06/24/16 1:04pm
Transmitter Park in Greenpoint is one of the places to catch free outdoor yoga this summer. Via goodyoga.

Transmitter Park in Greenpoint is one of the places to catch free outdoor yoga this summer. Via goodyoga.

It’s a stressful time in the world right now, what with a Brexit shaking up the world economy and a somber Pride weekend kicking off, not to mention the overstuffed man suit alien Men in Black currently running for president as a Republican. On top of all that, you have your job, which maybe doesn’t give you as much outside or active time as you’d like to have this summer.

The good news is you can de-stress yourself for free before, after and during work all summer long thanks to a big selection of free yoga classes around Brooklyn, most of them outdoors too. You can get up early to do a lotus pose in Prospect Park, pop by BRIC for a free lunch stretch accompanied by music or check out the Navy Yard’s new boardwalk/landscape to do some downward facing dog after you clock out. Here’s how to do free yoga nearly every day of the week this summer. (more…)

04/15/16 10:13am
Via @hunterschwarz.

Via @hunterschwarz.

Having a presidential debate come to town is apparently just like intense gentrificaiton: it makes your beloved borough look like anywhere else in America, and the people behind it act like they don’t give a shit about the people who already live there. Last night’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at the Navy Yard was billed on CNN as the “Brooklyn Brawl” (though we preferred to call it the Thrilla in Clinton Hilla), but there was nothing remotely “Brooklyn” about it.

As WNYC’s Brian Lehrer tweeted, the debate had “no sense of place” — it felt like the same ol’ debate topics we always hear, trapped in the CNN echo chamber forever. It’s an extremely rare thing to have any candidates for president actually campaign in New York, let alone spend so much time in Brooklyn, but last night’s debate treated us to the debate standbys again: Social Security, campaign finance reform, what one candidate said about the other oh snap you gonna take that? Why didn’t the debate cover anything that might actually change New York voters’ minds? (more…)

06/08/15 12:42pm
brooklyn navy yard

In the Navy (Yard)/There’s a bunch of stuff to see! In the Navy (Yard)/Open to you and me! via Flickr user Tracy O.

From hosting complainers during Fashion Week to being declared a national landmark, the Brooklyn Navy Yard has been getting plenty of hype lately. But unless you work here or live in the surrounding neighborhoods, chances are good you haven’t ventured to this pocket of our borough. Not unlike… almost all of Brooklyn, the Navy Yard has changed drastically in recent years. Once one of the most active military shipbuilding sites in the U.S. all the way back to the days the Revolutionary War, the Navy Yard is now a vast, urban industrial park dedicated to sustainability. It’s home to almost 330 widely diverse businesses which employ over 7000 people. Though non-employees can’t always access the secure confines of the yard, there are still plenty of opportunities to explore it! We’ve compiled a list of things you should do and see in the Yard, as well as just a sampling of the awesome work from this hotbed of creativity and innovation. (more…)

05/27/15 8:28am
sonya art walk

Look how much fun these people are having with art! via Facebook

It’s late spring in New York City, and you’re probably being inundated with images of all the highly Instagrammable art happenings that are perpetually popping up around here. Though it’s inarguably awesome to have access to so much new art on the reg, maybe you want to have a serious art binge without venturing into Manhattan or taking a boat. Look no further than the 16th Annual SONYA Art Walk this weekend! (more…)

12/09/14 1:38pm
kings county distillery colin spoelman

Learn the science behind all this booze. Photo via Colin Spoelman

Even if you hated science in high school you we’ve got a science-centered night you won’t bored to death tomorrow: Science Distilled at Kings County Distillery. This isn’t your average chemistry lesson, because this is an event that will delve into the complexities of one of our most beloved spirits, whiskey. Distillers as scientists? Believe it baby, because the process of making the stuff that makes you say “I love you” to your favorite bartender and you’re emotionally distant Chihuahua is a fascinating one; a collection of compounds named ethers and alcohol if you will. (more…)

11/18/14 10:37am
Brooklyn College Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema

If you went to school here, you’d be in class by now. Also you’d be late to class, hurry up! via Brooklyn College

Many moons ago, we told you all about how a graduate film program was coming to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and then fewer moons ago we told you about how the director of 21 Jump Street (the TV show) was going to be the president of said school. Now we can give you the most important piece of the news about the Navy Yard film school: They’re taking applications to be part of their inaugural class. Oh, and the Brooklyn College Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, as it’s known as, is also way way way cheaper than other film schools around the country. Plus you get the added bonus of staying in New York, which is a great place! (more…)

07/08/14 8:47am
admiral's row navy yard

See it while you can! Maybe! via Flickr user Alan Houston

Hey, remember when we told you to visit Admiral’s Row in the Navy Yard, because one day it might get razed to make way for a supermarket? Well, we’re here to reiterate that you should get out there and see it, because according to Crain’s, the city is accepting RFP’s for the space yet again. You can’t keep hoping the developers screw up or get indicted for bribery charges again. What are the odds of that happening a third time (high probably)? (more…)

05/08/14 1:07pm
the subtlety

You can see where you stack up to compared to this giant Sphinx on Saturday. via Facebook

1. Rosie Perez is gonna be at Bed-Stuy Restoration Plaza, talking her new book, and she’ll be joined by new City Council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. Maybe she’ll bring her gavel! (Friday)

2. Bring your instrument and just suddenly start playing with some buskers at Villain at this kind of odd-sounding concert that apparently “has no rules” (Friday)

3. You can try all of Videology’s food while watching Death Race 2000, as we all know nothing gets the appetite going like watching David Carradine wreck some fools (Friday) (more…)

04/29/14 9:04am
If you worked here, you'd be rich right now. And we'd be hitting you up for money. via Google

If you worked here, you’d be rich right now. And we’d be hitting you up for money. via Google

Sure everyone in New York is apparently a fashion designer, but they must be a bunch of damn hippies “doing what I love” and other such treacly crap, because they can’t be in it for the money. If you want to get rich, go back in time and learn to code, because according to a report by the state comptroller’s office [h/t Crain’s] the average tech sector salary in New York City is $118,600 per year, 50% higher than the city’s average salary of $79,5000. Surprisingly, most of the tech jobs just revolved around helping dads and grandmas “helping to turn on the Google, how do I do it again?” (more…)

02/10/14 3:47pm
alexander wang brooklyn fashion week

These models look unhappy, but we’re not sure if it’s because they’re in Brooklyn or because they’ve been transformed into mannequins by a gypsy curse. via Yahoo

So we figured that after the first round of bellyaching about having to come to Brooklyn, the fashion world’s hilariously out of touch mucky mucks would take another Klonopin, settle down and just accept having to travel a whole 2.5 miles from the Manhattan Bridge. Well, guess again plebe, because Vogue UK was at the Alexander Wang show and they barely survived their trip “in the deepest depths of Brooklyn.” (more…)