01/27/17 12:01pm
Price check: Downtown Brooklyn's brand-new Target is selling cheap produce and meat

Target has dropped some ‘duce on Downtown Brooklyn. Photos by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Brooklyn’s newest Target opened Wednesday in the City Point development, putting it in the same new vertical mall as Alamo Drafthouse and Century 21. Unlike the other Target a few blocks down the road at Atlantic Center, so far it’s not a devastating hellscape of empty shelves and unattended children playing out a Mad Max scenario with shopping carts (so far, at least). The store is clean and bright, with big windows overlooking the surrounding development so you can watch the gentrification of Fulton Mall happen in real time.

The store also offers something you won’t find in the Atlantic Center Target (though you will find it at the Brooklyn College one): a way bigger grocery section that includes fresh meats, produce, fresh (ish?) bread and more, all for pretty cheap prices. The cost on some things is similar to what you might pay at Trader Joe’s. But should you be buying your strawberries and ground beef at the same place you get a six-pack of undies and the extended director’s cut of Suicide SquadWe did a quick price check to find out: (more…)

10/06/16 1:00pm
Are you in den-aisle about how much you're saving? via Brigitte / Flickr

Are you in den-aisle about how much you’re saving? via Brigitte / Flickr

The beauty of living in New York City is having almost anything you need at your fingertips whenever you need. I could take out my phone right now and order bahn mi, batteries and an eighth of sativa delivered to my door. But where cost is concerned, convenience is cruel. We don’t have the sort of expendable income to be throwing away our cash haphazardly.

Since we’re too busy paddle boarding the Gowanus Canal, cuddling kittens and confronting our inner demons to make a career out of extreme couponing or schlepping to the Costco, locating in Sunset Park off the 36th Street R stop, we usually end up shelling out the extra few cents and dollars here and there.

But how much would you actually save by going to Costco? Is it worth the train ride there and back and the membership fee to get those sweet bulk prices? We conducted a comparative shopping test of a grocery store (Key Food), a bodega and Costco, all in Sunset Park. Keep in mind that prices are going to vary depending on your neighborhood, weekly specials and bodega of choice. But if you’ve ever wondered whether you were wasting money buying toilet paper one roll at a time at the corner store, maybe this will help ease your inner Suze Orman. (more…)

08/30/16 4:00pm
Decisions, decisions. What's it gonna BnB?

Decisions, decisions. What’s it gonna BnB? via Sidiq on Airbnb

The Staycation is a contentious affordance here in Brooklyn. Amidst an ongoing affordable housing crisis that leads to things like this and this, there’s just something icky about the practice of spending hundreds of dollars to enjoy a fancy weekend in Brooklyn a few blocks from you actually live. But hey, maybe you work hard to earn that chunk of vacation change and you couldn’t afford to fly anywhere (though FYI, yuge airfare savings are coming later this fall). So if that’s how you wanna spend Labor Day weekend, we’re not judging.

We recently learned from Bedford & Bowery that the Wythe Hotel, like so many other #brands these days, is trying to appeal to the Brooklynite population by offering half-price rooms to BK residents over Labor Day weekend. That’s right folks, with proof of a BK address comes a shiny $132/night bunk bed room, half off its regular $265 price tag. I mean yeah, bunk beds. But in bunk bed room’s defense, it has flat-screen TVs in each bunk.

Even with this discount, though, is it better to rent with Airbnb? Avoid the capitalist machine, and all that? We compared two Labor Day weekend rentals, both alike in dignity and available at the time of this post: a bunk-bed room at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg (still available to book, as of this post time) and this comparable Airbnb room right next door.

To help you make a bed-ucated decision about where to lay your head this Labor Day, we looked at how each one stacks up in room quality, amenities, even ethics. Yes, ethics. Whereas Airbnb is oft-accused of hurting the affordable housing stock in the city, The Wythe is practically a pillar of achievement for slimy developers seeking to make Williamsburg the “New Manhattan.” (more…)

10/08/12 2:30pm

Damn you math for wasting all my money!

Happy Columbus Day, the holiday celebrating the original American gentrification! I know I’m not the only one who woke up this morning after a long Sunday out doing Brooklyn stuff with hazy memories and a wallet busting with receipts and shamefully pieced together a map of yesterday’s frivolous spending spree. I’m convinced bars frequently charge a “stupid drunk” tax. But according to The Post we should all be watching our bills a little more closely, even while sober, because there’s some illegal bill total rounding up in the works. (more…)