bush terminal park

Hooray, a park. via the NYC Economic Development Corporation

In the making for over a decade, the planned Bush Terminal Piers Park in Sunset Park is finally here after years of heavy-duty clean-up and plenty of delays, according to DNAinfo.

The brand new Bush Terminal Piers Park opened yesterday, bringing with it a pair of multi-purpose soccer and baseball fields, and even a nature preserve, all stretching from 43rd (where the entrance is) to 51st street along the waterfront in a neighborhood that sorely needed more space to run around with your arms over your head while screaming “I’m in a park!” (more…)

03/19/14 4:01pm

Can’t you see yourself enjoying the sunshine there? via The New York City Economic Development Corporation

Downtown Brooklyn, as we all know, has already been cursed as “the next Midtown.” It looks like that prophecy is coming true with an influx of JP Morgan finance bros on the horizon. Plus, people are calling it “DoBro,” which…let’s please not. So, is there any good news for Downtown Brooklyn? Well, here are some renderings of a nice park it’s gonna get, so there’s that. (more…)

03/04/14 10:21am
PRESENT Architecture - Green Loop

Sure our park is on a floating island of garbage, but it’s a park! via PRESENT Architecture

The future is impossible to know, what with all of our promised flying cars and jetpacks not even close to being made. Nor do they seem like a good idea. That doesn’t mean we still can’t turn to fanciful sci-fi ideas to solve our problems, like the proposal from architecture firm PRESENT that New York solve its garbage problem by making giant floating compost island piers with parks on top of them. As if we’re suddenly better than the old fashioned way of just sending it to be buried in Pennsylvania. (more…)

11/12/13 9:53am
Brooklyn bridge park pier 3

Hooray, more park! Photo by Douglas Dillman, via Brooklyn Bridge Park Facebook

Brooklyn Bridge Park, with its great views, expansive lawn, and great movies and dance parties was already awesome enough, so it’s easy to forget that it’s still a park under construction. But on Saturday, the park will take another step to its ultimate form when the Pier 3 and Pier 4 uplands areas of the park are officially opened to the public. And there’s a party to celebrate that, because everyone loves a park. (more…)

03/07/12 2:12pm

Your boss won't mind. Because the world's probably ending anyway.

Happy spring! Or whatever this is! Our fear of what this surely ominous early onset of warmth means is only offset by our disappointment that our favorite outdoor bars won’t even be open for at least another month. So until then, the obvious solution is to grab your machine and take advantage of the city’s parks that are newly enabled with free wifi: Herbert Von King Park, McCarren, Brooklyn Bridge Park and Prospect Park (by the Picnic House) and Fort Greene Park. Even if you’re working in the city, you can play too. Picnic work meeting, anyone?

06/17/11 3:16pm

A happy Erie Basin Parkgoer. Photo by Timothy Krause.

For no reason in particular, it’s double-shot-of-Ikea Friday! Even if tonight’s lingonberry meatballs aren’t your thing, you have all summer and beyond to explore Ikea’s adjacent Erie Basin Park, as it’s officially called, one of the most underutilized outdoor spaces in Brooklyn. We discovered it recently, and now no trip for particleboard shelves is complete without at least an hour lolling amid the reedy something-or-other grasses or taking a round-trip cruise on the (hello! free on weekends!) Ikea water taxi. (more…)

06/28/10 3:41pm
Photo by Joshua Bousel.

Photo by Joshua Bousel.

We can all picture it: the Fourth of July get-together, kids playing in a grassy backyard, meat on the barbie, beers* in hand… You may not think Brooklyn’s built for this Independence Day ideal, but it is. With this annual grilling-pinnacle-of-a-weekend coming up, it’s a good time to remember our borough’s great parks—and their many designated barbecuing areas. These nearly 20 spots over seven Brooklyn parks aren’t just patches of dirt—they’ve got full-blown charcoal grills ripe for the claiming. (more…)

04/22/10 9:50am
NYC Public Ultimate League

NYC Public Ultimate League

The warm weather seems here to stay, and we’re itching to cure one serious case of spring fever. A winter in the gym gets the heart pumping and all, but there’s nothing like getting out there, letting loose and playing some good-old, adrenaline-filled, sweat-flying-off-your-brow sports. Luckily, Brooklyn’s pretty well set-up for this sort of thing, with great parks and spaces, and plenty of amateur leagues to bring everyone together. So whether you’re one for some pick-up hoops, or if organized cricket’s more your cup of tea, here’s how to get out and play. (more…)