12/12/12 4:07pm
See, it's funny because PBRfedoraartisanal

See, it’s funny because PBRfedoraartisanal

Sunday TV’s longest-running sitcom, The Simpsons, logged another stop in its 2012 Desiccation Tour with an episode dedicated to the “cool-ification” of Springfield by Portland natives, voiced by Portlandia’s Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. Though the show dodged the use of the term “hipster” thank god (they rely on the simple word “cool” and Fred’s character refers to his demographic as “us-types”), it’s pretty clear that The Simpsons were looking to take on that new fad (of the last 8 years) known as hipsterism. (more…)

12/07/12 7:00am

You’re such a greenthumb. Your plants never die. You’re like the Mother Goose of plants. Ok, I’m a little jealous because I always buy plants  with the best intentions and then I over water them (or something?) and they perish and I throw them away, blaming the shitty Williamsburg air, but save the pots under the sink, just waiting until I become a better gardner. My mom would be ashamed. If you’re good at plants or know someone who is, then why not get them a wearable planter? This tiny little necklace is the perfect place to carry a clipping from your favorite succulent all day long. The Etsy store also sells  flower pots for your bike, lapel and totebags. You couldn’t be any more Portlandia and adorable. $20 via Wearable Planters.

Sunset Park or Portlandia?

Remember the Portlandia sketch about Hotel Deuce, the intransigently hip lodge where you get a turntable and typewriter with every room and the lobby has a full-service DJ? Sure, we like to laugh at those funny similarities we see  with Portland, but turn your gaze to this newly built boutique spot in Sunset Park called Hotel BPM, which is, of course, named for “beats per minute,” and which The Brooklyn Eagle says is described as a “music-inspired property.” That means the hotel has fully licensed music streaming through its public areas and 76 guest rooms, compiled by hip-hop DJ BIJAL, who conceptualized and founded the hotel. The Eagle, which got a sneak peek at the new hotel before it officially opens May 14, says guests can also make song or artist requests at the time of their reservations. King and double-rooms start at $139 per room per night for the grand-opening rate. And of course, they’re going to be a sponsor of Austin’s SXSW festival. It is unclear if typewriters and hand-crafted library selections are included in the price as well.

01/25/12 11:21am
WM Steve Humphrey

If you see this man in Brooklyn, please tell us!

When you get together some friends at a coffee shop and shoot a video, interesting things happen. As of this writing, 24k people have watched Brokelandia, our sendup of the Brooklyn food scene and homage to the hit show Portlandia. Many said nice things on Twitter and Facebook (thanks!), including New York Times national editor Sam Sifton (“These people are real”) and the folks from Portlandia, who put it on their Facebook page (thanks!). Some people didn’t like Brokelandia,  including Gothamist commenters and a Portland Mercury blogger named WM. Steve Humphrey (pictured here). Humphrey cited three reasons he wanted to “kill everyone and everything associated with this project.” Whoa, even the baby?

01/23/12 7:04am
Prospect Park pine needles

Pine needles or sap en brochette? Prospect Park photo by Karen Orlando, of the Outside Now blog.

The feast-happy foodies over at Issue Project Room tell are sponsoring a free (multi-course!) meal on Feb. 4, featuring foraged and gleaned local plants and animals. We’re not exactly sure what sort of vegetation to expect in the dead of February when even the feral cats are on the DL, so we’ll let hand it over to them:

Interested in eating a foraged meal but don’t have the time/mycological certification/emergency care insurance to forage yourself? Join Spurse at Issue Project Room on 2/4 for a mid-winter multi-course feast comprised of foraged and gleaned local plants and animals in UNIQUE preparations (think novelty, not decompo-stronomy). (more…)