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Vamp it up with Took Edalow (#6) (pic via Facebook)

Vamp it up with Took Edalow (#6) (pic via Facebook)

[Ed note: Reminder, we now have a separate roundup for activism-focused events, which we encourage you to check out here.]

1. Learn about all the good graphic novels can do for the world at Comics as a Force for Social Change, with authors John Jennings, Damian Duffy, and Thi Bui. (Monday, Greenlight Books, FREE)

2. Watch weird animation late at night at Dirty Morning Cartoons, with dozens of strange shorts by Sick Animation, Leah Shore, Nick DenBoer, Felix Colgrave, and many more, curated by Cartuna. (Monday, Lo-Res Bar, FREE)

3. Hear a host of nontraditional voices at A Path of Their Own: Asian American Creatives, with presenters including producer Jaeki Cho, curator Hawa Arsala, composer Kavita Shah, content creator Jaysn Kim, and many more. (Tuesday, BRIC, FREE)  (more…)

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Get into the spirit at the Roots n' Ruckus Fest (#5) (pic by JMS Art & Photo)

Get into the spirit at the Roots n’ Ruckus Fest (#5) (pic by JMS Art & Photo)

1. Listen to comedians answer tough / ridiculous questions at Would You Rather?, featuring Peter Bandyk, Amanda Xeller, Jed Resnik, and Shen Liu. (Monday, The Experiment Comedy Gallery, $5)

2. Work out all your angst at the launch of a new monthly emo party, Taking Back Mondays, with all your favorite ’00s screamers plus $2 beer all night and food from Strange Flavor Burger Shack. (Monday, The Johnsons, FREE)

3. Get moody at the final Little Cinema screening of the season: Edward Scissorhands, with dancers, aerialists, DJ’s, live music, and immersive effects incorporated into the film. (Tuesday, House of Yes, $15) (more…)

12/01/16 8:38am
To win wittily, and beyond: A book about pun competitions is hitting the shelves!

In case you didn’t realize you needed a book about pun competitions. Screengrab via Amazon

The dire times we’re living in call for desperate pleasures, and the Gilmore Girls revival isn’t cutting it. Why not turn to puns? Brokelyn is biased, of course— both your editors are committed to puns in journalism, occasionally using them to pack a political punch. But we’re also like most of Brooklyn, for whom any mention of puns will incite the question, “Have you ever been to the Punderdome?”

Punderdome 3000, for those unfamiliar, is a pun competition invented by comedian Jo Firestone and her dad Fred Firestone. Once just a humble, loosely-attended affair at the now-defunct Southpaw bar in Park Slope, the ‘Dome has since grown into one of Brooklyn’s best-loved events, now held at Littlefield in Gowanus with a monthly attendance of more than 500 pun-lovers who gather to watch witty wordsmiths using punny nom de plumes deliver their best puns on a given topic. The show got so big that it even released its very own home card game (and the world lost its mind when we broke the news). Indeed, Brooklyn has become a haven for punsters and a lighthouse for pun-lovers worldwide. It’s enough to make you want to write a book about it.

That’s just what Joe Berkowitz, a 36-year-old writer from Crown Heights and occasional Punderdome competitor, finally did. His new book, Away With Words, currently on pre-order before it hits shelves on June 13, 2017, looks at “the bizarre and hilarious world of pun competitions from the Punderdome 3000 in Brooklyn to the World competition in Austin.”

“I think people who are obsessed with language will find it,” Berkowitz told us, “and I hope some people who hate puns will buy it for a friend as a prank only to have that friend read it and enjoy it.” (more…)

08/22/16 3:51pm


Back in July, Punderdome champion and Brokelyn editor at large Sam Corbin dazzled us with a video of her making 50 fashion puns in two minutes, filmed for InStyle. Now, she’s at it again, but this time, hitting it out of the ballpark with 50 Yankees puns in two minutes. Wow, her puns-batted-in (PBI) is consistently above average! (Oh wait, Tim says that joke’s no good, let’s strike it from the record.)

The alleged #biggestYankeesfan makes double and triple (word) plays out of big Yankee names like Jeter, Yogi Berra, Pettite, and of course A. Rod, and more general baseball terms like “pitchers,” “diamonds” and “MLB.” Whether you’re a die-hard Mets fan or a Yankees apologist, a baseball enthusiast or more just a proponent of ballpark drinking, when it comes to punning, Corbin covers all the bases.

Editor’s note: Brokelyn remains a staunchly pro-Mets organization, but good baseball puns of any kind take a Piazza hearts!

Check out the video, after the jump: (more…)

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Jasmine Solano is gonna soundtrack a dance party in a museum (#8)

Jasmine Solano turns the tables for a dance party in a museum (#8)

1. Celebrate an incredible two decades of an NYC institution at 20 Years of Rooftop Short Films, a showcase that includes “Under the Roller-Coaster,” “Warriors: The Bike Race,” and the US premier of the YouTube sensation “Las Palmas.” (Monday, Coney Island, FREE)

2. Listen to some fantastic authors at the Franklin Park Reading Series, this month with Roxane in a rare NYC appearance, fiction writers Garth Greenwell and Jensen, award-winning poet Dorothea Lasky, and filmmaker and nonfiction author Alex Mar. (Monday, Franklin Park, FREE)

3. Cheer on your favorite at the Society for the Advancement of Social Studies’ Badass Novelist Battle, pitting Gustave Flaubert, James Joyce, and Louisa May Alcott against one another for the title “Most Badass.” (Tuesday, The Bedford, FREE) (more…)

07/12/16 12:01pm

She may be marooned in the Canadian woods for the summer, probably wearing overalls daily (and looking cute as hell in them, duh), but Punderdome champion and Brokelyn editor Sam Corbin has certainly not lost her fashion sense, nor her ability to dazzle an audience with syntactical acrobatics and flying puns.

Just watch this video InStyle released this morning, in which Corbin tells a story about a ski trip with her friend “Gigi” that goes downhill fast (that was all me!) using 50 fashion puns, from “A-line” to “Zara.” Whether the extent of your fashion knowledge stops at “button” or you can ID every household name from Armani to Vera Wang, this video is sure to knock your Saks off. (more…)

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Punderdome the card game: A wordy reason to stay indoors this summer. Photo by Meghan Stephens/Brokelyn.

Punderdome the card game: A wordy reason to stay indoors this summer. Photo by Meghan Stephens/Brokelyn.

Last night, Team Brokelyn joined up with Punderdome at Halyards bar to present a special sneak preview of the hottest card game of the summer: the Punderdome home game. We drank some gin and rummy cocktails, had some laughs, heard from our expert punel featuring John Pollack (author of The Pun Also Rises), Alex Petri (a punner and Washington Post columnist) and Jerzy Gwiazdowski (reigning O. Henry “Punniest of Show” champ) and got to try out the game before it’s on shelves.

Consider it cards against banality in a world where you want to harness the magic the gathering of friends can create. But don’t steal this game (you’ll end up in the pokey, mon! In solitaire confinement, no less): If you’ve got your hearts set on it, you can pre-order it online now or wait for it to come out on June 21 — and Brokelyn will have more copies to give away this summer so stay tuned!  The competition might not phase 10 of your friends, but for the rest it will be war (u no what I mean?) and it’s good for anyone older than cribb age. We gathered a sampling of some of the puns made last night, so if you felt like an asshole for not attending, you can go fish for some ideas of how it works here. Now after all these card game puns I’m going to throw myself off a bridge in Cairo, but hopefully the Egyptian rats crew team will rescue me.  (more…)

05/31/16 8:00pm

Punderdome, the smash-hit live show from Jo and Fred Firestone, is becoming a home card game, and we’re giving you an exclusive chance to play it before it goes on sale in June!

Puns, once considered the words nightmare of comedians, have quiply ascended to high art thanks to the success of Punderdome. Sell-out crowds mean you might miss the monthly live show at Littlefield, but if playing along is on your bucket list, ticket off now!

Come for a night of wordplay, drinks, and lots of punny fun including:

  • Punderdome co-creator and comedian Jo Firestone!
  • Songs in the key of pun
  • A panel of NYC punning experts sharing insider tips on what makes a good pun and how you can succeed in verbal combat
  • Your chance to play the hottest party game of the year before it goes on sale (June 21)!
  • Drink specials that will get you punch drunk
  • A chance to win your own copy of the already-a-best-seller-on-Amazon game to take home!

Read more on the game here: http://brokelyn.com/puns-humanity-brooklyns-beloved-punderdome-become-take-home-card-game/

05/17/16 2:55pm
This could be in your hands sooner than June 21.

This could be in your hands sooner than June 21.

It’s been a few months since we first announced the arrival of a take-home Punderdome card game for friends and family, but few have laid their eyes (or hands) on the game since then. It’s currently only available for pre-sale through Amazon, and won’t be released to the public until June 21. That’s a whole month from now. What’s an eager party punster to do?

Brokelyn’s got you covered. We happen to love puns a lot, too — so much, in fact, that we’ve partnered up with folks at Penguin Random House to host a an exclusive sneak preview of the Punderdome home card game! In party form, of course. (more…)

02/29/16 10:00am
Cue up your internet explorers: Punderdome is back! Via Punderdome FB.

Cue up your internet explorers: Punderdome is back (#3)! Via Punderdome FB.

1. You know what’s perfect for a Monday? Getting intimate with some creepy-crawlies. Morbid Anatomy Museum has you covered at the Insect, Arachnids, and Reptiles Petting Zoo, which includes an “informal show & tell,” Q&A, and plenty of time for lovin’ and touchin’ some bugs. (Monday, Morbid Anatomy, $12)

2. For a different way to embrace nature, check out a presentation on new book The Rooftop Growing Guide by Annie Novak, co-founder of Greenpoint’s Eagle Street, the nation’s first commercial green roof vegetable farm. The night also includes a panel discussion with experts from Gotham Greens, North End Grill, and more. (Monday, Greenlight Bookstore, FREE)

3. It’s time again for one of our most favorite events: Punderdome 3000! Join Jo Firestone and her Rodney Dangerfield–impersonator dad for a fiercely competitive groan-filled evening of spontaneous punning, which is just returning from its winter hiatus. (Tuesday, Littlefield, $8-$10) (more…)