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They also pay taxes, which the president… maybe doesn’t? Does? Who knows! (Gaby Del Valle/Brokelyn)

Tax day is looming on the horizon, and I mean, it kind of sucks to have to send your money to a government that will spend a lot of it on bombing people and on Paul Ryan’s health insurance, but keep in mind that your tax dollars also provide plenty of necessary social services for people around the country (and around the world! That’s great!).

That said, some people–i.e., the president of these United States–has a history of um, maybe not paying taxes? Or of definitely hiding something, which is why he never released his taxes, and maybe what he’s hiding is worse than the fact that he doesn’t even pay taxes. Anyway, get your taxes filed ASAP, come out to these local activist events, and on Saturday, top it all off with the Tax March.


02/27/17 11:16am
Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

Gaby Del Valle / Brokelyn

We’re officially more than a month into Donald Trump’s presidency, and though there have definitely been plenty of challenges (terrible cabinet nominees, an uptick in deportations, an increase hate crimes across the country, you name it), the resistance continues, from small community meetings to (some of) the speeches at the Oscars.  This week offers plenty of opportunities to get involved and march forth. (more…)

01/16/17 12:48pm
Honor MLK with Lattice Crawford (#1) (pic by Damien L. Sneed)

Honor MLK with Lattice Crawford (#1) (pic by Damien L. Sneed)

1. Honor MLK all day: Start off at the 31st annual Brooklyn Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., then head to the 13th annual A Shared Dream MLK Tribute Concert, with Vashawn Mitchell, Latice Crawford, James Hall, and more. (Monday, BAM/Walt Whitman Theater, both events FREE)

2. Or for something completely different, say konnichiwa to the Brooklyn Japanese New Year Festival, with a Shamisen sitar performance, folk dances, the Shishimai Lion Dance, mochi pounding, food vendors, crafts, and more. (Monday, Roulette, $15)

3. Combine your love of literature and music at the Bushwick Book Club, where John S. Hall, Terry Radigan, Don Rauf, Sweet Soubrette, and more perform songs inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s A Man Without a Country. (Tuesday, Barbès, FREE) (more…)

10/24/16 9:28am
Watch the Love Show dancers' glitzy costumes get real bloody (#)

Watch the Love Show dancers’ glitzy costumes get real bloody (#3)

1. Learn some important borough history at the book launch for A History of Brooklyn Bridge Park, which recounts the “grassroots, multivoiced, and contentious effort” to transform the park since the 1980s; the event will include a panel discussion and book signing. (Monday, powerHouse Books, FREE)

2. Or go back even further in Brooklyn history at a lecture on Samuel Gumpertz, King of the Coney Island Sideshow, a turn-of-the-century impresario who ran bathhouses, wax museums, chambers of horrors, and many more crazy Coney creations. (Monday, Morbid Anatomy Museum, $8)

3. Expect a good deal of blood at Little Cinema’s immersive screening of Carrie, complete with Love Show dancers, a live cellist, fire performers, an audiovisual DJ, and surely plenty of telekinesis. (Tuesday, House of Yes, $10) (more…)

10/03/16 9:08am
Geek out over gorgeous gals (and guys!) like Stella Chuu (#6).

Geek out over gorgeous gals (and guys!) like Stella Chuu (#6).

1. Have your delicate sensibilities shaken at Mystic Circus: Fly or Die, a touring act that began in Coney Island, starring sideshow performer Rush Hicks, lyra performer Shauni Fatale Deveaux, and a slew of others. (Monday, Bizarre Bushwick, $5)

2. Scare yourself silly at Horror Mondays, with free horror movies all night — from The Descent to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre — plus free popcorn while it lasts. (Monday, The Gutter, FREE)

3. Suds it up at It’s Brewing in Brooklyn, a panel discussion with heavyweight beer folks including John La Polla, co-owner of Bitter & Esters; Greg Doroski, co-owner of Threes Brewing; and Jason Sahler, owner and head brewer of Strong Rope Brewery. With beer tastings, of course. (Tuesday, BRIC, FREE) (more…)

05/27/16 2:13pm
Powerhouse Arena, home to stadium-style book readings with plenty of room for browsing, is closing in June. Via Facebook

Powerhouse Arena, home to stadium-style book readings with plenty of room for browsing, is closing in June. Via Facebook

You know this script too well by now: beloved New York City neighborhood staple announces it’s closing, there’s much hand wringing about “there goes the neighborhood” and everyone gets sad. This one feels a little bit different though: Dumbo bookstore staple powerHouse seemed as ingrained in the neighborhood as the cobblestone streets themselves. Watching readings from its huge concrete seating steps made cozy book readings feel like the high artistic combat of a Roman coliseum, and we were all better for it. The 10 years it’s been open have seen dramatic change (and increasingly expensive rents) in the booming neighborhood. Today the huge bookstore and event space announced via email that it’s shutting its doors at the end of next month after landlord Two Trees wanted to increase the rent to more than twice the $20,000 per month they were already paying.

But it’s not gone for good: Owner Daniel Power told us they’ll move to a smaller pop-up location a few blocks away this summer and open it as a full bookstore soon after, but gone will be the 10,000-square-foot “arena” space. Nothing is planned to move into the space after they leave, Power said.

“We’re not paying that,” Power said of the rent. “I can understand if it was someone coming in but personally would rather stay there until they had someone.”

Powerhouse, Dumbo’s purveyor of great free events and fun parties, likes to shake out some of its inventory at the end of every summer. The bookstore is back with its annual huge summer sale, which promises “deep discounts” on fiction, non-fiction, kids books and select titles. Last year’s sale featured books at up to 90 percent off and loads of others for $2-$10. The sale is on now through Sept. 3! (more…)

05/30/12 3:35pm

From the last Bed-Stuy bar crawl, happening again this Saturday. Photo by Clay Williams.

Listings pulled from our Brokelyn events calendar. Don’t see yours listed? Add it now!




05/23/12 10:52am

Anyone who disagrees with the “chefs are the new rock stars” analogy is not a woman. Or at least not one who is seduced by confidence, swagger and the unique talent to create something that gives others such enormous pleasure (i.e., dead inside). New York Magazine’s Grub Street editor Alyssa Shelasky, formerly engaged to Top Chef alum Spike Mendelsohn, knows about the addictive temptation of a man with a pan (frying, that is).

Join Alyssa tonight to celebrate the launch of her book Apron Anxiety, a memoir of her journey from Manhattan dating blogger and celebrity reporter, to almost burning the house down, to the unexpected zen of tying on an apron and the ups and downs of life and love along the way. If this quote in the book (a gem one-liner from a famous chef: “The only way to keep a chef happy is to keep his cock happy.”) is any indication, we’ll be devouring this over the Memorial Day weekend. (more…)

02/27/12 9:30am

All the cover ladies.

It’s no secret that Brokelyn has been trying to hook you up, from “The broke guy’s guide to dating awesome women” to the n+1 personals to tips on staying passionate while penniless. Turns out it was all for naught, as writers Eric Klinenberg, Kate Bolick and Daniel Smith will tell you at n+1 and powerHouse Arena’s panel discussion next week, Singles Going Steady: Why More People are Going Solo Than Ever Before. Remember the Atlantic article “All the Single Ladies” that enraged marriage enthusiasts and thrilled intentionally independent women (like myself)? Bolick wrote that, and she along with Going Solo author Klinenberg and Muses, Madmen, and Prophets author Smith will be chatting Tuesday night about why so many New Yorkers have chosen to live alone in matters of both lodging and love. (more…)