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Via Flickr user wasik.

Via Flickr user wasik.

Canada may sound like a chill place to move right now, but I promise that if you can’t handle the polar vortices of a Brooklyn winter, you cannot handle the sting of Canadian expatriation. If you’re still willing and able to consider a change of scenery after this election season, move to a place where your voice will have an impact on the social level, as well as the political.

Instead of buying a one-way ticket to some other idyllic foreign country, consider instead the much cheaper cost (and the ultimate moral high ground) of a domestic flight to a beautiful new home in a swing state where you can actually make a difference! That way, rather than running away from America’s problems like children, or tunnelling deeper into our East Coast bubbles, we can opt to build safer communities all around the country.

While red-state America may be the LAST place some of you are willing to venture, word on the street is that there are indeed some neater spots in Swingtopia, and I’m here to take you to ‘em. And even though some of these places are less diverse than the glorious melting pot that is New York City, if we keep our social justice goggles on I’m sure we can avoid displacing communities when moving across state lines and we can stand stronger together. (more…)

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Pack, pray, move: a Brokelyn guide to making your next apartment move (relatively) painless

I’m already exhausted looking at this via. Instagram

Bringing up the topic of moving usually elicits groans and horror stories from all. It’s stressful, nobody likes it and since Brooklyn has been decreed the “Most Unaffordable Place to Live in America,” you’re probably pushing your luck anyway. But if the apartment you had once fallen in love with is now mouse ridden, and your current landlord has been ignoring your calls, and you’re nowhere near any good bars to make this all worth it, then it’s time to be movin’ out.

For something that sucks so much, we all keep doing it. But it doesn’t have to be completely unbearable. Brokelyn here, ready to share some insightful wisdom, reminders of the little things, and tips and hook-ups so you don’t have to go through these trying times of pre-move anguish alone. We’ve all been there, and we’re ready to help you pack up and move on to bigger, better places— ideally with a working toilet.  (more…)

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Might the future of storage be green boxes? Maybe!

Couchsurfers, subletters, moms with tattoos in Williamsburg lend us your ears. Moving sucks, right? Especially if you do it a lot and have to deal with the stress of storing things on top of your moving. Bad enough you have to part with your stuff, going to pick up it is a goddamn production all its own. But now there’s MakeSpace, a startup trying to take some of pain out of moving by dragging the world of self-storage on to the internet and dragging picking up your stuff for you. So if this ends up settling the storage question, all you’ll have to worry about is Brooklyn’s ever-escalating rent. (more…)

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It could maybe happen, potentially

It could maybe happen, potentially

At the moment you’re broke as hell slaving away at some barely above entry level job, so you live where you can afford and you like it. Someday though, you might actually be looking for a nicer place to live or even a place that’s brand spaking new. Plus given the fact that new housing in Brooklyn is going to keep going up, your chances of landing in a new building are higher than they might seem. But new buildings come with new questions, so Brick Underground answered some of them. Here are the ones we found most interesting. (more…)

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It's time to go

It’s time to go

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Any city-dweller will tell you that finding that right apartment is the toughest thing in the world. You’ve sublet-hopped through Craigslist or lived with friends of friends of friends and finally found that perfect apartment with the passable roommate. Then a month passes and the bloom is off the rose. Warning signs start popping up and you’ve realized you’ve made a big mistake. To help you recognize them, we’ve categorized the top 10 best (or worst) reasons you need to move now.


Breaking BadYou’re watching “Breaking Bad” and your roommate says, “Ah, this brings back memories.”


Walking DeadYou’ll lose your deposit if your roommate implements his zombie defense system.

11/27/12 1:30pm

It’s all fun and games up there until you run into this guy. Photo by James Hager

This summer, we reported that Kansas and Niagara Falls want young educated talent to move there so badly that they are offering to pay down your student loans. Brokelyn alum Jennifer Holder, reporting for Wise Bread, found a few additional, unconventional areas around the country that are offering similar incentives to attract fresh young minds. Before you balk, keep in mind that Brooklyn was one of those “unconventional places” not so long ago.


We don’t have to tell you that you can get a deal on a 2BR if you’re willing to walk 10 blocks to take a bus to the J train at New Lots Ave., but this post is for people who want to be near the action. You know, bars and restaurants that you can no longer afford because you’re spending all your money on rent. Let’s be real: unless Uncle Sal still has his brownstone on Union Street, you’re not going to get into Carroll Gardens for the price of feeding your landlady’s cat, so don’t jump all over us because these places aren’t dirt cheap. Our prime-neighborhood Brooklyn apartment search starts in Uncle Sal’s neighborhood, with a newly renovated, high-ceilinged  2BR (alternately called a 1BR plus den) for $2,400. Here, four more: (more…)

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Don't you wish this was your living room?

If your last six apartment moves have depleted the goodwill of friends and family, here’s a novel way to haul your crap that doesn’t involve Moishe: let a theater troupe do it for you. The Brooklyn-based actors of Rudy’s Meritocracy came up with this tasty little media biscuit of an idea when they realized they couldn’t afford to rent an actual stage somewhere.

So they thought, what clever gimmick will get us coverage in blogs and newspapers as well as a place to put on our play? Or maybe they had the idea to do a show in empty living rooms first and then wrote the play.

THISISMYREALLIFE  is a very meta 40-minute show about “the agony and ecstacy of moving.” According to a NYTimes stat we didn’t doublecheck, a third of 20somethings move once a year. (Granny moment: what is with you kids?) (more…)

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Maybe there's fewer tourists on this bridge?

This beats taking out a loan from mom and dad to relocate I suppose: This offer is only good for folks over 45, but it raises an interesting question: The Steel City is so desperate eager for new residents, it’s offering $100,000 to people who move there to “realize your dream.” The contest is looking for original, creative and passionate dreamers to help reignite the river-loving city’s steel-addled economy and its ample mysteries. Their unemployment rate is consistently below the national average and last time I was there, the pitchers of beer were an insanely cheap $5. But also … there were no bars open on a Sunday afternoon. And it’s way too far from the ocean for your claustrophobic Brokelyn editor. But would you ever leave Brooklyn for another city if the money was right?

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Don't pack up that car just yet

Did you know that rents in Brooklyn can vary as much as $600 depending on what time of year you move? That’s according to the latest monthly rental rundown from MNS, which is full of helpful info if you’re trying to figure out whether you can stand another six months of your roommates’ creepy cuddliness. The site also tracks price trends over the past year, so you can see that, par exemple, renting a Williamsburg studio in October is for suckers because July is when rents are lowest. It’s interesting that there’s no consistency through all the stats and each neighborhood has different seasons of savings: Fort Greene rents dip during the summer while Park Slope’s shoot way up, for instance. The stats are worth studying if you’re juggling apartment options and actually considering factors other than the nearest train.