08/21/13 9:13am
You can apply for this Bronx affordable housing online now

You can apply for this Bronx affordable housing online now

The scramble for New York’s small supply of affordable housing is hard enough, what with the scarcity and the fact that it’s handed out by lottery. What’s even worse is that there hasn’t been an easy, centralized place to save your information you’d be entering into every damn affordable housing application out there. Until now, that is, thanks to NYC Housing Connect. (more…)

06/12/12 7:00am

Richmond Place in Queens, one of the first options in the new lottery.

For waaaaaaaayyyy too long, New York City affordable housing lotteries have only been accessible using paper forms and snail mail. This meant individual repetitive applications for each development with no verification process. It also meant that anyone in Gen. Y was not going to bother applying. The New York Observer reports that the application process has been brought into the 21st century, meaning as of now you can apply for affordable housing ON THE INTERNET.

Currently, there are only two open lotteries are for buildings in East Harlem and Richmond Hill, Queens. The New York Times hasn’t done real estate features on these neighborhoods yet, but $785 for a studio?!?! Yes, please. (more…)