05/20/16 9:00am
(L-R)  Hugh Jackman, Andy Serkis

(L-R) Hugh Jackman, Andy Serkis

“Dinner and a movie” conjures visions of a too-simple date idea for dummies who don’t know how to harness all the wildly entertaining first date ideas in the borough. But here’s one Dinner and a Movie that isn’t for dummies though: in fact, it’ll make you smarter. Brokelyn is partnering with with Think Olio (who offer the classes you wish you took in college) and our friends at Berg’n (one of our Beer Book bars!) for the new Dinner and a Movie Film Series, which brings top professors to the beer and food hall to analyze a classic film, with drink specials.

The first screening will be on June 8 at 8pm with a screening of the gorgeously complex and star-packed Christopher Nolan film The Prestige (yup, that’s the one where Batman and Alfred faceoff against Wolverine and Black Widow, with David Bowie as Nikola Tesla). On hand to discuss it will be Oxford doctorate and BMCC professor Geoff Klock. (more…)

12/22/15 1:51pm

Even the most diehard Christmas-doers have heard of the winter holiday’s shadow-life, known informally as Jewish Christmas: a quiet, alternative holiday wherein those cast out from the Christmas tradition create their own rituals— usually involving some permutation of Chinese food and a movie. Maybe it’s because movies know no denomination. Maybe it’s because Chinese delivery is staple cuisine in New York City.

Whatever the reasons, you can be sure there’s a takeout joint and a cinema open when everything else is closed. And if you’re celebrating Jewish Christmas this year, you’re not alone. More to the point, there are better and worse ways to do it.

Brokelyn’s got you covered with a roundup of what’s worth catching in theaters and on Netflix this Christmas, as well as a roundup of the best cheap Chinese food in a few neighborhoods. Happy faux-lidays.  (more…)

05/13/14 4:30pm

Nope. No fucking way

New York has faced numerous challenges in its time as an incorporated city. Tammany Hall and its politicos who looted the treasury like it was their own personal piggybank. Robert Moses, financial mismanagement, the 1977 blackout looting, the crack epidemic, September 11, Hurricane Sandy. The city has come through those and many more challenges, which gives us a certain sense of confidence. We’re clearly drunk on said confidence though, since the Office of Emergency Management is giving multiple interviews insisting that New York is perfectly capable of reacting to an attack by Godzilla, King of the Monsters.  (more…)

05/09/14 9:18am
rooftop films

Unlike the other people here, you’ve saved $500. via Facebook

If you talk to anyone about the end of winter, you can tell everyone is ready to burst into summer like so many fireworks shot up into New York’s atmosphere. Rooftop Films is just as ready as you are, the proof being found in the fact that they’re holding 45 screenings all summer in places around the city. At $13 per movie, it could be tough for you to get out to a lot of them, and Rooftop Films gets that. So, that’s why they’re selling one-year memberships, a $585 value that get you into every screening, for just $75. That’s 45 potential screenings for the price of 6. (more…)

05/01/14 1:58pm
Look at this fucking hipster

Look at this fucking hipster

If for some reason you’ve spent time wondering what would happen if you gave someone who lives in The Edge a futuristic weaponized glider and if it would work out alright, you can get your answer in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 apparently.

“Amazing Spider-Man 2″ star Dane DeHaan, says he based his performance as Harry Osborn — a childhood friend of Spider-Man’s alter ego who becomes the bad guy Green Goblin in the movie opening Friday — on the hipsters and “trust fund babies” he meets in Williamsburg, where the 27-year-old lives.

“I live there (so) I understand this culture,” DeHaan tells the News. “Harry is not based on any real person, but I know people he could be friends with … in Williamsburg.”

So the answer is: It would not work out alright.

04/22/14 8:50am
netflix price increase

If you only want to pay $7.99/month to see Fargo and Lilo & Stitch back-to-back, sign up today

Have you been dawdling on getting a Netflix subscription because you’re mooching off your girlfriend or you want to be the modern version of one of those “don’t own a television” people? Well, there’s no hope for you if you’re the latter, but if you’re the former, you better prepare for the day you need to carry your own Netflix weight, and you better do it soon, because any day now, new members are gonna be paying more for a streaming subscription. And things just aren’t satisfying when you have to pay $9.99, which is basically $10 per month. (more…)

02/13/14 11:19am
big fan

If you haven’t seen Patton Oswalt in Big Fan yet, a snowstorm is as good a time as any.

So, you’re snowed in during Winter Storm Pax, which for the record, is not related to the more favorable Pax. Well, once you’re done posting on social media as if you’ve never seen snow in winter before, here are some cozy movies to cuddle up with, provided the icy tempest doesn’t down your internet signal. I chose a list of 3 films each from 3 different stream platforms, a bit of comfort, a bit of moody-broody, and a few of my personal favorites that rise above the muck.  (more…)

01/03/14 12:30pm
annie remake will smith

That’s you, somewhere in that parade

It’s a snow day, and you might be thinking you just want to spend the whole time sledding and drinking hot chocolate. Those are great things to do of course, but why not also use the day to jumpstart that Hollywood career you’ve always wanted but could never find? The eagle-eyed fame seekers at the New York Observer spotted an ad on Craigslist seeking extras for the Annie remake being produced by the Daddy Warbucks-rich Jay-Z and Will Smith. Befitting men of such means, extras are very well compensated, but you need to get there today. (more…)

11/14/13 11:45am
han solo

“Do it, kid, you’ll make enough money buy your own ship.”

Despite the Star Wars prequels taking some of the joy out of the whole series, there’s still plenty of fun to be had with the series (plus, the pod race scene was pretty cool). And now of course, we’re getting Star Wars sequels, which is giving nerds everywhere agita. But even the most die-hard hater of the prequels and the idea of the sequels wouldn’t pass this up: you, yes you there, can potentially be the star of the Star Wars 7. Provided that you can play either a 17-18 year-old girl or a 19-23 year-old man. (more…)

11/08/13 9:21am
kat dennings thor the dark world

Comic book interns Kat Dennings and Jonathan Howard, looking up and waiting for a payday that will never come

When I went to a screening of Thor: The Dark World on Wednesday night, I expected the golden-locked Norse god to be moving the Avengers franchise along through so many John Henry-like swings of his giant hammer. And somehow, halfway through the movie, I realized what I was really seeing was a an inadvertent, canny allegory on the intern economy, and the perfect movie for a frustrated intern to watch (if they can even afford to see a movie) to see themselves onscreen playing hero but never getting the credit, or the payment, they so richly deserve.

Of course, the existence of paid interns could very well have been too outlandish for even the Marvel universe. I was talking about this as I left the theatre, and someone turned and said Norse gods, OK, nine different realms existing at the same time, sure. But I wouldn’t believe paid interns.” Here is how this unworldly intern metaphor disguised as a blockbuster movie breaks down: (more…)