02/22/17 11:35am
Shapr is a new app that takes the pain out of networking. via Shapr.

Shapr is a new app that takes the pain out of networking. via Shapr.

Every TED Talk you’ve forced yourself to sit through agrees: Networking is important. Especially in a city like New York, it’s all about who you know. You’ve got to find some way to make some personal connections, or else your resume is bound to end up buried under used K-Cups in some HR trashcan. Even if you’re comfortable in your current role, it’s still good to meet folks at other startups around the city and learn about what else is happening in your field. You didn’t move to a city of 8 million people to meet no one new.

Enter Shapr, a new app that’s revolutionizing the way we network. The folks at Shapr brilliantly picked up on the parallels between looking for professional opportunities and looking for love, and they created an app that adapts some of the most successful and familiar features from today’s popular dating apps. However, instead of swiping for dates, you’re swiping for interesting people to meet for professional collaborations, meaningful conversations and industry friendships. It’s a mindful way to meet people in your city that allows even those in relationships to start swiping. (more…)

04/19/13 12:53pm
Find networking success, and you too can have your name painted on the side of a building. Via Northside.

Find networking success, and you too can have your name painted on the side of a building. Via Northside.

So we all know that networking sucks, right? Getting into business casual (eh), talking to strangers en masse (blerg), developing your personal brand (UGH) all in the hope that you’ll get added to some crappy email list that will maybe, somewhere down the line, lead you to a job. But what if it didn’t suck? What if there were people there that you actually wanted to meet? Find out what that feels like on June  13 and 14 at Northside’s NExT Expo, a free ticketed expo in Williamsburg that’ll be showcasing innovative, exciting companies and startups. What do you have to lose? Nothing. Know why? ‘Cause it’s free. (more…)

03/26/13 10:26am
Said the Internet. Via Etsy.

Said the Internet. Via Etsy.

You know the job hunt. Get up early and turn on your computer, march around your apartment in your pajamas, sit down with a cup of coffee and scroll through Craigslist postings until your wrist hurts. Tweak your résumé and actually respond to said listings. Send out a tweet or two to build your stupid personal brand that everyone keeps talking about. And then…you wait. If this is your routine, then the Wall Street Journal has news for you: you’re doing it all wrong. (more…)

08/07/12 10:37am

Our friends at Work It Brooklyn are putting together what is sure to be a nice evening of food and writer-on-writer action at Word in Greenpoint. The Aug. 22 Meat and Eat potluck is a chance to connect with fellow writers (poetry, short- and long-form, prose, etc.) in an cute bookstore setting, share ideas, pitch stores, form workshops and do other things that writers do when they’re around each other. And Word is providing the wine too. It’s free but space is super limited so jump on it now!

02/15/12 10:10am

A DC WIN event last month. Via WIN's Flickr.

Calling all ladies who are in the media and communications field, or interested in breaking into that racket: join the ladies of Women’s Information Network New York City chapter (aka WIN-NYC) for a FREE evening of networking and friend-making! The group is a new local chapter of the popular DC-area organization that holds great networking events and discussions for Democratic, pro-choice, media-savvy, professional women. The event will be tomorrow (Feb. 16) from 7-9pm at Entwine, a super classy wine bar on 765 Washington Street in the West Village (worth the trip: I ran into Jay-Z on my walk to the train last time I was there). There will be drank specials, including $4 beers. Come with your friends, or bring a co-worker you’ve been wanting to hang out with in a carefree, but professional atmosphere.  (more…)

12/01/11 3:07pm

toasting to women's networking in DC.

Our lady readers from DC should be familiar with the hugely popular Women’s Information Network, which puts on great networking events, happy hours, and discussions for Democratic, pro-choice, media-saavy, professional women. Since moving to Brooklyn, I’ve actually missed the overabundance of business card-trading at bars I detested back in Washington. It turns out many WIN ladies moved here and felt the same way, so they have started a WIN NYC chapter! The official Launch of WIN NYC is on Dec. 8 at 7pm at The Delancey — an all around great venue — on 168 Delancey St. in Manhattan. Come early, since the first 50 attendees get two free drink tickets! They ask that you register for the event here. (more…)

08/25/11 12:48pm

Workin' it at last year's Work It. Photo by Flickr's Lindsay Wengler.

When you’re an independent creative type — graphic designers, dancer, musician, tech guru, writer or anyone who works from home — you’re often missing out on the built-in support system that comes with a full-time place of employment. That’s what Work It Brooklyn is designed for, to gather these people into a night of “productive debauchery.” Since the event is a forum to create partnerships, share ideas and network like crazy, we asked co-founder Briana Campbell to give 7 key tips so you can make the most of the next Work It at Brooklyn Winery Aug. 31.

Since it’s been a while since we’ve all worked it, we wanted to share a few tips on how to make the most of your networking evening at the winery (and future networking events) — from what to bring to how much to drink. Test your skills at in the courtyard of Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg on Wednesday from 7 to 10pm. (more…)

04/06/11 1:15pm

Lois Lane has somehow survived round after round of Daily Planet layoffs

Have you heard the phrase “saying you’re a writer in Brooklyn is like saying you’re an actor in LA”? Kinda funny but not exactly true, as there’s nothing stopping you from writing whenever you feel like it, and lots of people in Brooklyn blog, pitch, publish, Tumbl or Moleskine away every day. We’ve got loads of events and workshops that let you do more than scream into the abyss too. Tonight is our favorite type: the free-booze kind (is there any other?). Her Girl Friday, a new Brooklyn support group for women in journalism and non-fiction storytelling, is hosting its inaugural networking event at Brooklyn Winery featuring speakers Annia Ciezadlo, a former correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor in Baghdad; Amy O’Leary, deputy news editor for The New York Times; and Jessica Devaney, communications and production manager at Just Vision. The free even starts at 7. The first 40 people get a free glass of wine, but the networking is unlimited.