thrift. Like say, that idea that buying something used always less expensive than buying it new. Not so. Because of the labor costs involved in refurbishing a used bike, bike stores tend to only buy and sell used bikes of a certain level of quality. If a bike is a cheap bike, once it gets to the stage of being a used bike, it’s most likely to be stripped and used for parts, not to be sold again. What this means is that used bike stores are great places to get good to excellent quality used bikes, but if you are just looking for dirt-bottom prices, you’re better off buying new. (more…)