02/21/17 3:04pm
Photo via Twins Talents Facebook

Photo via Twins Talents Facebook

Despite the climate of fear and anticipation of rapid, negative change that has shrouded liberal hearts and minds nationwide since November, there is still one thing we can trust will remain cherished by the vast majority of humanity: money. And, to get money, most of us will need a job, preferable one we can enjoy.

We’ve combed Craigslist, kept our eyes peeled for hiring posters, and done the dirty work in finding you some of the best current job opportunities in Brooklyn. This week, our fair borough is in dire need of line cooks, food lovers, graphic artists and more. Answer the call, serve your borough — and get money for that end of month rent check. (more…)

07/28/15 7:40am

There’s big trouble on the horizon, but your old pal Jack Burton is here to take care of it

It’s Tuesday, which is fine, we guess. Certainly it means that if you’re just learning about Montero’s going away soon, at least that dread isn’t combined with Monday’s existential dread. Other than that? Eh, not a huge difference between today and Monday. Except of course that the Brokelyn Event Calendar has new and different fun things for you to do tonight, different things than last night. (more…)

11/07/13 8:36am

No one can tell you that you ain’t cultured after you’ve been to the opera. Photo via LoftOpera, by Athena Azevedo

1. You’d think a “cheese speakeasy” is something that happens when vegans take over and make all animal-based food products illegal, but it’s actually just people hanging in a bar, drinking craft beer and eating good cheese (Friday)

2. Buy some art to benefit to the ASPCA. Or have you learned nothing from those Sarah McLachlan commercials? (Friday)

3. Meet other queer folks in a no-pressure but loud environment at “Select All: A Queer Mixer” (Friday)

4. See Tropicalia, a documentary about the birth of the Brazilian art form that eventually helped birth the Beck song, “Tropicalia” (Friday) (more…)

08/27/13 1:16pm
Emily Elsen, of Four & Twenty Blackbirds, will talk about pie, and you can eat pie. Win/win. via Facebook

Emily Elsen, of Four & Twenty Blackbirds, will talk about pie, and you can eat pie. Win/win. via Facebook

As Mr. Show, the cronut and the ramen burger have taught us, there’s nothing people who like food like more than combining foods. The people who run Greenlight Books are no fools, so they’re combining food with books this fall in an orgy of delicious reading that fortunately doesn’t actually involve eating paper from books. But they are hosting a slew of food-based events by partnering up with chefs at Smorgasburg, starting a cookbook club with discounted cookbooks and a series of readings at the store from chefs discussing their cookbooks and handing out samples of food. Looks like you’ll be paying a lot less to eat this fall. (more…)