06/02/16 1:57pm
House of Yes. Credit: Peter Dressel

House of yaaaas. Credit: Peter Dressel

We’ve all at some point, against our better judgment, used bar bathrooms. Typically, they’re nothing to write home about. Occasionally they’re so bad they’re worth writing pages about—you can turn to many blogs and newspapers boasting that they’ve found the worst bathrooms around. But bad bathrooms aren’t much fun to spend time in.

Good bathrooms, on the other hand, are glorious places to spend your time. They offer safe haven from bad dates, a means of sneaking SOS texts to a friend, or just a cool spot to pee and read entertaining bathroom scrawl. We don’t want you to have to go through the bad bathrooms to find the good, so we’ve selected some of the coolest, nicest, or most interesting bar bathrooms in the borough. If you don’t see your favorite bathroom in here, feel free to point me towards it in the comments section; I’m always looking for other cool places to drink alcohol and pee, though not at the same time.

In the meantime, hey, here are the seven best bar bathrooms in Brooklyn.  (more…)

05/06/16 12:00pm
Sunshine Gun Club is actually a four piece. I was told this photo was cropped due to a "drummer situation." I'm pretty sure that means he got murdered by Teletubbies.

Sunshine Gun Club is actually a four piece. I was told this photo was cropped due to a “drummer situation.” I’m pretty sure that means he got murdered by Teletubbies.

If you’ve been in New York City for a couple of years, you’ve probably heard someone talk about how things have changed. You’ve probably noticed it yourself: rent goes up, places close, people move away. Nowhere are these changes more apparent than in Brooklyn’s DIY music scene: bands get together, bands break up, venues close. But then new venues open, and new bands form: bands like Bushwick’s Sunshine Gun Club, whose new album Heaven is out today via Weiner Records.

It’s being released on both cassette tape and digital download, which is pretty cool. I got to talk with Dan Walker, singer, songwriter and mastermind of the skuzzy, melodic punk rock quartet. Sunshine Gun Club is recommended for fans of lo-fi, DIY and deranged Teletubbies on a drug-induced murder rampage— read to the end to make sense of that last one. (more…)

03/30/16 9:26am
South Williamsburg's BETS creates dreamy pop music with an all-female band.

BETS creates dreamy pop music with an all-female band.

BETS is an ethereal, dreamy pop artist whose all female, South Williamsburg-based band will make you dance and dream at the same time. Her song “Jenny,” about a Parisian girl with whom she had a passionate fling, was covered on Noisey and Culture Collide. She doesn’t just do sexy, flirty love songs, though: the latest BETS song, “Free Tonight,” has this rad video dedicated to “prisoners of conscience, human rights activists, and other people who have been detained or exiled because of their beliefs or affiliations.” For this week’s Musicians Talk Making It, she tells us about not letting a good idea slip by you and how to get your music around the world without being signed.  (more…)

02/11/16 8:18am
Baby Soda Jazz Band is going to rock the Bootlegger's Tea Party (#)

Baby Soda Jazz Band is going to rock the Bootlegger’s Tea Party (#7)

1. No matter your feelings on the loviest holiday, we can all agree: your ex was the worst. Head to Syndicated for an Erase Your Ex Double-Feature of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. (Friday & Saturday, Syndicated, $5)

2. Get fit while finding—or rejecting!—love at Just Friends: The Chillest Valentine’s at a climbing gym, with live music, chocolates, and tandem climbing routes. (Friday, Brooklyn Boulders, $22)

3. Turn the love outward at the Bushwick Love Party, a charity fundraiser and kickin’ dance party with DJ sets by Chew-Fu, DJ Pony, and ILLspokinn. Proceeds go, via the 108 Lives Project, to earthquake sufferers in Phulping, Nepal. (Friday, Fine & Raw, $15) (more…)

01/27/16 8:00am
Photo by Andrew Piccone Photography

Photo by Andrew Piccone Photography

It’s our second installment of Musicians Talk Making It, where we sit down with a local Brooklyn musician to talk about how they found some traction in the local scene. It’s where we tap someone who’s had some success to share advice on getting started, tips for saving dough, borrowing equipment and triple cheese pizza. This week we talk with Bushwick-based Katie Capri vocalist/ guitarist of Fern Mayo, recommended for fans of 90’s indie pop, riot grrrl, and classic teen horror film Jawbreaker, from which they get their name. (Full disclosure: Capri also used to write occasionally for this very website, where she discovered pizza beer, so you know you can trust her taste.) (more…)

the passion of kim kardashian

Man, Bill Donohue is gonna be pissed. Then again, he always is. via ANIMAL

Given that her introduction to America was feigning shock, shock that her sex tape with Ray J was made public, Kim Kardashian has managed to do exceptionally well for herself. Even if you don’t have a reason to know who she is, you still somehow do, kind of like The Pope or the president or Osama bin Laden. So, taking things to their logical extreme, ANIMAL informs us that artist Hannah Kunkler now has an exhibit up in Bushwick that imagines Kim Kardashian as a god in various religious settings. (more…)