10/11/16 10:57am
You know Hermione never has late fees.

You know Hermione never has late fees.

Keep your sweaters, keep your decorative gourds, keep your pumpkin spice anything. There’s only one thing I care about in the fall: WITCHES.

That’s right, witches. I love witches. I love stylish Ryan Murphy witches that fire off snappy dialogue. I love animated Disney witches that straight-up try to murder people in a children’s movie. I love aspiring teenage witches in the suburbs that are too old to like horses, but too young to do drugs so they play Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board at weekend slumber parties.

And why not? Witches are awesome. Not only are they reclaimed feminist icons, but they also DO MAGIC. As soon as Halloween hysteria gets in full swing, and Hocus Pocus is on heavy rotation on cable, I start calling the corners.

Walking the streets of Brooklyn, it’s tough not to see witches all around you. Every block is seemingly studded with stylish girls dressed in black with dark lipstick and wide-brimmed hats. (Or maybe that’s just the HAIM sisters.) And let’s not forget the actual coven of witches in Bushwick.

To celebrate the season of the witch, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite pop culture witches to represent Brooklyn neighborhoods. Take a look at which witch we picked for your hood in the list below. (more…)

08/05/13 3:29pm
Less ridiculous than any other name people can think of

Less ridiculous than any other name people can think of

No matter how much any reasonable person howls, real estate hustlers are always trying to think of new names for Brooklyn neighborhoods. RAMBO. Parkwanus. And now, because real estate companies are clearly run by people who love portmanteaus a bit too much, comes “Bedwick.” “What’s Bedwick?”, you ask? It’s Bed-Stuy. It’s just that it’s near Bushwick and real estate agents are clearly banking on their clients being complete freaking idiots. (more…)

04/23/12 10:36am

You might remember we had some fun with the idea of ridiculous Brooklyn foodie-ism in our Portlandia spoof/tribute video Brokelandia back in January. The video’s stars Eric and Sue decided to keep the project going and produced another video on their own, this one taking on all those amalgamation-loving new neighborhood names. Check out Sue and Eric’s new video below, and watch out for those salty seamen you encounter on the way to That’s What Sheepshead (Look for a couple of Team Brokelyn cameos in there too!)


12/08/10 10:56am

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