04/14/14 10:53am
leonard cohen

Greenlight Books is devoting Thursday night to the study of fedora aficionado Leonard Cohen

1. Literal genius George Saudners will be at St. Francis College to talk about his great writing, wave around his certificate declaring he’s a genius (Monday)

2. It’s warming up so it’s time to dance, and no more fitting dance party to do it at than Tropicante at Bembe (Monday)

3. Frank Grimes, or “Grimey” as you call him even though he hates it, comes on the scene at the latest screening of the Simpsons Club at Nitehwak (Monday) (more…)

03/10/14 9:30am
hank comedy

Sure HANK Comedy’s story of a man who marries a pizza slice seems cliche, but maybe they’ll bring something new to the table Friday at Videology

1. powerHouse Arena supports the troops by hosting a reading from Redeployment, Iraq veteran Phi Klay’s short story collection about soldiers’ experiences at war and at home (Monday)

2. Game Night rolls the dice on another set of comedians this month, including Dan St. Germain, Drew Michael and Ryan Beck (Monday)

3. Or check out upstart new comedy show kid on the block Side Ponytail at Over the Eight (Monday)

4. Mondays inevitably have a dangerous lack of soul, so get some in there with a brass band concert at The Plank (Monday) (more…)

03/03/14 7:00am
lou reed

True, this picture was taken at the Mermaid Parade, but you know Lou Reed would look just as non-plussed at a birthday party. via the Long Island Music Hall of Fame’s Facebook

1. Want the whole story of where Pussy Riot came from? Get it from reporter Masha Gessen, who’ll be talking about her book Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot at BookCourt (Monday)

2. Apocalypse Wow is celebrating their sweet sixteenth show of providing free laughs to people, so show up to Cameo dressed appropriately and ready to party (Monday)

3. Nitehawk Cinema’s Simpsons Club is starting their countdown of their 17 favorite Simpsons episodes to celebrate one year of existence  (Monday) (more…)

powerhouse arena

If you can’t think of some book, any book to get her, how strong is your relationship anyway? via Facebook

We’re basically at DEFCON 1 with Valentine’s Day, what with it being this week, and you’re probably panicking a little bit because you haven’t bought your boo a gift. Plus, shouldn’t there be something in this whole thing for you? Well, never fear, because the folks at powerHouse Arena are here with a buy one book, get a second half-off sale that lasts through Valentine’s Day. Finally, some people who recognize that Valentine’s Day is as much about treating yourself as it is treating your alleged special someone. (more…)

12/16/13 8:38am
high fidelity john cusack

If you spend your time doing this, then blanksXmas is for you

1. Mad annotators Rap Genius are branching out into news with News Genius, and to introduce it, they’re sponsoring a free trivia event where the winner gets their bar tab covered in full (Monday)

2. If you’ve got some jokes you want to work out, head to Gowanus, where you can get five minutes for jokes for free at Sparky’s open mic (Monday)

3. Get a view of some remote villages in Kenya, and a disappearing way of life, without having to buy a really expensive plane ticket at a screening of The Last Safari (Monday) (more…)

11/22/13 11:29am
Emma Straub could help you find your next favorite novel.

Emma Straub could help you find your next favorite novel at WORD.

Authors across the nation will be doing some heavy lifting on the retail front November 30th. As part of Indies First, writers will be slinging hardcovers at local bookstores to spur business and keep some of those Amazon dollars in out of Seattle. Of course Brooklyn, well known for its varied cast of established and up-and-coming authors, is taking part. On “Small Business Saturday” Bergen Street ComicsCommunity BookstoreGreenlight BookstoreThe POWERHOUSE ArenaPOWERHOUSE on 8th, and WORD will be staffed by some of our favorite local authors. (more…)

11/20/13 8:58am
does you time hang low does it wobble to and fro?

Time lords will never be royals. They crave a different kind of fez.

This Saturday’s “Day of the Doctor” 50th anniversary Doctor Who special is probably the most important globally televised event in history that doesn’t involve sports, Korean war doctors or the prolonged explanation of the meeting of mothers. The special — which unites both 11th Doctor Matt Smith and 10th (and best) Doctor David Tennant, plus a slew of sure-to-be-surprises, including John Hurt’s awesome-sounding WAR DOCTOR — will be drawing out all the spacetime nerds from all over Brooklyn like a bowl of hand-churned, farm-raised fish fingers and custard.

You’ve got a couple options to celebrate the event, and a few spots to watch the worldwide simulcast for free too: in a true feat of bigger on the inside, The Way Station, Brooklyn’s Doctor Who HQ in Prospect Heights, has even partnered with some neighboring bars for extra screening room. (more…)

11/14/13 4:21pm
adventure time

It’s the perfect weekend to watch people explore dungeons

1. Celebrate one year of awesome meat sales with the folks at BrisketTown, by eating meat and then using the energy from the protein to dance (Friday)

2. Come out to a benefit party for the Gotham Roller Derby Girls, because if you don’t, they’ll kick your ass. And you know damn well they can (Friday)

3. Think books are boring? Well what if there’s a party for one about New York City’s drug scene and feature performances from Himanshu of the late, lamented Das Racist? Yeah, not so boring now (Friday)

4. An Adventure Time TV party is better than your average TV party because it’s Adventure Time for Christ’s sake. Plus, they’ll be giving out prizes for the best costume, so dressing like the Ice King is finally an advantage (Friday) (more…)

10/18/13 12:59pm
Expensive storm, free book. Via Concord Free Press.

Expensive storm, free book. Via Concord Free Press.

Hard to think it’s been almost a year since Hurricane Sandy walloped the coastline — after all, some of its most victimized businesses have only squeaked back to life in the past month or so. Even if you spent the summer looking at the damage in the Rockaways while on your way to the beach, the real images of how awful that storm really was are important to remember. Over at the New York Times, our friend Julie Turkewitz writes about The Rockaways, a new photo book from photographer Gilles Peress showing the devastation in Breezy Point and the surrounding areas. And you can get it for free starting today at PowerHouse Arena in Dumbo. (more…)

10/07/13 9:29am
Just like doing karaoke in your apartment, but there are strangers there

Just like doing karaoke in your apartment, but there are strangers there

1. Take a free dance class at BRIC, since you’re obviously tired of being humiliated by the youth when you go out dancing (Monday)

2. The Simpsons Club gets in the spirit of the season with an all Treehouse of Horror screening, including the very first one (Tuesday)

3. Good Luck Karaoke is karaoke, with free pizza. So now you don’t have to make the tough choice between the two (Monday) (more…)