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Spread love, but also paint. Picture of Owen Dippie mural via Flickr user ithinkx

Yesterday you might have spent some time thinking about the passing of Biggie Smalls, seeing as how it was the 18th year since his death, meaning that unsolved murder is now old enough to go war but not old enough to buy cigarettes in New York. There’s no reason to dwell completely in the past though, baby baby, not when there’s cool efforts to celebrate Biggie’s life and work. We’re talking things like the struggle for a Christopher Wallace Way and now, a Biggie mural going up outside the Key Food on Fulton Avenue where he used to work, courtesy of Danielle Mastrion, the artist who put up a Beastie Boys mural on the Lower East Side last year. (more…)

03/07/14 11:49am
Ready to lobby

There’s only one way to remember him: With a party

1. Once again it’s time for Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction at Union Hall, the competition that determines ew gross Jesus what is wrong with you (Friday)

2. The Living Room Stand-Up Comedy Show is Brooklyn’s longest-running sketch and stand-up show, or so they say. Go check out how they’ve stuck around, since it is free after all (Friday)

3. You liked the first Exorcist, so you’ll have to love a free screening of The Exorcist III three times as much. That’s how it works with sequels, right? (Friday) (more…)

01/14/14 8:00am
notorious b.i.g.

Big Poppa is only one of Brooklyn’s hottest historical figures

To coincide with the book release of Historical Heartthrobs, by our own Kelly Murphy, she rounded up a few of Brooklyn’s own darlings who made a name for themselves in the 20th century and beyond. In the book, heartthrobs are chosen based on a broad range of attractive features—wit, charisma, hourglass figures, even just sheer power. But much like these Brooklyn babes, they all used that allure to shape history in some way, from the ciphers of hip-hop to the back rooms of the mob. Take a trip down memory lane with these (sexy) BK natives and learn a little bit about the figures who helped make our borough the cultural stomping ground it is today. (more…)

Ready to lobby

Ready to lobby

The government in Washington might be a broken, dysfunctional joke held hostage by right wing cranks, but here at home, our government just keeps humming along. Case in point: the campaign to name Fulton Street and St. James Place Christopher Wallace Way has picked up enough steam to get a hearing in front of Community Board 2 tonight. All filibusters must be a minimum of 16 bars tonight. (more…)

Oh sorry, are YOU widely seen as the best MC of all time? Didn't think so. via Facebook

Oh sorry, are YOU widely seen as the best MC of all time? Didn’t think so. via Facebook

Biggie Smalls was many things in life: mayoral candidate, rap slayer, hooker layer. He’s also STILL in the conversation as being the GOAT, despite the fact that it’s been 17 years since he’s released an album. Given that he’s an enormously successful Brooklyn icon known the world over, we fully support this petition calling on Community Board 2 and the City Council to rename  St. James Place and Fulton Street Christopher Wallace Way. (more…)

06/19/13 3:28pm
Oddly enough, this iconic ODB mural is not on the map. via Flickr user Hobo Matt

Oddly enough, this iconic ODB mural is not on the map. via Flickr user Hobo Matt

Brooklyn has a long and proud hip-hop tradition, everyone knows that. But aside from downloading buying Notorious B.I.G. albums and blasting them loudly, how can you pay the proper respects to the people who dominated the game so hard for so long? Well, you could always go by where they hung out and grew up and leave a little incense shrine. And now thanks to Fuse’s hip hop map of Brooklyn, that idea can be a reality. A ridiculous and strange reality. (more…)



How’s your life right now? Things good? Living large? Feel like life is all a dream? Do you perhaps, pop champagne when you’re thirsty? Well then let us tempt you with this hypnotizing offer: you can live in the very same apartment where Biggie Smalls grew up. And it’ll cost you less than a million dollars! We mean, it’s pretty close to a million, but…you’re not even listening anymore, are you? Already thinking about the parties, right? (more…)

12/22/11 12:59pm

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Picture 19

No wonder he's counting money—that sweater cost $390.

Depending on your perspective, you’re either chafing at the news that P. Diddy is throwing his first-ever Brooklyn party next Tuesday night—or you’re planning on crashing. reports that a Diddy-hosted tribute party for the Notorious B.I.G. will take place at The Lab, a Bed-Stuy club best known for gay parties on Friday nights. Apparently, as Diddy tells MTV News, it’s “a big deal” for a Harlemite to cross the bridge to these parts:

“I’m going to Brooklyn. It’s gonna be the first time I’m throwing a party in Brooklyn. I’m from Harlem. Everybody in Harlem knows you don’t usually go over the bridge to Brooklyn. It’s a big, big deal.”

Yeah, yeah. We’ve heard that before—from all our Manhattan friends who live here now.  (more…)