04/21/17 1:46pm
Photo by Shervin Lainez

Photo by Shervin Lainez

Full disclosure: Charly Bliss is one my favorite bands on the fucking planet, and once you hear the Brooklyn-based quartet’s debut full-length, Guppy, (out today), they’ll be one of yours too.

The band’s blend of fuzzed-out garage rock, manic punk energy and pure pop joy results in the most exuberant feel-good music for people feeling bad. The aggressively catchy collection of tunes chronicle break-ups, hang-ups and feeling insecure without ever becoming a downer. (Just try not tapping your toe to the beat as lead singer Eva Hendricks sings “I laughed when your dog died. It is cruel, but it’s true” on standout track “DQ.” ) Their lyrics are packed with humor, and the pace is unrelenting from the first guitar strum on album-opener “Percolator.” (more…)

07/12/16 1:00pm
out in the streets feset

Out in the Streets brings rock n roll crowds to a bucolic setting in Ridgewood.

Summer festival season is in full swing and we’re pretty much spoiled this year, as we always are when it comes to music (sorry, mid-sized cities everywhere). We’ve had a bunch of festivals big and small pull through town already and this weekend we’re getting another one that’s one of the chillest, locally grown outdoor fests around.

Out in the Streets fest this weekend takes place on two acres of park land in Ridgewood, with a spectacular view of Manhattan, lush gardens, a bonfire pit, historic sites and a lineup of some of our favorite bands from Brooklyn and beyond: The So So Glos, Frankie Rose, Beverly, Potty Mouth and many more! Two-day passes start at $38, but we’ve got two pairs of passes just for you! Find out how to enter below. (more…)

01/27/16 8:00am
Photo by Andrew Piccone Photography

Photo by Andrew Piccone Photography

It’s our second installment of Musicians Talk Making It, where we sit down with a local Brooklyn musician to talk about how they found some traction in the local scene. It’s where we tap someone who’s had some success to share advice on getting started, tips for saving dough, borrowing equipment and triple cheese pizza. This week we talk with Bushwick-based Katie Capri vocalist/ guitarist of Fern Mayo, recommended for fans of 90’s indie pop, riot grrrl, and classic teen horror film Jawbreaker, from which they get their name. (Full disclosure: Capri also used to write occasionally for this very website, where she discovered pizza beer, so you know you can trust her taste.) (more…)

01/13/16 12:00pm
Photo by Vee Hertel.

CUTTERS photo by Vee Hertel.

We live in a city rife with creativity. Creativity takes many forms: from your cousin’s girlfriend selling her homemade succulent necklaces at Rock n Shop, to your friend’s theatre company doing a minimalist production of Macbeth in a shipping container, to all kinds of music.  If you want to put your own music out there, it can be daunting to even think about starting to play out, whether you are an experienced guitar player or you played the autoharp at Pete’s Candy Store’s open mic that one time.

So we at Brokelyn decided that we’d start doing this thing where we sit down with a real, live, New York City musician and ask them how they got started, to prove that it’s not so scary out there. And, because we’re Brokelyn, how much it cost to “make it.” So, for this inaugural round of Musicians Talk Making It, we sat down with Pierce Lightning, lead singer of Brooklyn-based band CUTTERS, who call themselves “survival punk” because they use music as a coping mechanism.  (more…)

07/08/15 12:55pm
If their music is at least half this colorful, you can expect a good time. Shervin Lainez photo via Facebook

If their music is at least half this colorful, you can expect a good time. Shervin Lainez photo via Facebook

If the humidity hasn’t been a constant reminder, we are full immersed in the summer season. So if you happen to be one of those people without an A/C or even a fan, and just wallow in your sweat as the humidity seems to get higher by the hour, perhaps you should be getting out more. Besides, it’s summer in Brooklyn, there are outdoor concerts happening all the time. Afropunk is a few weeks away, Celebrate Brooklyn happens almost every week and we recently covered a new music festival being run by The Way Station in Prospect Heights. Downtown Brooklyn already was gifted with daytime music, and now they’re getting some night grooves to go along with it. Starting this and every Wednesday till September, Downtown Brooklyn Nights will be having a free two hour outdoor concert series inside Willoughby Plaza. (more…)

04/13/15 9:57am
They've got some lessons for you, so listen up. Especially about the banana thing. Photo by Melissa Clarke

Joelle Barrios, Erik Cline, Chris Hatfield and Mike Ambs are Love Axe, and they’ve got some lessons for you, so listen up. Especially about the banana thing. Photo by Melissa Clarke

My band consists of four adults. We’re all day-job having, mortgaged-up people in our 30s (mostly) with kids who need to have health insurance and other dumb stuff like clothes and food, so when we were preparing to release our latest album, playing shows outside of California wasn’t really on our radar. Touring in a rock and roll band is almost exclusively the domain of people in their early 20s or much more established bands who make enough money to afford hotels or a bus or at least another person to come along and sell merchandise and help with driving and loading equipment – not luxuries that we can afford.

As the release schedule started to take shape, however, we noticed that the on-sale date coincided with what was once a very important time of year for all of us: Spring Break. Only instead of being undergraduates on the lookout for a foam party or a Habitat for Humanity project, our group consists of three people who work at non-profits and a stay-at-home dad, which meant that only one of us actually had to use any vacation time (sorry about that, Erik). So, after several weeks of internal debate, negotiations and a complicated web of guilt trips that would send most people to therapy for years, we decided that Love Axe would indeed be going on a seven-date tour of the midwest and East Coast to promote our album, South Dakota, beginning on March 27. And since we were doing this for fun rather than fame and glory, the big catch was that we were going to have to do it on a shoestring budget, thanks to those previously mentioned spouses, children and their so-called “well-being.” Here’s some useful tips for that shoestring tour, whether you’re mortgaged-up or jumping in your first van: (more…)

01/27/15 12:52pm
mike pace and the child actors

They grow up so fast. Photo by Toby Carroll, via Facebook

Welcome to Tuesday Tunesday, our weekly look at an awesome local act that you should start listening to immediately. First up: Mike Pace and Child Actors

The world is an unreasonable place, which is the only way to explain why mid-2000s indie rockers Oxford Collapse broke up without becoming the biggest pop act in the world. Throughout four albums — two on Williamsburg-based Kanine Records and another two on legendary Seattle label Sub Pop — and a handful of EPs, over roughly seven years, Oxford Collapse put together some of the smartest and most infectious tracks of that period, but ultimately never gained much traction and split in 2009.

Fast-forward through 2014, and frontman Mike Pace is back in Brooklyn after an obligatory move to Austin and an unexpectedly fun podcast with “Best Boy,” the new album from his band Mike Pace and the Child Actors. Its been a long wait, but the Long Island-born songwriter might be putting out the best work of his career. (more…)

10/14/14 2:53pm
Brokelyn High is pretty much as fun as this

Brokelyn High is pretty much as fun as this

If you hadn’t heard yet, it’s party time. The Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance is only days away, and beyond being full of awesome raffle prizes, cheap beer, fashionable Brooklynites and our own marching band, we’re gonna dance our asses off courtesy of DJ Brian Blackout. We want to know though, what are the songs you associate with high school? What brings you back to the days of slouching in late to homeroom, of making excuses why you didn’t do your homework, of cutting class to go surfing (we went to high school on the beach). (more…)

07/16/14 5:45pm
brooklyn girls catey shaw

Murdering Brooklyn was the case that they gave me

Have you been on the internet today? Great, then you’ve no doubt come across Catey Shaw’s “Brooklyn Girls,” the mediocre pop song that is the new WORST THING EVAR. For today, anyway. We have a long tradition of being haters at Brokelyn (at least, I do).  But why are we freaking out about this? It’s a shitty pop song that mentions Brooklyn, and the video was filmed in Bushwick. That’s it, that’s the whole story. If you’re freaking out about this song YOU’RE the problem, not Catey Shaw. (more…)

04/11/14 9:11am

Since he so far doesn’t seem up for challenging the Andrew Cuomo for governor this year, and who can blame him, considering Cuomo always looks within an inch of reaching down your throat and pulling out your liver, Jimmy McMillan is ramping up his music career. His newest track “Jimmy Mack” hits the same themes we know McMillan for (fighting the landlord, we work too hard to pay this bullshit rent, they say I’m crazy) with a kind of spoken word over a slowed down sample of Martha and the Vandellas. The timing is definitely fortuitous, what with the latest rent news, but, not to get all Pitchfork on you, but the single still doesn’t hit the amazing  highs of his first single, “Rent Is Too Damn High Anthem.” (more…)