10/04/16 11:30am
BOOKS — via Electric Lit

Drink like an author this Friday — via Electric Lit

Hoping to write the next Great American Novel one day? Finishing a manuscript but lacking in publishing contacts? Or just looking for new ways to placate your family and friends when they ask you about your “career” plans?

Whatever the reason, here’s a cool new opp for writers: The Authors Guild, America’s oldest, largest writers’ organization, is here to swoop in and capture the hearts and minds of lost, young writers like some kind of literary Bernie Sanders with a new membership for aspiring writers such as yourself, and it comes with alcohol! As in, they’re having a launch party at Powerhouse on Friday with free refreshments to celebrate the membership. (more…)

12/08/14 10:37am
Go make Snoopy proud.

Go make Snoopy proud.

1. Franklin Park Reading Series is having their end of the year bash with a little help from some of the year’s best fiction and essay writers. (Monday)

2. Get some real laughs in with Side Ponytail before you have to fake chuckle your way through your uncle’s awful jokes at those holiday dinners. (Monday)

3. Mark the royal visit to New York with free White Castle at Devour Hour. (Tuesday) (more…)

05/19/14 9:55am
sebastian erraruiz

There are so many dollars in it… via Facebook

1. Garrison Keillor will be at BookCourt to spin some yarns about his life. His real life, not the life of Lake Wobegon, which you’ll remember is fictional (Monday)

2. Charla Lauriston and some other funny friends will be telling jokes at Over the Eight for free, so hey, maybe check that out (Monday)

3. Get three days of science talks at Cantina Royal, and drink while you’re listening to them, at A Pint of Science (Monday – Wednesday) (more…)

03/31/14 7:00am
America's favorite ugly high school weirdos

America’s favorite ugly high school weirdos

1. Broken Comedy welcomes TVs own Lucas Brothers, and what better way to start your week than by being in the presence of some dudes with a TV show (Monday)

2. You don’t cry over spilled milk, but you can cry because you’re very moved at the Spilt Milk Poetry Reading at Milk and Roses (Monday)

3. Muchmore’s is hosting a Slumber Party with improv group Future Wives, but it’s not what you think. Unless you thought it was a night of free comedy, in which case, you guessed right (Monday) (more…)

01/27/10 5:10pm

stockphotographerSo you think you can take pictures? So do tens of millions of other Flickr poolers. Next month, aspiring Man Rays can find out if they have what it takes to make it in the increasingly competitive, decreasingly remunerative photography field at the powerHouse Portfolio Review.

Like a speed-dating version of art school, the review allows a photographer at any level of accomplishment to have her work critiqued in five 20-minute sessions with different professionals in the field on Sunday, Feb. 28. (more…)