Last week, we alerted you to the pissed off residents of a Park Slope block haunted by a mysterious person or persons dumping shit, piss and used feminine hygiene products all over the block. With police claiming they couldn’t do anything about it, we figured that was the end of the story, but then one of the residents on 17th Street and 6th Avenue reached out to us to let us know that it was widely known around the neighborhood who was engaging in this disgusting act. This anonymous resident shared a video with us that you can see above, a video he claims captured the neighborhood poop bandits who he referred to as “Stan” and “Nancy,” in the act. (more…)

A desperate solution, but a solution nonetheless. via Flickr user Kennedy Library

A desperate solution, but a solution nonetheless. via Flickr user Kennedy Library

It’s pretty well-established in most of Brooklyn: pee and poop go in the toilet. A diaper is also acceptable, but that diaper goes in the trash. We all agree on that. Except for someone in Park Slope, who’s leaving piss and shit up and down 17th Street, leaving residents of the block with the job of having to clean it all up. Those public bathrooms for dogs are looking more and more reasonable by the day. (more…)

08/22/14 10:48am
301 cumberland street

The first, obvious suspect. Photoshop via

What’s the biggest problem you have with your neighbors? Do they play their music too loud? Always holding “dance in clogs” parties above you? Well, be happy that’s the worst thing you’ve got going on, because according to a tip given to Brownstoner, some joker is sending garbage bags full of piss down the garbage chute of a Fort Greene building. We have our own suspect, but right now police and building management are baffled. (more…)