02/23/17 2:15pm
This Sunday is the 89th tiny gold men reunion. Photo via Wikipedia

This Sunday is the 89th tiny gold men reunion. Photo via Wikipedia

This Sunday, celebrities will come together to cry, make political statements, wear sparkly gowns and bestow upon each other tiny golden men. It’s the 89th Academy Awards, and whether or not you’ve seen La La Land or don’t even have the attention span to get through anything but a Disney film, lots of venues are making a night of it across the borough so go out and watch if for nothing but the booze and so you can sound cultured at work in the morning.

Here’s where we’re deciding between to spend our Sunday night. (more…)

02/26/16 12:59pm
Made in NY is trying to ensure the Oscars aren't so white in the future.

Made in NY is trying to ensure the Oscars aren’t so white in the future.

This Sunday is the Oscars, a great time to celebrate cinema, talk about diversity in media and watch the most gorgeously dressed formalized reach-around in modern society. While others are complaining about the diversity issue or calling for a boycott, there’s one Oscar party in town that’s actually seeking to fix the problem of #OscarsSoWhite. Dylan Marron — the creator of the web series Every Single Word, which makes supercuts of  the often-sparse dialog spoken by characters of color in movies — is hosting an Oscars screening party Sunday to raise money for a local charity that helps low-income New Yorkers get involved in the film industry. It’s a joke-along, live commentary style event featuring some of our favorite people, including Sean Rameswaram of WNYC and Broad City writer Naomi Ekperigin. The event came together in just a few weeks in response to the lack of diversity in the nominations, Marron tells Brokelyn.

“The day the Oscar nominations came out, I felt furious,” he said. “We don’t have to boycott he Oscars, we can watch them and help raise money for a cause that will hep make sure Oscars won’t be so white for so long.”  (more…)

01/20/16 12:04pm
This wistful gaze isn't taking home any awards. via Youtube

This wistful gaze isn’t taking home any awards. via Youtube

The air is abuzz with the recently-announced nominees for the 2016 Oscars — and dubious voter demographics aside, we were all excited to see Brooklyn nominated for best picture. With its deft visual storytelling, impressive performances by starring and supporting actors, and a reasonable dose of borough nostalgia (not to mention depiction of a preferable dating scene for some), the movie doesn’t leave much to be desired by its audiences. But recently, we caught wind of another Brooklyn movie on the indie circuit that quietly made it to the big screen in 2015.

It’s called Brooklyn Bizarre, and it tells the story of an errant French teenager who somehow ends up in BK (without any clothes on) and lands a gig working alongside other Luhrmann-esque misfits at Bushwick’s very own Bizarre Bar. At first description, it sounds pretty raw and exciting; the DVD cover shows two women washing an innocent young man’s body in the shower. Could this be the award-worthy tribute to Brooklyn’s gritty underbelly that we’ve missing? (more…)

02/20/15 9:34am

The crowds at these parties will be just as cool, don’t you worry

The Academy Awards are here again, which means it’s time to get all dolled up and watch with baited breath as Leonardo DiCaprio wins nothing. But what if you’re, ironically, a starving actor with no TV? Or if you’re just someone who needs someone to grab onto if things start getting too wild? Whether you have strong opinions about the nominees for Best Live Action Short Film, or if you have no idea what Selma‘s about, here are places to watch selfie history unfold. (more…)

02/25/13 9:48am
And the winner for Best Picture is...my bangs!

And the winner for Best Picture is…my bangs!

The Oscars! They happened! And if you don’t own a television and were too hungover committed to relaxation for the whole day to go anywhere and watch, all you had was a frequently confusing Twitter feed. And while following along during people’s 140 character outrage during the show is certainly one way to follow it, how can you be sure of which of Seth MacFarlane’s terrible gay panic, women be shoppin’ objects jokes was the worst without witnessing it yourself? Fortunately for you, you’ve got a couple days in which to do that, thanks to Hulu. (more…)

02/24/12 5:35pm

This guy again?

What we have to look forward to at this Sunday’s 84th annual Academy Awards on ABC at 7pm: skits of our host Billy Crystal plopped into War Horse and Moneyball, shots of Martin Scorsese raising his downy eyebrows and pretending to care about whatever is going on and, perhaps, an appearance by the Uggie, the best supporting canine of The Artist. Puppies aside, the Oscars are much more fun if you have a team to root for. So if you’ve been too broke to get to the movies for a while but you can still swing a ticket, why not treat yourself to a viewing? Also, if you’re not up to paying the full weekend prices, there’s no shame in waiting for the Tuesday $7 matinees. Here’s where you can still catch some of the nominees on Netflix and in theaters. (more…)

02/25/11 11:41am

Is it raining? Or does someone just have to pee?

This is the weekend when the movie industry re-reads its status messages and hits its own “like” button over and over again: The Oscars! If you fell behind on your screeners, it’s not be too late to catch up (or at least, prepare for 2011’s films). Brokelyn’s got you covered with a guide to nominees you can watch on Netflix, plus a roundup of matinee deals and cheapest theaters in Brooklyn, to get the big-theater experience without the big cost. If you really lurve movies, find out how to get close up on set as a movie extra. Or you can catch up on the classics with free bar movies all year long. And if all this doesn’t quite inspire you to brave the rains, remember: those free outdoor summer movies from last summer will be back this year, just a mere four months away!

02/24/11 1:16pm

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