11/05/15 11:13am
What are they planning? Find out tonight

What is the robot menace planning? Find out tonight

“Thursday, Thursday, gotta get down on Thursday,” sang Rebecca Black in her viral shame hit from a couple years back. You kids should follow her advice and go out and do something crazy today. Or at least something fun, which the Brokelyn Events Calendar can help you with. (more…)

11/02/15 8:38am
via Beyonce Voters

via Beyonce Voters

Baseball is over until spring, so on the one hand there’s a good reason to go out and do stuff tonight. On the other hand, the Mets just lost the World Series, so there’s a good reason to sit in the dark and not do anything tonight. If you want to do stuff, the Brokelyn Events Calendar is here for you. (more…)

10/26/15 12:02pm
It's a few days til Halloween—of course comedians are getting bloody. (#

It’s a few days til Halloween—of course comedians are getting bloody. (#4)

1. Did you know ladies were responsible for great Brooklyn foodstuffs like Momofuku Milk Bar’s cake truffles and those heavenly biscuits at Pies ‘n’ Thighs? Come hear about those culinary masters and many more at the book launch for Women Chefs of New York, which includes tastings. (Monday, FREE)

2. In between staging innovative and unique plays, Bushwick Starr hosts a monthly reading series featuring a diverse array of playwrights. This month will be a reading of “The Woodstove” by John Budge. (Monday, FREE)

3. The Brooklyn Brainery is branching out to host classes in all sorts of great spots, and tonight they’ll be at Threes Brewing to slake your Halloween thirst with A Dreadful History of Vampires, Werewolves, and Things That Go Bump In The Night. (You can also slake your actual thirst; cost of admission includes a free beer.) (Tuesday, $12) (more…)

10/26/15 8:38am

Emmy trying to remember where the show tonight is. Photo by Mindy Tucker

It’s Monday, and it’s a big day. Not because you want to shoot yourself into the week with energy or because Alberto Del Rio returned to the WWE last night, but because this is the last day of the week before you should let baseball take over your life and watch the Mets in the World Series. Fortunately thanks to the Brokelyn Events Calendar, you’ve got some options as to what your one non-baseball watching night out should be. (more…)

10/21/15 9:46am
Judah Friedlander has some pictures he'd like you to see

Judah Friedlander has some pictures he’d like you to see

Oh, hello there. I didn’t think anyone would be around, doing nerd stuff like reading today, what with the sudden onset of spring-like weather hitting again and chasing away any thoughts of fall moving its stuff in and getting comfortable. That being said, you’re here, so at the very least I can let you know some good stuff to do tonight that I found on the Brokelyn Events Calendar. You could even get out there and do it wearing a t-shirt. (more…)

10/13/15 11:54am
Why is everyone staring at you in horror? Find out tonight!

Why is everyone staring at you in horror? Find out tonight!

I’m not gonna lie to you guys, there’s only one thing you should be doing tonight, and it’s not watching the Democratic debate. It’s getting out there and watching the New York Mets in their potential clinching game in the National League Division Series (here’s why and where you can watch). If for some reason you insist on not being a part of this potential magic, there are some other things to do that can be found on the Brokelyn Events Calendar, but will any of them be better than playoff baseball at Rocky’s? (more…)

10/08/15 9:43am
clench and release

Maybe Charla will tell you about her struggle to live without arms

You made it to the unofficial end of the week, again! Congratulations, blast fax kudos all around. Your coming weekend will be full of New York Mets playoff anxiety (or at least it should be), so this is the day to get out there and really cut loose. Good thing the Brokelyn Events Calendar exists and has such great stuff listed on it. Pick a night out, any night out I’ve got for you below, you can’t go wrong. (more…)

10/05/15 8:36am
Get your Rick Dance on dog, it's a big night. A big night for the Rick Dance.

Get your Rick Dance on dog, it’s a big night. A big night for the Rick Dance.

Well, we made it, everyone. We were spared the wrath of Hurricane Joaquin, and not only that, our lack of total panic has been rewarded with some pretty freaking nice weather this week. How best to celebrate? Well, if you look at the Brokelyn Events Calendar, there are plenty of cool things to do. These five recommended here though, are the bonafide best things to do tonight in Brooklyn, so put on a light layer (without no rain boots) and haul yourself to one of them. (more…)

09/29/15 1:58pm
As you can see, they're already screwing up in the Kickstarter video.

As you can see, they’re already screwing up in the Kickstarter video.

The book release party is a staple of the Brooklyn nightlife scene. Wait, let’s try that again, it seems wrong. The book release party is a staple of the Brooklyn free wine and snacks scene. Authors work hard enough on their books, and in order to get people to come out and appreciate that fact, they lure us with wine and some snacks and sometimes book-themed food. No author would think of sabotaging their own book release party, or so we thought, until we came across the Kickstarter asking for help making the release party for Josh Gondelman and Joe Berkowitz’s You Blew It so terrible that it becomes the worst book release party of all time. (more…)

09/29/15 9:41am

This afro said a lot, but other hair has stories of its own

It’s Tuesday and that’s pretty good, in the sense that it isn’t Monday, right? Right. Also in the sense that there’s some pretty good things going on, as per the Brokelyn Events Calendar, which obviously isn’t special to Tuesday but is at least nice. I don’t know, Tuesdays are pretty anonymous, but maybe you can make your Tuesday less so by going out and having some fun at one of these things. (more…)