02/24/14 7:00am

How did it come to pass you became a foot soldier in the sriracha revolution? Find out at Littlefield. via Teepublic

1. Saw Her Stand-Up There is giving a night to dudes, so we can finally hear some jokes from guys in the female-dominated world of standup comedy (Monday)

2. See who in Brooklyn can make the best bloody mary, but mostly get drunk and eat spicy food at the Bloody Mary Mixdown at Beast of Bourbon (Monday)

3. Halyards is turning three, and to celebrate, they’re giving out free beer. Please note it’s not appropriate to give a three-year-old human free beer on her birthday (Tuesday) (more…)

02/21/14 9:13am
lisa's choice awards

Get that certificate you’ve always wanted for not drunk texting your ex over the weekend. Photo by Philip Buehler

Awards, awards, awards. Always going to the same famous, beautiful rich people for doing their famous, rich people things. Isn’t it about time us shlocky normal folks got rewarded for the everyday victories we feel good about, like DDing for that party that time, or actually moderating ourselves to a reasonable four beers last Thursday? Well, apparently, now we can. At the Lisa’s Choice Awards, hosted by artist/comedian/self-proclaimed psychotherapist Lisa Levy at Pine Box Rock Shop next Friday, everyone can get an award for the achievement of their choice. At least, anyone who wants one can. (more…)

01/16/14 8:00am
An interview with NY1's Pat Kiernan at Late Night Basement

An interview with NY1′s Pat Kiernan at Late Night Basement

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1. Get lucky at Poker Night at Branded Saloon. [Friday]

2. Repent, repent for all the live music you haven’t been seeing and check out Pixies cover band The Shitty Pixies play the Rock Shop. [Friday]

3. Hear from the creators of web series High Maintenance at Late Night Basement at Pine Box Rock Shop, a Brokelyn-sponsored event. [Friday]

4. Attend a monthly workshop for Black Female Tech Start-up Entrepreneurs at Launchpad, hosted by Founders of Beau Exchange, with food catered by Breukelen Coffeehouse. [Saturday]

5. Learn to knit for free at Come Get Stitchy With Us at Brooklyn Craft Company in Greenpoint. [Saturday]

6. Go see Brooklyn-based duo Isle of Rhodes play at Spike Hill Bar. [Saturday]

7. Celebrate David Bowie’s birthday at Feeling Gloomy’s Cheer Up, Bowie dance party at Grand Victory. [Saturday]

8. Read a story you’ve completed or a work-in-progress, throw back $6 beer-and-a-shot specials like a real writer for Literate Sunday at The Plank Bar. [Sunday]

9. Eat $1 oysters from Fishers Island, then learn about the history of NYC’s oysters at a talk by the Center for Investigative Research at The Diamond Bar. [Sunday]

10. See alt-country group The Nightmares of Nashville, plus Michaela Anne, Omega, Sirius Moon and Grundel Thunder at the Paper Box. [Sunday]

11. Practice figure drawing to a live model at at Macri Park Bar’s weekly Drink and Draw . [Sunday]

12/16/13 8:38am
high fidelity john cusack

If you spend your time doing this, then blanksXmas is for you

1. Mad annotators Rap Genius are branching out into news with News Genius, and to introduce it, they’re sponsoring a free trivia event where the winner gets their bar tab covered in full (Monday)

2. If you’ve got some jokes you want to work out, head to Gowanus, where you can get five minutes for jokes for free at Sparky’s open mic (Monday)

3. Get a view of some remote villages in Kenya, and a disappearing way of life, without having to buy a really expensive plane ticket at a screening of The Last Safari (Monday) (more…)

11/18/13 9:00am
bluto animal house

“I’m telling you guys, it was the Germans who bombed Pear Harbor!” Bluto would have been perfect for “Bullshit History”

1. Spike Hill’s “Game Night” is celebrating two years of providing laughs and being more fun than a barrel of monkeys (the game and hypothetical idea of stuffing a barrel full of monkeys) (Monday)

2. Nitehawk’s Simpsons Club is showing the first half of the famous “Who Killed Mr. Burns?” two-parter. If you somehow still don’t know, you can try to play along with the mystery! (Monday)

3. Williamsburg bar The Exley is beginning their Twin Peaks screenings, the show that proves that yes, someone actually gave David Lynch money to make a network TV show. Plus, free doughnuts and David Lynch burlesque (Tuesday) (more…)

08/06/13 10:29am
It was Wilford something, right? Via Tutu's Instagram.

It was Wilford something, right? Via Tutu’s Instagram.

You’ve seen the ads at L Train stations. You have watched the moral ambiguity again and again on Netflix. You are ready to start the final episodes of Breaking Bad on Sunday … and you don’t have cable. But even if you have AMC, it’s more fun to watch your favorite TV shows with an audience and themed drinks. Luckily for you, lots of bars are giving you the chance to watch Walter White’s swan song, for free. Here is your official Brokelyn Breaking Bad Breakdown viewing (and drinking) guide. Remember no matter where you are the show premiers at 9pm. (more…)

07/11/13 8:00am
Here's a cheap trick: see Cheap Trick for free at Coney Island. Photo by Kim Gisborne, via Facebook

Here’s a cheap trick: see Cheap Trick for free at Coney Island. Photo by Kim Gisborne, via Facebook

1. You don’t have to go all the way to Sundance for the short films there:  you can see them on a rooftop in Sunset Park (Friday)

2. Ooh, fun, an outdoor cartoon festival at Brooklyn Launchpad. Everyone loves cartoons! (Friday)

3. Cheap Trick is playing for free in Coney Island. Surrender, surrender to the idea of a good time (Friday)

4. A free screening of Blade Runner in Bushwick means that you can see things people wouldn’t believe (Friday)  (more…)

07/08/13 8:00am
What are you going to do with these people? Via Flickr's Robotpolisher.

What are you going to do with these people? Via Flickr’s Robotpolisher.

‘Tis the season for jorts, drunkenly re-installing a window unit (advice: no) and — eep — parent visits. Assuming your M &/or D have a few New York trips under his or her belt, it’s time to mix it up from the Met-High Line-Grimaldi’s trifecta. Continue to impress your parents or at least give them reason to act impressed by taking any of our suggestions come their next pilgrimage. Make them proud by showing off your savvy, budget-conscious tour of the city, and maybe you’ll impress them enough they’ll buy you a real meal in a sit-down restaurant for once. (more…)

06/13/13 9:05am
No need for violence, the movie's free. via Facebook

No need for violence, the movie’s free. via Facebook

1. Check out a play at the Irondale Ensemble in which the author claims that everything in life he needs to know he learned from zombies. Hopefully not full of diet tips (Friday)

2. Or watch some animated shorts at Videology and drink $3 Sixpoint beers. Don’t worry, it’s normal to see pink cartoon elephants in this case (Friday)

3. Use our badgeless Northside guide to get all the free music you can shake a stick at. And then put down the stick, it’s disconcerting (Friday – Sunday) (more…)

05/09/13 8:28am
Get on your bike and ride. Photo by Dimitry Gudkov

Get on your bike and ride. Photo by Dimitry Gudkov

1. It’s Greenpoint Gallery Night, so check out all the art they’ve been making up there. Or just wait until you see it on Girls (Friday)

2. In order to prove that Bushwick does in fact, rock, Brooklyn Fireproof invites you to their concert series, Bushwick Rock City (Friday)

3. Nerds + party = AWESOME, or at least that’s what the promo materials for Attack of the Party Nerds claim. But a bunch of nerds probably wrote them (Friday)

4. Punk rock karaoke will allow you to live out your dream of being Johnny Thunders, but without the crippling heroin addiction. But really, where’s the fun in that? (Friday) (more…)