01/24/17 3:00pm
Puppies to the rescue. Via Puppy Bowl Facebook.

Puppies to the rescue. Via Puppy Bowl Facebook.

The news is terrible, and even those of us who once loved the escapism of sports have had to come around to the fact that football is also terrible. What are you to do on Super Bowl Sunday when your friends will be gathering to watch Donald Trump’s favorite quarterback take on the team from John Lewis’s district? That’s a fairly compelling reason to watch the game actually, but if it’s not your thing, don’t worry: Prospect Heights bar Saint Catherine will again be streaming the ultimate comfort television: the Puppy Bowl.

The bar will be showing the adorable-a-thon all afternoon on its two big screens, with drink specials starting at happy hour. It’s a good time to get blackout drunk while staring at puppies living their carefree puppy life, which you should enjoy while you can before Trump outlaws puppies next year. UPDATE: South 4th Bar in Williamsburg is also showing the Puppy Bowl before the Super Bowl. (more…)

02/03/16 3:11pm
Puppy Bowl stars Cam Chewton and Peyton Mansbestfriend fight it out on the field. Via Animal Planet.

Puppy Bowl stars Cam Chewton and Sharpeiton Manning fight it out on the field. Via Animal Planet.

The Super Bowl is Sunday, and it’s an American holiday for which we rounded up 14 places in Brooklyn you can watch the game earlier today. But there are many legitimate reasons that you might not want to watch it that may or may not relate to watching grown men give each other brain damage to help sell trucks. The Super Bowl is also reason for the greatest counter programming in television history, the Puppy Bowl, which airs before the Super Bowl on the Animal Channel and is the opposite of a brain-injury causing sport.

Every year we get questions from the cord-cutting, non-football fans of Brooklyn looking for someone to escape the orgy of Super Bowl excitement and just find a place to watch puppies on a Sunday afternoon. Well this year, we finally found a place for you. (more…)