09/11/15 1:18pm
U mad?

U mad?

The New York Times Style section really reached a new low this week, credulously spilling ink on a pair of “Bindle Brothers” who sell “locally-grown, naturally-fallen, artisanal bindle bags” for hundreds of dollars. The nerve of these clowns who…oh wait…

At this point the reader might be thinking, handmade bindles? Are you serious?

No, not really.

The Bindle Brothers are in fact the creation of Kemp Baldwin, a 33-year-old comedy writer and director.

Funnier than the website or the skit itself, is that the story has taken Twitter by storm, leading to a hailstorm of angry reactions from people who didn’t bother to read to the 10th paragraph before sharing on Twitter, along with a message about how Brooklyn has to be burned down or whatever. Come, let us tour the various shades of furious anger people let loose on this hoax: (more…)

08/25/14 8:24am
A Times editor ponders the best cultural reference to insert into a story about Brooklyn

A Times editor ponders the best cultural reference to insert into a story about Brooklyn

In 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge opened, in 1898 Brooklyn was incorporated into New York City, in 2012 the Nets came to Brooklyn and in April of that year borough’s first artisanal mayonnaise store finally opened. But none of those matter because the real marker of a new era of Brooklyn came two years ago when HBO dropped Girls into the world. At least that’s according to the New York Times, who have found the need to use the show as the defining cultural benchmark of modern Brooklyn, in stories about abusive landlords, political intrigue, bar reviews and last week’s story on middle class newcomers being priced out of Brooklyn. Despite the fact that Girls has only existed for 29 months, the show has popped up in 15 articles the Times has written about Brooklyn, proving that you can’t spell Brooklyn without G-I-R-L-S. (more…)

06/24/14 9:13am

If you’re gonna be the Times’ music critic though, you need to know how old Lorde REALLY is. via Facebook

You’ve been arguing about the merits of musicians with people since you were an insufferable precocious child breaking down why Menudo was better than New Kids on the Block, and you’re still at it today writing Lana Del Rey think pieces in your spare time. Instead of doing this for free though, now you can get paid for it as the New York Times new pop music reporter. A job where you’re paid to be an insufferable music snob? It’s like Heaven. (more…)

05/07/14 2:29pm
new york times coffee map

Come on guys

Coffee. New York loves coffee and the Times is ON it. There’s nothing wrong with an article looking at the rise of people around here appreciating coffee and the response to it in the market. There is however, something wrong with the Times then publishing an interactive map letting you know where to get great coffee and leaving out huge swathes of Brooklyn that aren’t Williamsburg. Sounds like someone is getting a loogie in their latte if they come to Bed-Stuy. (more…)

05/07/14 11:14am
brooklyn nets

Can you sell people on ponying up to see Deron Williams’ busted ankles? The Nets have a job for you. via Facebook

Hey, you know what? You’re a pretty awesome person. Capable, focused, nice haircut, beloved by pets and senior citizens alike, you’ve got it all. So, the question is, why are you still working at that job that you hate so much? Well, the answer is because you haven’t read this awesome list of kick-ass, up-for-grabs jobs that we’ve scoured the Internet to compile. Let’s remedy that, shall we? (more…)

01/07/14 10:08am
new york times printing plant

Rumor has it you can hear the papers scream as they make their way through the plant.

Are you amassing tons of Instagram followers without even posting pictures of your incredible butt, and still you missed out on being NYC’s Instagram Ambassador? If you’re still smarting from that slight, we’ve got an offer that might make you calm down a bit. The New York Times is opening up their printing plant to a select few for a rare tour, and they’re picking people based on the strength of their Instagram portfolios. (more…)

12/23/13 1:37pm
tro lo lo

This guy knows what we’re talking about

You spend so much time on Facebook and Twitter, isn’t it about time you actually got to count them as a job skill? Well now you can, because the New York Times needs someone to step in and work at their social media department for the next six months. You’ll be responsible for helping churn out stories that “engage readers,” and you know what that means: get to trolling. (more…)

12/09/13 9:45am
no office holiday party

If the photo booth is this fun, just imagine how great the rest of the party is. Photo by Sarah Gainer

We knew the No Office Holiday Party (happening Thursday, have you RSVP’ed yet?) was a big deal for the likes of us humble bloggers and freelancers. But it turns out it’s also an awesome sociological event for the New York Times to talk about, so they invited us to talk about it in their “Room for Debate” about office Christmas parties. Here’s a couple paragraphs from our editorial, be sure to read the whole thing!

After all, don’t people who toil in co-working spaces and coffee shops and apartments also deserve to bask in the pleasures of karaoke, vodka luges and electric sexual tension with people who have similar lives? Shouldn’t freelancers be able to celebrate their ability to chase down work like wolves without the peace of mind of an auto-deposit every two weeks? 

At the “No Office Holiday Party,” we’re celebrating not just the holidays but the young laptop nomads, coffee shop dwellers and gig workers who chisel away at their passion project in the cracks between babysitting or stocking chickpeas. Working alone doesn’t mean you actually are alone. And besides, not having to go into an office the next day means not having to combine a hangover with fluorescent lights.

12/05/13 4:08pm
times digital subscription

You gotta be good though. if your pun Blows, there’s no way they pick you

We’re not going to paper over the fact that America’s daily news sources are in a bit of trouble, that’d just be foolish. But they’re still essential sources of information, at least when they’re done well, and the New York Times and Wall Street Journal certainly deliver in that regard. So it’s good to see them getting a bit more in touch with the inked-up youth of today living in their City Rooms, with a contest the Times‘ social media editor, Daniel Victor, is running: go to this Facebook thread and deliver your best newspaper pun (or rhyme, but ew come on). The winner gets a 12-week digital subscription to the Times, the runner up gets a six-month subscription to the Wall Street Journal website. If there was ever a contest where you didn’t want to copy someone, this is it. (more…)

10/24/13 10:59am
This could be you!

This could be you!

We give the New York Times some guff here sometimes, but we guff because we love. All of the hipster baiting and strange Citi Bike editorials in the world can’t take away from their actual great reporting. If you’ve been missing out on it because you don’t want to pay, good news: you can get a month of free access to the Times‘ website if you pick up next Sunday’s paper. (more…)