03/31/16 1:00pm
You can finally believe the hype. Photo by Sam Corbin

You can finally believe the hype. Sam Corbin/Brokelyn

[Update: 4/29: The bike lane is now open!] Earlier this week, the DOT released its 2016 bike maps featuring 15 miles of new lanes in Brooklyn alone. Among the miles were included those promised to us long, long ago on the Pulaski bridge, which connects Brooklyn to Queens, from Greenpoint to Long Island City. No opening dates had yet been announced, but now we’ve got an exciting update for you from the office of Assemblyman Joe Lentol, whose district includes the Pulaski Bridge.

Lentol’s communications director, Edward Baker, told us that the bike path will be ready to ride by April 30th at the latest. “It could be done before then,” he added.

At this point, we’ve got a fool-me-twice mentality. We wanted to see the lane’s progress for ourselves, so one of our Brokelyn bike couriers (not Ilana Glazer, but we wish it was) went out to the bridge to snaps some pics of the path-in-progress and get additional intel from construction workers on-site. Verdict? Yeah, this thing might actually be ready in April.  (more…)

09/04/15 10:51am
Pulaski Bridge

Maybe this time it’s true? via Flickr user NYC Tom

Way back in 2013, which is really a year that happened we promise, we excitedly shared the news that the Pulaski Bridge was getting its own bike lane. No more sharing a narrow strip of sidewalk with pedestrians when you biked into Long Island City! Since then, it’s become the “Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown” or bike lanes, with a delay pushing it back to 2015 and then another delay announced pushing it back to 2016. So take this with a pre-packaged food helping of salt, but according to Streetsblog, construction on the Pulaski Bridge bike lane will allegedly start this month and could open this year. (more…)

08/06/15 3:43pm
Guess we'll be stuck taking the G for a little while longer. via StreetsBlog/DOT

Guess we’ll be stuck taking the G for a little while longer. via StreetsBlog/DOT

You know, we tried to be sympathetic the first time around. We talked to subcontractors in order to learn what it really takes to close down a bridge for construction. We gently left it out of our bridge rankings. We said hey, chin up folks, it’ll get done. Despite all that glass-half-full energy, StreetsBlog now reports that the construction of the Pulaski bridge’s bike lane has once again been pushed back, this time until Spring 2016. And this time, we’re fresh out of optimism.

03/26/15 1:44pm
Bike lanes with barriers on highways. It ain't all peaches and cream. via flickr user Sam Saunders

Bike lanes with barriers on highways, it ain’t all peaches and cream. via flickr user Sam Saunders

Yesterday, DNA Info reported that city officials were finally getting started on building the long-awaited bike lane for the Pulaski Bridge, which connects Brooklyn to Queens. Construction is expected to start mid-April, but its projected completion date isn’t until the end of the year. Of course, that’s assuming they finish on time. And if next winter is anything like this past one, the weather will probably postpone actual ridership along the path until 2016. That doesn’t exactly jive with what Assemblyman Joe Lentol of the DOT once said about sharing commuters’ “sense of urgency” for the lane. So what gives? Why does it take so long to build one goddamn bike lane? We found a city contractor who tells us there’s more to it than just painting some new stripes down the road.  (more…)

10/10/14 9:04am
pulaski bridge

Dang it. via Flickr user Marjorie Lipan

Anyone who’s ever tried to ride their bike across the Pulaski Bridge, or is on the side of the angels in the bikes vs. cars war, had to be thrilled with the news came down that the Greenpoint/Long Island City connection was going to get a dedicated bike lane in 2014. Well, so much for that noise, because Streetsblog reports that the Department of Transportation still had the bike lane in the review phase. Looks like cyclists and pedestrians still have to have an “uncomfortably close to each other” party until then. (more…)

02/14/14 3:08pm
pulaski bridge

Is it safe? via Flickr user Marjorie Lipan

If your main news source is tabloid newspapers covers (it’s OK, it’s ours too), you know New Jersey’s Bridgeghazi has left that fair state in complete social upheaval, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Jacobin France. That’s cool and all, but Jersey being more relevant than us is something we absolutely musn’t stand for. This is why we’re excited to have found a group of nyers ready to bring Brooklyn glory and put us back on the bridge scandal map. The folks at the Center for Investigative Research have a hunch that the Pulaski Bridge isn’t in great condition and are going to launch an investigation into his stable the structure is this Saturday. And they want your help! Tomorrow, February 15, they plan on circumnavigating the bridge, looking for rust, “officials asleep at their post,” and other signs of deterioration. (more…)

10/28/13 12:00pm
Pulaski Bridge bike lane

Another car sanctuary cut down by the sword of the bike lobby. via Flickr user NYC Tom

Anyone who’s ever tried to bike from Brooklyn to Long Island City can tell you about the awkwardness of trying to get over the Pulaski Bridge. With the pedestrian path and bike lane crammed together on one side of the bridge, you had the great walker v. cyclist fight perfectly encapsulated in a tiny area. But now cyclists and pedestrians can again join hands and then unjoin them to point and laugh at cars stuck in traffic, because the Pulaski Bridge is getting a protected bike lane next year. (more…)