12/16/16 1:47pm
Maybe NYE fireworks will help this whole faith in the world issue we're having. via Flickr user Several Seconds

Maybe NYE fireworks will help this whole faith in the world issue we’re having. via Flickr user Several Seconds

2017 can’t come fast enough. Remember January 1, 2016, when the world seemed bright and new? Aw, you probably even made some New Years resolutions.

Anyway, in the ever-present spirit of “Fuck 2016,” here’s a big pile of the best BK New Year’s Eve 2017 parties off of every train in Brooklyn, ranging from the so-cheap-they’re-free to the reasonably splurge-worthy. And there’s something suited to every taste, so long as your taste includes booze!

We’ll keep updating this list as the Facebook invitations roll in, but even if you don’t see your neighborhood bar on here, you can assume they’ll have alcohol for you on New Year’s Eve. Either way, start making your plans now! You can’t afford to just “ring in” this new year; you’re gonna have to drag it through the door and bolt all the locks. (more…)

12/28/15 3:12pm
Let's do this, 2016

Let’s do this, 2016 (pic by Michael Galpert/Flickr)

1. Prove your rap mastery by belting out some rhymes at Brooklyn Bowl, where Josh Diggity hosts Hip-Hop Karaoke, which has been going strong since 2004. (Monday, FREE)

2. Get sultry at C’mon Everybody’s monthly burlesque show, tonight featuring Boo Boo Darlin’, Bettina May, and the Maine Attraction. (Monday, FREE)

3. Check out a queer performance spectacle at Hot Fruit, with go-go dancing, burlesque, and boylesque from Sparklez, Rify Royalty, Crush Is Ash B., and Monet Magnolia. (Monday, FREE) (more…)

12/22/15 11:59am
Say goodbye to 2015 in style at any of these great parties. via Facebook

Say goodbye to 2015 in style at any of these great parties. via Facebook

There are only a few more days of 2015 left! Whether you are filled with hope, melancholy or dread for the upcoming year, don’t let the old one go out with a whimper. Even if you didn’t get invited to any killer house parties this year, you don’t have to schlep into Manhattan to find an awesome party. From booze to burlesque and food to fireworks, there are plenty of Brooklyn New Year’s Eve events and activities in every neighborhood to fit any-sized budget. (more…)

12/14/15 9:55am
It's like, life goes around in a circle, so why not make it literal on the New Year's Eve. via Flickr user Kilgub

It’s like, life goes around in a circle, so why not make it literal on the New Year’s Eve. via Flickr user Kilgub

Last month, we mentioned that the Wonder Wheel would be open on New Year’s Day for the first time in its 95 year history. That’s exciting, and some of you might already be making plans about how you’ll manage your New Year’s Eve substance abuse so you can make it to Coney Island and ride the Wonder Wheel. Now we’ve got even better news: The Wonder Wheel will be open on New Year’s Eve also, and it’ll be free to ride. Finally, a chance for you to sing “Auld Lang Syne” on a Ferris wheel and not have people look at you like you’re crazy. (more…)

12/31/13 9:30am
club applebees

Erry’body in the Applebee’s get tipsy

Looking for the bossest New Year’s Eve party that all your friends will be jealous you attended? Well young people who are hip and with it and love eatin’ good in the neighborhood, we’ve got great news for you: totally cool and not at all your parents’ favorite restaurant Applebee’s is turning their locations in the Times Square “lock down zone” into a New Year’s destination, with a $375 per person party. No, not $37.50, $375. (more…)

12/30/13 11:00am
Claire Beaudreault nails

Let your nails get more attention then your dress. via FNGRBLSTR

If you’re like us, you’ve been thinking about your New Year’s Eve outfit for the last few weeks, but haven’t done any actual shopping for it yet. Ugh, Manhattan during shopping season is the worst. Plus, what’s gonna help you stand out more: the same sexy dress everyone is wearing, or nails done by a professional nail artist, made up by to look like pool balls or Russian nesting dolls or the Bad Brains logo? And wouldn’t you know it, Claire Beaudreault (of No Office Party rocking trio Hand Job Academy) is just such an artist, and she’s offering a huge deal on her custom nail art. (more…)

12/30/13 7:00am
new year's eve disaster

New Year’s has a way of doing this to us all

Ah, New Year’s Eve, that old FOMO incarnate. It’s the day where your worth as a human is gauged by where (and with whom) you end up at midnight (provided you last that long). My cherished memories of New Years’ past include: vomiting out the side of a moving cab, throwing myself at someone who had below-zero interest, cuddling up to an ex over a tallboy of Four Loko and one blessed year of no recollections at all, waking up on a stranger’s Tempur-pedic next to a box of cold Little Caesar’s, which became that day’s breakfast.

So, with the fated eve approaching and the palpable anticipation growing—making our best-laid plans for that singular instant when a ball drops in Times Square—we were moved to compile our most cautionary tales from past New Year’s celebrations, for your enjoyment, pity and maybe a roadmap for what to avoid. After all, if you can’t have a great New Year’s, you can at least avoid one of these fates.

12/27/13 1:52pm
They've got the power. Photo by Mary Dorn

They’ve got the power. Photo by Mary Dorn

The bike share program has had quite an impact on New York in 2013, what with everyone not dying while riding them and people discovering them as a perfect apocalypse-friendly vehicle, even if you look like a bit of a goofball on one. So to celebrate how popular New York’s big blue bikes are, the Times Square Alliance is inviting people to come on down and pedal some stationary Citi Bikes over the next few days, to provide the electric power for the ball drop on New Year’s this year. (more…)

12/26/12 3:28pm
Say "HELLO" to the new year with Mr. Murray Hill at the Knitting Factory

Say “HELLO” to the new year with Mr. Murray Hill at the Knitting Factory

New Year’s Eve is the best holiday. It just is. It’s a night of no inhibitions, one where you’re as likely to wake up in the middle of making out with someone as you are to find yourself puking. Forget those friends of yours who grouse about it being amateur hour and a haven for people who can’t handle their liquor. If you’re the sort of person who’s always the drunkest one at the party, it’s the night where everyone gets dragged down to your level and you subsequently look great. Not only that, but it’s a night full of optimism and the belief that things will be better over the next 365 days, despite zero evidence to back it up. If you’re still looking for somewhere to get that midnight smooch and sing Auld Lang Syne, we’ve got your back. (more…)

12/30/11 10:59am

The late Christopher Hitchens once said champagne was one of the four most overrated things in life (and if you play your cards right, you might get the other three tomorrow night too). Yet every year we feel obligated to drink the stuff while easing way past an entirely symbolic measurement of time, holding on to that last fading glow of joy the holiday season has been getting us hooked on since November. Double down that pressure this year because it’s on a Saturday. So what are actually going to do for New Year’s Eve? Asshat-filled warehouse party? Intimate couch canoodling? Free bar party? Neighborhood-wide streaking? Pop your mouth cork and let those comments rip, brokesters. And let’s be safe out there.