08/27/15 8:41am
These nice young men want to show you a rocking good time. via Facebook

These nice young men want to show you a rocking good time. via Facebook

Thursday is here and it’s time for you to partyyyyyy. Seriously though, get out there and have a good time, because you’ve worked for most of the week and for a few of those hours, you probably even put in an effort that went beyond merely going through the motions. So! Reward yourself by having a good time at one of these fun nights out found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar. (more…)

08/20/15 8:00am
Get some thrills tonight

Get some thrills tonight

Well, you did it. You made it to Thursday so you basically made it to the end of the week. My advice is to do all of today’s work AND all of Friday’s work, of which there probably isn’t that much. This way, you can go out tonight and enjoy one of these great things from the Brokelyn Event Calendar and then just pretend to work on Friday while you’re hungover. It’s like getting an extra day on your weekend! (more…)

08/05/15 4:24pm
You asked for it, America

You asked for it, America

Whether you think it’s a mass hallucination, a divine punishment for the sins of our modern ways of life or a an elaborate version of Punk’d that Ashton Kutcher is unleashing on us, the seemingly endless 2016 Presidential race (kind of) kicks into medium-gear tomorrow night with the long-awaited Fox News Republican primary debate.

Ten Republican candidates will take the stage in Cleveland, Ohio and nine will wave their arms in an attempt to take attention away from the main reason people will be watching: wondering what Donald Trump will say or do. A nine-person and one short-fingered vulgarian debate just goes better with alcohol, so hit one of these two Brooklyn bars showing the debate tomorrow at 9pm. Be sure to drink anytime anyone says anything. (more…)

09/12/14 2:21pm
Books in the best borough! (via BBF Flickr)

Books in the best borough! (via BBF Flickr)

September bring crisp fall air, back to school, leaves on the ground, and the Brooklyn Book Festival! Marty Markowitz may be gone, and we might not get to see Tony Danza rap again, but this year’s festival looks like it’s going to kick ass. There are also a lot of cool bookend events going the week leading up to the festival. We combed through the long list of events and found the ones that we think you should go to. Check them out below. (more…)

08/11/14 11:36am
Channel everyone's hero for a night.

Channel everyone’s hero for a night.

1. Franklin Park Reading Series takes a look at indie lit with five inventive writers. (Monday)

2. Side Ponytail’s comedy lineup is a bit off center. (Monday)

3. Maybelle’s Cafe’s FaithFocusFlash photo gallery opening has free snacks and booze, and also photos. (Monday)

4. Muchmore’s Pizza Beach comedy hour will make you laugh so you don’t cry about how you’re neither at the beach nor in a pizzeria. (Monday) (more…)

03/19/14 1:18pm

Space: the final front-beer.

[UPDATE 7pm: looks like it’s going to be too cloudy to see it tonight, but you can still hang with astronomers at the bars from 10-12] It’s been pretty cool to see astronomical bad ass Neil deGrasse Tyson tooling around the universe every Sunday, bringing creationism-defying facts to the primetime masses on Cosmos. And while it would be cool to hop in that late-model TARDIS thing he’s flying in, you can do maybe the next best thing tonight and hang out with some of his fellow astronomers at a bar late tonight for a super rare “star wink” event.

Star experts from the American Museum of Natural History will be posted up at two Brooklyn bars to help you you watch a once-in-a-lifetime asteroid blackout passing right over the city around 2 a.m. That’s right: you can tell people you got blackout drunk with astronomers, and did some science too. Check out which Brooklyn bars are hosting the event tonight below. (more…)

02/07/13 7:00am
What can we say, people love ginger whiskey. via Facebook

What can we say, people love ginger whiskey. via Facebook

1. Start the weekend off with the right kind of decadence: a champagne tasting (Friday)

2. Take solace in your loneliness with stories about other people’s terrible dates, at the Ex-Files (Friday)

3. A candy-themed party promising sensory seduction. On a Friday night. The week before Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget the birth control, kids! (Friday)

4. Crazy $ince Da 90$ is a dance party open to everyone, even if you’ve been unbalanced since the early 80s (Friday) (more…)

01/29/13 11:15am
They're calling it the Harbauwl this year. True story

They’re calling it the Harbauwl this year. True story

The problem with throwing a Super Bowl party in Brooklyn apartments is one of simple logistics: it requires space you don’t have. Even if your Bushwick loft does have the capacity to host a couple dozen drunks and a fifteen-foot hoagie, chances are you and your nine roommates haven’t gone in for basic cable, and maybe even a couple of them loathe sports and the average loud, loyal football fan. You’ve already shelled out to learn about football, so what do you do to keep your investment from being a waste? As with so many Brooklyn conundrums, where-to-watch-the-Super-Bowl is a question best answered with a trip to the bar. Here’s a list of spots showing the Big Game. (more…)

12/21/12 9:00am


Flickr photo via beau-dog.

They don’t have this in July. Flickr photo via beau-dog.

Summer in the city gets a lot more love than winter, some of it deserved, some not. Winter doesn’t have the free concerts, Shakespeare in the Park, and the general opportunity to make any event fun by the addition of the word “outside.” But summer doesn’t have snow, when the city becomes oddly, deliciously quiet and the only sounds are millions of people gradually unclenching knotted shoulders. There’s a better world out there than the one of winter boyfriends. Some suggestions on how to enjoy it:


07/24/12 7:45am

Just a couple of years ago, Matt Gross had the best job in the known universe. The New York Times sent him to pinch pennies the world over as its Frugal Traveler columnist. (OK, second best job after the “Really Expensive Traveler” gig.) Now he’s cashed in his drachmas for diaper duty, and lives in Boerum Hill with his wife Jean and daughter Sasha, blogging at DadWagon and hosting fatherhood-themed readings once a month at  Pacific Standard. There’s one tomorrow night, where you can find out what literary breeders get up to while their wives are up to no good. But first, some cheapskate tips from the dudes of DadWagon: (more…)