Ah, spring is in the air, the racial injustice is blooming in Florida and those Occupiers are coming out of hibernation with their banners and teach-ins flowering left and right. While things are heating up to near-pepper spray levels in the city, a more mellow sounding event is taking place in Fort Greene Park on Sunday. Occupy Town Squares — a series of mobile, daytime occupations held in parks and public spaces — will set up shop in the park from 11-7pm. They’re bringing a vague-sounding slate of info tables, teach-ins, trainings and political discussions, all designed to “recreate the spirit of occupation and reclaim our public commons … for the purposes of democratic engagement.” You can read the group’s full mission statement here. And if it’s boring, use the park’s new free wifi to check your Goldman Sachs stock.

Recycled Occupy Williamsburg image.

When we last heard from the crazy kids serious activists in Occupy Wall Street, they were holding their first General Assembly at Union Pool. Things have been quiet since then, but in an effort to get people excited about a May 1st General Strike, it’s time to party. A man named Jim Davis, who may or may not be the Jim Davis, dropped the following announcement in our tip jar: (more…)

12/27/11 11:25am

Kylie Minogue is the 1 percent.

Happy week where no one wants to do anything! As a cure for post-holiday blues, check out the latest installment of Girl Walk // All Day, the city spanning dance video set to the mashy remixes of Girl Talk’s All Day. In this eighth edition, Anne Marsen totes a bunch of bags from hoity toity stores down to Zuccotti Park to preen and shimmy in front of the protesters. Their reactions, as you might imagine, are not exactly welcoming. Via Gothamist, where you can also find episodes 1-7.

Occupy Wall Street has given our collapsing economy a lot of thought. Instead of getting ready for communism or weird corporate/autocratic rule, they’re planning for a future by looking to the past and dragging the barter system out of the shadows. OWS Sustainability and Evolver are hosting a Barter Bazaar and Skill Share on Sunday from 1pm to 9pm at City Life Wellness (75 Frost St. in Williamsburg), featuring workshops on everything from Guerilla Gardening to End Times Candle Making, a live demonstration of an energy bike and a holiday dinner. The organizers encourage everyone to bring their own items or skills to trade at the barter market, so you can finally foist your terrible CD full of acoustic Greenday covers off on someone that values it, in exchange for, let’s say, plumbing lessons. Workshop and vendor space is still available, so email owssustainability@gmail.com if you have ideas or goods to trade.

12/14/11 5:10pm

Hey, the Persons of the Year are at Union Pool! Photos by David Colon.

The first meeting of Occupy Williamsburg last night unfolded like a very civil Airing of Grievances, where anyone with an issue was given time to present an argument. It was more about the woes of gentrification than the evils of Wall Street: The range of issues discussed included the overarching purpose of Occupy Williamsburg, concrete goals like saving PS 19 — a school targeted to be turned into a charter school — and more abstract ideas like how to avoid the bar-and-consumption driven life of the typical Williamsburger. Optimism ran high, although one person, concerned about taking on real estate developers, warned, “be careful about whose toes you step on.” The calm discussion supported the idea that the Occupy movement could thrive in the world capital of Not Giving A Shit. But will they actually take action? (more…)

12/08/11 8:49am

Wait ... not that Williamsburg...

If you’ve been telling your friends that the one thing stopping you from occupying Wall Street was a fear of the L train stranding you in Manhattan, come Tuesday, you’ll need a new excuse. OWS has taken its show on the road since the dramatic raid by the 101st Bloomberg Airborne NYPD: after a stopover in East New York, the movement comes to the neighborhood that was into direct democracy before it went all mainstrean: Williamsburg. And, naturally, the neighborhood marches to its own drum (circle): the target isn’t banks; it’s condos. (more…)

11/21/11 12:14pm

For Ted Leo, NYPD are the brutalist dicks. Photo via Sarah Mulligan

This isn’t our normal fare, but you should know about it because A) it’s a benefit for the National Lawyers Guild, which is giving legal aid to protesters at Occupy Wall Street (pepper spray is not a vegetable!); B) these are two awesome musical acts that can drag even the most apathetic 99 percenter into the mosh pit of social indignation; and C) I have to miss it for work tonight and want to live vicariously through you. Jaunty, gritty Jersey rockers Titus Andronicus, sage punk journeyman Teddy Leo and the So So Glows will play Shea Stadium tonight: the $15 tickets are only available at Main Drag Music’s Bushwick Supply Store (268 Meserole St.) starting at noon. Only 200 tix are available, and none will be sold at the door, so get on it! (more…)

11/11/11 4:37pm

Drafted for Occupation

Does the idea of drinking the “King of Beers” make you want to pull out a copy of Common Sense? If so, the good people over at Sixpoint Brewing Company may be taking some of the pain(e) out of the plight of 99 percent. About a month ago, Sixpoint began providing protesters with fresh water from kegs cleaned at its Brooklyn facility. Now it seems like Sixpoint is upping the ante by releasing Occupation Ale, a floral and citrusy amber to wash down the bitter taste of social injustice. But Sixpoint’s president says the beer “is not necessarily honoring the people behind Occupy Wall Street.” So who’s it for then? (more…)

11/09/11 4:08pm

Mad as hell; gonna watch some movies.

When looking for movies that speak to the 99 percent you’ve got the obvious Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. But that film’s a bit blunt force (also it’s …meh). Or there’s Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A True Love Story, which is specific to our current sociopolitical plight. But for films to really get your proletariat blood boiling, I’ve compiled a list of more conventional entertainment for the masses that contain a Trojan horse of social consciousness, like how you wrap your dogs’ pills in cheese so they’ll take them. If you want to feel like you’re being politically active while remaining in the comfort of your own home, hit up your friend in the 1 percent with a digital projector and pick from the list. After that, you’ll understand why you might not be surprised to see Rowdy Roddy Piper or George Bailey at Zuccotti Park. (more…)

11/08/11 3:01pm

As ze poster says, Occupy Brooklyn is having another meeting tomorrow evening, this time at Brooklyn College. And that’s about all the info we have on that, but Patch reports the group is planning an Occupy Your Block weekend with sit-ins, direct action and other stuff in and around downtown this Saturday and Sunday from 10am-9pm. So, who’s going and wants to report back to Brokelyn on the haps? Perhaps another Occupy Grand Army Plaza is in the works too?

via I Love Franklin Ave, Patch.