07/22/16 12:10pm
5 slices, 5 boroughs, zero cars: Eat pizza across NYC to raise money for Transportation Alternatives

Cut across the city on your bike, for pizza and charity. Photo via @mikeyrx on Instagram

If you love to eat pizza, explore NYC without a car, and get competitive in the name of a good cause, here’s an adventure for you: the 5 Boro Pizza Challenge. Described as “like competitive eating had a baby with the Amazing Race,” the all-day event, held July 30, entails traveling via train, foot, bike, or ferry — the only restriction is you can’t commute by car — to eat a slice of pizza in all five boroughs. It’s a way to both eat well and be active—which, really, should be the goal of any healthy New York weekend.

And while it sounds like a fun, slightly absurd way to spend a Saturday, it’s in support of a cause relevant to every New Yorkers’ interests: a fundraiser for Transportation Alternatives, the nonprofit dedicated to making it easier to get around this city by improving bike, pedestrian and public transit, in the pursuit of car-free living in NYC.

“My wife and I both bike to work, and we have a two year old son,” organizer Joe Cutrufo told Brokelyn. “We want him to grow up in a city where it’s safe to cross the street and ride a bike.” Can’t argue with that. (more…)

06/17/16 8:00am
Meet Greg Hanson, founder of Pizzafest, a music fest by and for people who reeeally love pizza

Greg Hanson, the “Big Cheese” at King Pizza Records, at the first Pizzafest two years ago. Via Facebook.

There are pizza parties, and then there’s Pizzafest. To celebrate a triple tape release (yes, cassette tapes are coming back) for Coach N Commando, LUMPS and Heavy Flow, King Pizza Records is throwing its third annual Pizzafest next weekend: a festival full of rock n roll, cheap beer, and of course, a ton of pizza.

We chatted with King Pizza Records’ founder Greg Hanson to find out more details about the fest, his favorite pizza places, and more importantly, what exactly “pizzafisting is.” The record label and festival started as places for punky, grungy and garagey musical outcasts who didn’t feel “comfortable” trying to get in on other scenes so started their own, Hanson said. Highlights of the fest include pizza temporary tattoos, a sleeve-cutting station to get you ready for summer, pizza caricatures, custom artwork on display, Sixpoint beer and enough pizza that “you won’t leave searching for more slices.” For a full list of bands, and to purchase tickets, you can check out the event’s Facebook page; all the shows are $10 and under. (more…)

01/15/16 1:09pm
Via Flickr user Muhajir Sayer.

Throw up the V for values. Via Flickr user Muhajir Sayer.

Ted Cruz has problems with New York values! He thinks the city is “socially liberal, pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage” which isn’t true for the entire city of course, it’s just that everyone here has better things to do than be intolerant. He also says we’re obsessed with the media, which is true, because that’s how you read things, and money, which no one else in the country obsesses about.

But Ted Cruz?? You got a problem with New York City values?? Cruzin’ for a bruizin’ is what they’ll call you in New York. Well I’ll tell ya we got some of the best values in the country. Cram these New York City values in your caucus hole:  (more…)

10/07/15 11:48am
Be surrounded by pizza, for a good cause. via Facebook

Be surrounded by pizza, for a good cause. Photo by Michael Berman Photography, via Facebook

Pizza! It’s a wonderful invention, and one that can be appreciated by pretty much everyone in this city, from committed carnivores to value-obsessed vegans. If there’s any problem with pizza, it’s that real quality stuff usually costs more than a dollar. For one night only, tonight in fact, you can get the best pizza in the city for just $1 per slice, because it’s time for Slice Out Hunger’s annual $1 slice night. You eat pizza, the money goes to charity, everyone goes home happy and not hungry. (more…)

10/05/15 11:27am
This guy knows pizza. via Scott's Pizza Tours

This guy knows pizza. via Scott’s Pizza Tours

Most people who live here will tell you they love pizza, some will even say that they’re obsessed with it. Few have devoted their lives to it the way that Scott Wiener has, though. Beyond leading his eponymous pizza tours, the pizza obsessive has made an entire career and life revolving around pizza, from having a column in Pizza Today to consulting for pizzerias and tomato companies on marketing matters. Wiener is also the brains behind Slice Out Hunger (taking place October 7), the now annual charity event where the best pizzerias in the city sell their slices for just $1, with all the money raised going towards City Harvest. We chatted with Wiener about the evolution of Slice Out Hunger, how you can make your life’s obsession your life’s work and even got him to play Pizzstradamus and predict what the future holds for pizza in New York. (more…)

08/18/15 9:43am
Finally, a place to go where a pizza face is honored and respected.

Finally, a place to go where a pizza face is honored and respected.

It’s another dang Tuesday, but at least it’s Tuesday in the summer. On a Tuesday in the summer, you can get outside and enjoy things, as opposed to any upcoming Tuesdays in October and November, where if it’s warm enough to enjoy anything outside you have to worry about this finally being the day it’s so hot worldwide the ice caps finish melting and the angry ocean swallows you. So! Here’s some fun things to do, found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar. Get out there and enjoy one. (more…)

08/17/15 10:59am

You can see why they call her the Maine Attraction [photo by Joe Carabeo]

You can see why they call her the Maine Attraction [photo by Joe Carabeo]

1. Start your week off sexy with a new monthly cabaret at C’mon Everybody, featuring sultry burlesquing from the Maine Attraction, Gal Friday, Voodoo Onyx, and Storm & Jerome, hosted by famed drag king Murray Hill. (Monday, FREE)

2. Or start it off science-y, by taking a Microbe Safari at the Brooklyn Brainery, where you’ll learn about the 100 trillion bacterial cells you’re inadvertently hosting (not recommended for hypochondriacs). (Monday, $10)

3. Heal thyself at Harriet’s Apothecary Freedom Schoolan intentional space where you can explore alternative healing and wellness strategies. Part of MoCADA’s Soul of Bk Festival, an annual exploration of art & culture in Brooklyn’s African diaspora. (Tuesday, FREE) (more…)

08/12/15 9:47am
Screenshot 2015-08-11 at 4.50.48 PM

Franny’s has the name and the wait, but should it be where you go for pizza and romance? Photos by Natasia Langfelder

As a born and bred Brooklyn girl, there’s nothing I love more than a cheesy slice of pizza. However, my fiancé can kind of take it or leave it. I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but lately fancy pizza ‘ristorantes’ have been popping up everywhere, especially in Prospect Heights. In an effort to turn her into a pizza lover, I decided to drag her around the neighborhood to find the perfect pizzeria for a romantic date night. Now, I love a classic slice but if there’s no vino and candlelight, then there’s no way it can be date night. Read on to find out which Prospect Heights pizza spot should host your next date! (more…)

06/09/15 3:21pm
joe's pizza

Will you eat at Joe’s? via Flickr user Adam Kuban

Hey, you know the old saying, “When it rains pizza news, it pours pizza news”? That phrase is as true as a trusty compass, because hot on the heels of Pizza Moto’s move into Red Hook and Artichoke’s planned expansion into Park Slope, comes the news from Eater that beloved Greenwich Village slice spot Joe’s Pizza is opening a new location in Williamsburg(more…)

06/04/15 2:29pm
pizza moto

Soon to have a home of its own. via Facebook

Have you been to Berg’n lately and noticed that Pizza Moto used to be there but now it isn’t there? Don’t worry, they weren’t Raptured. Or maybe in a sense, they were, because the mobile pizza favorite of Smorgasburg and then Berg’n has found themselves a brick-and-mortar location in Red Hook that’s opening in September, according to DNA Info. Right, that’s what pizza heaven is, a place you can plant your pizza flag? (more…)