pie corps


Take a stroll down Driggs Avenue — past McGuiness Boulevard and the entrance of McGolrick Park — and you’ll find an unassuming storefront under a chocolate brown awning. Its name, Pie Corps, is emblazoned in white; its windows provide a glimpse into a sweet and savory world beloved by neighborhood foodies since its debut in 2012.

As it turns out, Pie Corps’s is a story that nearly didn’t happen. “I had been a chef for 30 years before opening the shop,” says Cheryl Perry, who co-founded the bakery alongside Felipa Lopez, an acupuncturist who brings a medicinal philosophy to the company’s culinary approach. “I’d had a restaurant in Manhattan, and when we closed, I swore I’d never open another business. But there was something about pie. I was intrigued by the sweet and savory possibilities, and the idea of using fresh, local ingredients. Pie is sculptural. It’s something you build, and I like that. That’s where Pie Corps started.” (more…)

Alison Pels at Pels pies

Alison at Pels Pie Co. Awww…

Nothing makes the olds around here happier than seeing members of the Brokelyn Alumni Club go on to bigger and other things. Longtime readers may remember Alison Pels’ seminal work on freeloading at museums and her bravery and fortitude in hydrant-testing drugstore makeup with the other Broketown Ladies. She is also the journalistic powerhouse behind the definitive investigation into whether Dr. Bronner’s really has 18 uses. (Spoiler alert: maybe.) Now she’s plying her smarts on pastry dough with Pels Pie Co. (446 Rogers Avenue), her pie shop, bar and coffee house opening today in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens with all kinds of merriment, then open daily from 7 to 10. Stop by, but don’t do any of these things! Mean time, here’s more on how Alison rose from the ranks of the doughless and achieved what 1 in 3 Brooklynites only say they’re going to do:  (more…)

11/12/10 11:19am


7pm: put on your best specs for nerd nite trivia + presentations about bed bugs (ew!), laser weapons (p-chew! p-chew!) and dinosaurs (roar!) galapagos, $10-14.

8pm (thru 11/14): the band of puppets fest has artists pay tribute to david bowie with live ’80s-style music videos. bushwick starr, $12. (more…)

10/14/10 8:25am

The Shadow Monster, Saturday, Oct. 16

This weekend you can see lightning-strike victims, a corpse dumping ground, a half-naked Bushwickian and a battle for water rights in Michigan all in the same place. It’s the Red Hook International Film and Video Festival we’re talking about, a two-day showcase of shorts and features, Brooklyn-centric documentaries, fiction and experimental films hosted by Red Hook’s Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition. Best yet, it’s all free, and that includes the popcorn and Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie. (more…)