04/19/17 4:37pm
In front of Brooklyn Roasters in Dumbo. Photo by Susan De Vries

In front of Brooklyn Roasters in Dumbo. Photo by Susan De Vries

Is it ethical to leave your dog tied up outside a store? Is it more ethical if you leave your dog not tied up but “parked” in one of those white and pink “Dog Parkers” that popped up seemingly overnight all across gentrified Brooklyn? If you were a dog, would you rather experience the sights and smells that come with sitting your fluffy booty down on the cold pavement, or would you rather experience street life from the inside of a small box that protects you from forces that, to your tiny doggy brain, are likely too existential to fathom?

These are questions that are difficult to answer, mainly because dogs have not yet secured a way to communicate their emotions or questionably existent free thought to humans. Still, though, the startup behind the “Dog Parkers” is holding a doge trial to attempt and provide “honest feedback” about the tiny pupper street prisons. (more…)

09/06/12 5:30pm

If you aren’t interested in a Brooklyn clown festival on Friday, you are truly a stooge.

1. Celebrate your own freedom by looking at pictures of people who are fighting for it. Then go to Starbucks maybe. (Friday)

2. You can laugh at these clowns having a pie fight (and clown festival) if you want, but don’t our veterans of foreign pie wars deserve better? (Friday)

3. Finally, a place in Brooklyn to buy bike parts. (Saturday)

4. Saturday morning, cartoons and alcohol: finally combined in a way that isn’t your father throwing a bottle of Old Grandad at the TV. (Saturday)

5. Take a trip up to Long Island City, where they still believe it’s summer and are having block parties. (Saturday) (more…)

Archie (right) misses Edith (left)

Here’s a story that should get you posting fliers on the neighborhood lampposts. Edith, a 12-year-old Chihuahua-papillon mix, was stolen last week from the BARC no-kill animal shelter in Williamsburg. Yes, Edith was stolen from her home—cruel enough in itself—but she also was snatched from the side of Archie, a 12-year-old poodle-shih tzu, and her life-long companion. As Anna Jane, a past Brokelyn contributor, writes on TheDo.gs, a woman came into the shelter last Thursday asking about adopting a dog. “When the shelter worker turned his back, ” writes Anna Jane, “she [the thief] picked up Edith and ran out.” (more…)