07/29/16 9:18am
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Future Generations live together in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, like a Brooklyn version of The Monkees. Photo via Facebook.

Friendship is rare. Do you hear what I’m saying to you? “Friendship is rare.” Okay, so that’s a Tenacious D lyric (Oh shit, there’s a bear/Could you hand me that shotgun, buddy?/Also that chair.) All right, I’ll stop. But there are some friendships that lead to great things. Like music. Take Future Generations, for example.

The band met by chance in a practice room in their shared dorm building at Fordham University in the Bronx. They started making music together almost immediately; now, they all live together in Brooklyn. They’ve experimented with different genres throughout the years and currently they’ve got a sweet synth-pop thing happening. Their music is fun, danceable and often surprisingly optimistic (we could all use that these days). Future Generations’ first full length self-titled album drops today via Frenchkiss records, so we spoke with frontman Eddie Gore to talk music, fate, friendship and which fictional band who lives together they’re most like (naturally, it’s between The Monkees and The Spice Girls). (more…)

11/17/15 9:41am
Bluebird brunch will leave you feeling anything but blue. via FB

Bluebird brunch will leave you feeling anything but blue. via FB

Winter is nigh upon us. It’s time to throw on flannel underwear and never leave the apartment. Soon enough we’ll all be dodging slush monsters while waving away rumors of how nice California is this time of year.

Don’t despair, readers. We might all turn into wretched mole-people this winter, but brunch is forever ours. It knows no season. In that spirit, check out these brunch spots with working fireplaces. Between that and their cozy, Christmas-ready ambiance, you’ll be sure to warm your belly and soul against Californians. (more…)

11/03/15 10:25am
Coming soon to Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. via Facebook

Coming soon to Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. via Facebook

After six years in just one location in Fort Greene, Greenlight Bookstore is stretching out and heading east, announcing today that they would be opening a new location in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens sometime next year. The expansion will see the bookstore open in a 2,1000 square foot space and follows Greenlight running a pop-up store in Prospect-Lefferts’ Play Kids this fall. Unlike the pop-up store though, this second location will offer books for everyone from kids to adults to kidults. (more…)

07/24/15 9:49am
Brooklyn Kolache's yard even has an umbrella for protection from glare/extra productivity. Photo by David Colon

Brooklyn Kolache’s yard even has an umbrella for protection from glare/extra productivity. Photo by David Colon

What is the one thing New Yorkers need to survive and is everywhere? Coffee. What is the one thing New Yorkers need to survive but is hard to find? Nature. That why we’ve compiled a list of great Brooklyn coffee shops with gardens, outdoor patios or backyards, where caffeine and the great outdoors (or as great as they’re gonna get) meet. Be sure to enjoy these places while you can, because before we know it, Snowpocolypse 2016 will be knocking on our doors. (more…)

04/20/15 1:00pm

Midwood Flats

Midwood Flats,
577 Flatbush at Midwood, Prospect Lefferts Gardens,
(718) 484-4466

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What it is: The wood, iron and Edison-bulb craft bar and gastropub that the neighborhood wanted. With its extensive beer and spirit lists paired with unabashedly hearty app-and-burger menu, Midwood Flats draws nightly crowds.

Why we love it: While there are a handful of great new bars in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, the neighborly but just-upscale-enough vibe here will draw you back again and again. Open less than a year, Midwood Flats feels like it’s been here forever.

What to order: Artichoke hearts, the catfish BLT or a lobster roll (in two versions: classic and nouveau) that recalls the best New England shacks. Did we mention the burgers?

Pro tip: It’s not actually in Midwood, or anywhere near it. Take the  Q to Parkside.

03/30/15 12:41pm
Park views, but your neighbors will hate you.

Park views, but your neighbors will hate you.

Fearful of Brooklyn’s always-apocalyptic real estate forecast? Yeah, us too, it’s the only forecast that’s constantly worse than the weather (nailed itttt). Anyway, if you want to find some kind of protection from it, you could always get lucky and win the lottery. The housing lottery we mean, like for Prospect-Lefferts’ new monstrosity, 626 Flatbush Avenue, which is offering $843/month 3-bedroom apartments to some lucky winners (via The Q at Parkside). Yes, that’s right, three rooms for the price you’re paying a bedroom with no window and some roommates you’re always seething about. (more…)

03/18/15 1:28pm


Don’t believe the hype: even though all humanity will one day be replaced by scores of condominia, we’ve still got plenty of time to enjoy prewar brownstones and stuff. In fact, we didn’t have any trouble this week picking out a number places you can brag about! You might not even want to leave your house to camp out at coffee shops, since now listings are pushing things like “free wi-fi” and floors that “cater to you.” Sounds like your apartment is more than meets the eye. Finger sandwiches, anyone? (more…)

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lefrak center ice skating

It’s winter, so get out there and skate with your sweetie. via Facebook

We have a theory: winter is the new summer when it comes to falling in love. After all, summer doesn’t have hot drinks and cold nights for cuddling. It might be 10 degrees out and snowing, but once the snow stops, we recommend you take your date outside. Staying inside increases the chance of getting cold and flu symptoms, not to mention cabin fever, so grab a coat, your partner and enjoy one of these fun winter date ideas from hookah in Bay Ridge to ramen in Williamsburg and plenty in between. (more…)

williamsburg starbucks

Not coming soon to Prospect-Lefferts Gardens

It’s the same old story you read about again and again: local business in “up and coming” neighborhood closes after a rent battle, landlord looks for someone new, a national chain like Starbucks backs a dump truck full of money in her yard and Brooklyn has another chain store. Except this time, according to DNA Info, Starbucks’ plan to move into Prospect-Lefferts Gardens was rebuffed by the landlord of a retail space, who said she’s not interested in renting to the coffee giant and is looking for a local business to fill the space. (more…)

146 Fenimore Street

Do you live here? Sorry. via Google Street View

Real estate speculation! Sometimes it takes the form of horrible arson. Oftentimes, it takes much more banal, but somehow more unappealing-sounding forms, like this article in Real Estate Weekly about Pittsburgh-based HLC Equity buying a building in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. Why are they doing it, and what’s their plan? Funny you should ask!

Farber said he saw 146 Fenimore Street as the ideal first investment in Brooklyn because of its proximity to several subway lines and the neighborhood’s untapped, fast-growing potential…convincing Farber that Prospect Lefferts Gardens is on the cusp of a major influx of white-collar residents.

Most of the building’s units are rent-stabilized, and HLC plans to slowly renovate the entire building.
“We could probably sell it at a profit right now,” Farber said. “But we want to hold on to it.”

Well, sucks to be you, rent-stabilized resident’s who we’re sure won’t be harassed in any way by your out-of-town landlords betting on “more white-collar residents.” Just to be sure though, don’t forget that you’ve got rights when it comes to improvements, and your rent in general.