02/15/13 1:17pm
Yes, even for online purchases. Via Bastiat Institute.

Yes, even for online purchases. Via Bastiat Institute.

Alright everyone, it’s time to grab your tea and dump it in the e-harbor, because according to Racked, the days of tax-free online shopping are over. Maybe. This past Thursday, lawmakers introduced The Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013, a bill that seeks to destroy our inalienable right to cheat the system while lounging in our underwear.


11/26/12 10:07am

Holiday shopping is scary. Your couch is safe.

If you’re already bored at work and planning to prolong the shopping bonanza weekend, here are some deals to help you blow your rent online today:

  • ASOS – 30% off site wide with code CYBERMONDAYSPECIAL
  • Wine.com – 20% select gifts
  • Dolce Vita – 25% off site-wide with code GOBBLEGOBBLE
  • 3rd Ward – 25% off site wide
  • PBS – 30% off everything (your mom loves Downton Abbey and still uses DVDs)
  • Fairway –  Our Fairway drowned, but you can buy online for 10% off today (more…)
09/17/12 8:00am

As a proud, mostly blind near-sighted person, I’ve put a lot of thought and money into how to make myself see properly. And, like clockwork, I’m set back $200-400 every three years for a new pair. This splurge is one many glasses wearers are all too familiar with – especially after my heavy Rx, stigmatism, and all the proper protective coatings (not to mention the cost of the appointment with the actual doctor). No matter how “classic” our glasses may seem at the time of purchase, they either go out of style, or everyone ends up with something similar (see: Ray Bans). But, alas, there is a Brokelyn alternative to those Bedford optical boutiques. And it seems like (ca-ching!) buying glasses online.

The range of online offerings varies from $99 pairs from Warby Parker (the Toms shoes of the face) to “free” specs sites that fill your browser with a million cookies. So, here’s your no holds barred Brokelyn guide to every price and (hopefully) every catch in the word of online glasses buying. (more…)

04/25/10 2:30pm
Picture 13

Normally $53, now $39.75.

I’ve been a little gun shy about posting sales because y’all are a tough crowd when it comes to deals, especially that gal who accused us of writing too often about “mink on sale.” But I’m willing to weather the slings and arrows with this one. Through Thursday, Dolce Vita, one of my favorite shoe-shopping sites, has 25 percent off all styles, some of which are crazy cheap to begin with (check out the “DV” line). Plus they’re offering free shipping and no tax. So these “Dori” flats, pictured, are just $39.75 delivery included, and they’re not even final sale. The site doesn’t say what they’re made of, so it’s probably “vegan leather” or some BS like that. There are lots of others but they cost more and you’re going to have to find them yourself because I don’t want to catch hell for writing about them. (But if you buy any of them, please feel free to confess in the comments!)

03/12/10 5:52pm

Picture 4I am a hypocrite. I didn’t start out that way, but Blippy, the latest oversharing service, has turned me into just that. As the editor of a social-media news site, social media evangelism—in all of its many incarnations—is my game. But there’s something about this new consumer voyeur service that makes me feel just a bit… icky. Blippy launched at the beginning of the year and the service lets users share their online purchases from merchants like iTunes, Netflix, Amazon and quite a few others. Blippy stores users’ credit card information; users can compare notes, retweet the info and spam the feeds of their so-called friends on Facebook. I had to see this thing, so I signed up. But it was a move I will most assuredly come to regret. (more…)